Camping Cres, Croatia: A road trip across the biggest island of the Adriatic Sea

Camping Cres, Croatia: A road trip across the largest island of the Adriatic Sea

Camping Cres, Croatia. Between olive groves and pomegranate trees, laboriously built stone walls and sheep, rugged rocks and sandy coves. In the air a tantalizing scent of sage and mint. In the sky the breathtaking griffon vultures. Welcome to the island of Cres in Croatia!

By ferry to Cres, Croatia

With our camper we crossed by ferry from Brestova (mainland) to Porozina (island of Cres). We paid 287 Kuna, which is about 38 Euro – camper > 7 meters + 2 persons. After about 20 minutes drive we already arrived on the island.

We caught the last ferry at 19.30 taken (low season). Here you can find the timetable – because depending on the month the times vary. You can buy the ticket directly at the ticket office at the ferry port.

Other ferry routes

  • Valbiska (Island of Krk) – Merag (Cres)
  • Zadar (mainland) – Mali Losinj (island Losinj), from there you can take the camper to Cres

Places of interest Cres, Croatia

#1 Way of the centuries-old olive groves

Where are the migratory rates? 🙂 On the path of the centuries-old olive groves you can hike and at the same time learn something about olive growing on Cres. You can choose between the longer hike (5.7 kilometers, about 100 minutes) and the shorter route (4.8 kilometers, about 80 meters).

The bumpy path over rocks leads past countless ancient olive groves, laboriously built stone walls and sheep. Again and again you will find information boards about olive growing in Cres – very informative and also written in German.

It doesn't matter if you are a child or an adult – the trail can be managed by people of all ages. We were not traveling with children, but with our dog. This was absolutely no problem.

After this hike, you will definitely get a desire to taste olive oil from Cres 🙂

Please note

  • Do not leave marked paths (red circle with white dot)
  • No open fire
  • Do not tear down stone wall
  • Take garbage with you
  • Do not pick flowers, native plants and fruits of the forest
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • Close wooden gates
  • Do not worry about sheep and other animals

Parking place: 44°58'10.4″N 14°23'43.7″E

Access to the trail: from the parking lot you go on the road. After the house on the left there is a small path to the left. Here is already a sign with the inscription Path of the centuries-old olive groves.

#2 The bay Mali Bok

From the village of Orlec, a narrow, bumpy road leads to the beautiful Mali Bok bay. Also feasible with larger campers (we drove there with a four-wheel truck). Arriving at the large parking lot, a steep footpath leads to the bay. The road is definitely worth the effort! Because when you reach the bottom, a quiet bay with a pebble beach and crystal clear water, surrounded by large rock walls, awaits you.

The way down is also a highlight: you can enjoy the view of the vast sea, breathe in the scent of the many sage and mint plants, and watch the stunning griffon vultures flying.

Parking place: 44°52'34.2″N 14°26'36.2″E

If you need drinking water for your camper, you can fill it up at a small, free drinking fountain in Orlec.

#3 Old Town of Cres

The small town of the same name Cres is also worth a visit. It's best to drift here – through the umpteen narrow streets of the old town, passing between all the narrow, tall houses.

The old city center was once wrapped in walls. And only through one of three doors you could enter the town. Today, there is still a tower in the north-western part of Cres (you can't miss it). In addition, it also has a city door that you can look at when you stroll through the city park.

At the end of your tour, you can settle down at one of the many restaurants right on the waterfront and the marina. We enjoyed pasta and pizza at Spaghetteria Luna Rossa – highly recommended!

#4 Fishing at Lake Vrana

In the middle of the island lies the largest natural freshwater lake in Croatia: Lake Vrana (Vransko Jezero). It is home to many national and international bird species.

It is also a popular fishing hotspot – for example, carp, pike and eel live here. You can buy the fishing license directly at the campsite on the spot.

#5 Olive oil from the Stanzia Castellani

You have surely noticed it: Everywhere on the island you will find olive groves. So there is no way around tasting olive oil from Cres, respectively. To buy. My recommendation: Cold pressed olive oil of the highest quality from the small organic farm Stanzia Castellani.

Located in the south of Cres – in the village of Nerezine. It is 100 percent committed to sustainable, certified organic agriculture. Once you've tasted the olive oil, you won't want any other 🙂

Camping Cres: pitches & campsites

We use the app park4night or CamperContact. Here we have not only campsites, but also free pitches, service areas, parking & co. found. The apps have greatly enriched our camping life.

Have you ever been camping on Cres? Do you have any other tips, recommendations & Co. for my readers? Then do tell in the comments below the blog post and help my readers have even more adventures on Cres 🙂