Cernobbio in the south of Lago di Como


Despite its proximity to Como, Cernobbio does not have to hide with its beautiful townscape and the successful promenade square on the lake. The narrow streets around the church at the harbor continue to the main shopping street, which is truly the narrowest on the lake at a perceived two meters wide. Nestled in a beautiful landscape at the foot of Monte Bisbone, which offers beautiful hiking destinations, to the river Breggia, which coming from Monte Generoso has formed the valley Valle del Muggio, Cernobbio shows itself cosmopolitan and hospitable.

The ring road has finally given this place the peace it deserves. Numerous parking lots are located to the west of the main road.

Historical review

In earlier times, Cernobbio was a center for wool and silk spinning. At the gates of Como, an important industrial site was established here, which still takes advantage of the proximity to the provincial capital and Chiasso (CH).

There is also a swimming pool

At the southern end of the promenade there is a lido with swimming pool. The swimming pool belongs to the homonymous restaurant Holmes. Whether the location has something to do with Anglo-Saxon detective art, could not be clarified conclusively. Ristorante Holmes Lido HP. Piazza Risorgimento, 5/A. 22012 Cernobbio. 031 513835. [email protected].

Concorso d'Eleganza

Beauty contest of classic cars. For lovers of these cars it is the Mecca of their tinny passion. The location of the venue alone gives the event maximum prestige and incomparable flair. Every year, in the gardens of the Grand Hotel Villa d'Este and in the extensive park of Villa Erba, the former residence of the Italian director Luchino Visconti, the most beautiful and valuable classic cars are presented, admired and awarded with the two main prizes 'Coppa d'Oro' and the cup 'Best of Show'. More ..

Grand Hotel Villa d'Este

In 1873 the Renaissance villa at the northern end of the village was converted into a hotel. Today it is considered by many to be the best hotel in the world. The villa was built in the years 1565 to 1570 under the name 'Villa del Garovo. The client was Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, born in Como in 1527.

He worked for the Catholic Church all his life, held several bishoprics and eventually became dean of the College of Cardinals and thus head of the bishopric of Bastia. He used the villa as a private residence, and had the 25 hectares of outdoor space laid out as a natural garden. Since then the owners have changed almost every year, Jesuits, Counts and other nobles have more or less inhabited the complex. Caroline of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, former wife of the future English King George IV, gave the villa its present name: Nuova Villa d'Este.

She had the garden redesigned in English style. Since the end of the Second World War, the villa has functioned as a noble hotel with excellent service. Today the hotel is v.a. famous for the annual 'Concorsa d'Eleganza', but also hosts many important international congresses. The rooms are very elegantly furnished in modern Renaissance style. There are simple double rooms up to the presidential and cardinal suite, which has 108 square meters of living space plus 90 square meters of private terrace.

Grand Hotel Villa d'Este. Via Regina, 40. 22012 Cernobbio. 031 3481. [email protected]. Prices: Rooms from ca. EUR 500,00 to 1.500,00. Opening hours: all year round. GPS: 41°57'45 "N, 12°47'46 "E.

Villa Erba

Besides the Villa d'Este there are other noble houses in Cernobbio. Villa Erba, in the south of the town, provides a stylish setting for international congresses and cultural events. Luchino Visconti, the legendary Italian film director and artist, spent part of his childhood here. Villa Erba can be rented also by private persons. Whether it's a lavish party or a scientific lecture, the historical setting is always suitable. The congress rooms are located in a modern building complex behind the villa.

The whole area is surrounded by a high wall, privacy is very important to him. A private helicopter landing pad and a private jetty provide a lot of comfort. The villa was built on the foundation of an old monastery complex. Villa Erba. Largo Luchino Visconti 4. 22012 Cernobbio.031 3491.

Villa Pizzo

Villa Pizzo is a rectangular building without any frills, and thus rather unusual for the area of Lake Como. In the 16. Built in the nineteenth century, lived v.a. the Muggiasca family in the estate and provided a variety of garden designs over the following centuries. Today, the mansion is still world famous for its gardens, especially for its rare plant species. Giardini di Villa Pizzo. Via Regina 43. 22012 Cernobbio. 031 511262. Open from May to September, Monday to Friday. Guided tours for groups of ten or more. Prices from EUR 7,00.

Chiesa di San Vincenzo (and others)

In the church of San Vincenzo from the 17. In the eighteenth century, you can see valuable wood carvings of biblical scenes, such as the Mary Immaculate and the Deposition from the Cross. The chapel of the Holy Virgin can be reached by taking the 17 km long path to the top of Monte Bisbone. However, since it is allowed to drive on it, there are obstacles in the summer months.


To the north of Cernobbio is the village of Rovenna. From there, a year-round hiking trail leads to Rifugio Colma del Bugone. This trail is the first section of the Via dei Monti Lariani, a staged hiking trail along many sog. Maypole. The name of this alpine hut with stable probably comes from 'Maiensitz', a shelter and working accommodation of the farmers, who drove the cattle to the pastures in May. The destination of our hike is not Sorico, the end point of the VML, but the Rifugio Begone, an inn with panoramic views. The restaurant offers u.a. A wild herb omelet, wild boar dishes and a sweet chestnut dessert.