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To the offers ▼ Individual request ▼ I ndividual Zanzibar beach vacation – travel and safari , Zanzibar beach vacation with excellent service, hospitality and pampering, sports and entertainment in leading hotels in Zanzibar! The island has kept its originality until today and allows an authentic and unique insight into the multifaceted culture and the breathtaking landscape.

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A Zanzibar vacation with African flair in one of the hotel resorts in Zanzibar for your Zanzibar beach trip or combination trip Zanzibar with rest and relaxation! In the capital of the island you can visit numerous sights such as the Livingstone House, the Palace Museum and the Arab Fortress. Away from mass tourism,located directly on a beautiful, quiet, fine sandy beach, offers z.B. the Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort luxury and relaxation.

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Discover the beautiful Zanzibar! Palm trees as far as the eye can see and long white sandy beaches. Zanzibar consists of the two neighboring islands Unguja (formerly also called Zanzibar) and Pemba, each with side islands, as well as the remote small Latham Island, all in the Zanzibar Archipelago. Zanzibar's main airport, Zanzibar International Airport, is located near Zanzibar City. From there there are regular connections to the mainland.

Tip: Go to Fumba in the south of Zanzibar. From there you sail with a traditional dhow to the Kwale Coral Reef. The reef offers an overwhelming variety of corals and colorful fishes. The island of Pemba, despite its diverse scenic attractions, is less developed for tourism than Zanzibar. Fertile hills, small offshore islands and a number of excellent diving spots await you here. The mainland coast of Tanzania with its miles of palm beaches and old baobab trees is strongly influenced by oriental or oriental culture. Indian way of life. Not yet overcrowded by tourists, this coastal area offers relaxing beach days as well as space for individual discoveries and cultural experiences.

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Tips for excursions and tours in Tanzania

What is the climate and the best time to travel in Tanzania??

Tanzania has a warm climate all year round. The rainiest time is in the months of April, May and June. There is no best travel time for the whole country. It depends on which part of the country you want to visit. Tours to Kilimanjaro can be made all year round. In the period from June to early October it is cool and dry. From about mid-December to March it is relatively warm. The island of Zanzibar is a year-round travel destination.

The most pleasant months are June, July, August and September. In this period the daytime temperatures are not too high, it is relatively dry and at night it cools down pleasantly. July and August are also the time of the big animal migrations in the northern Serengeti. The north of Tanzania can also be visited in December, January and February.
Trekking tours to Kilimanjaro are possible all year round, although the dry seasons are particularly suitable. For summit ascents of Kilimanjaro, the months of January and February are most often mentioned: during this time it is comparatively warm on the mountain and the view of the main peak is often unobstructed. However, these two months are also when most hikers and climbers come to Kilimanjaro. It is quieter on the mountain in the months of March, June and October. The main tourist season for Tanzania is in the months of July and August.

Zanzibar Island Vacation

The spice island Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean offers beautiful sandy beaches, palm groves and the scent of vanilla, cloves and nutmeg. The culture and way of life on the island is very different from life on the mainland. Zanzibar awakens dreams of 1001 nights with its palaces and oriental alleys. Visit the historic old town of Stone Town with its colonial buildings. Worth seeing is the Palace of Wonders from 1883 – the first building on Zanzibar that was supplied with electricity and running water. One of the most beautiful buildings in the Stone City is the Old Pharmacy from the 19th century. Century, which today houses a cultural center. In the north of the island you will find Nungwi, the tourist center with numerous restaurants and beautiful beaches. There is also an extensive excursion program in Zanzibar for active vacationers, such as z.b. a tour to the Jozini Forest in the interior of the island. After exciting safaris on the mainland of Tanzania, Zanzibar is simply ideal for a relaxing beach stay with a dash of culture