Iraero (airline): History, aircraft fleet, reviews

Iraero (airline): History, fleet of aircraft, reviews

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According to a detailed sample from the FSIS "Register of Operators and Aircraft" posted on the official website of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviation), IrAero Airlines JSC as of 18. April 2019:

– A valid Air Operator's Certificate for commercial air transport issued on 14. November 2005. # 480;


– Aircraft fleet: Boeing 777-200 – 3 commercial aircraft, Bombardier CL-600-2B19 (CRJ-200LR) – 3 commercial aircraft, Superjet 100: RRJ-95B – 2 commercial aircraft, RRJ-95LR-100 – 5 commercial aircraft, An-24RV – 6 aircraft, An-26 – 2 aircraft, An-26B – 2 aircraft, An-26B-100 – 2 aircraft. A total of 25 airplanes.

Airports located: Irkutsk, Magadan (Sokol), Moscow (Vnukovo).


As stated on the official website of the airline, IrAero began its activity as an airline in 1999 and until 2006 was engaged only in cargo transportation, and since 2006 it has begun to carry passengers in the Northeast and Far East regions of Russia. The aircraft fleet has been replenished, the flight geography has been expanded, the number of flights and passengers carried by the company as well as the amount of cargo has been increased. And were there 6 in 2012.813 flights (according to Wikipedia), then in 2016 there were already 8.856 flights, of which 6.457 scheduled and 2 399 charter flights; passengers carried in 2012 – 199.463 people, in 2016 – 234.818 people, passenger turnover in 2017 was 711.690 people; In ten months of 2013, the airline carried 3.313.9 tons of cargo and mail, in 2016 the total volume of mail and cargo was 4.707.81 tons, 2017 4.975.00 tons.

In 2018, IrAero Airlines JSC successfully passed the certification under the international quality standards GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015) and received a certificate of compliance with the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015). This includes virtually all types of the company's activity, such as passenger and cargo passenger transportation, air transportation of mail, baggage and cargo (including dangerous), operation, maintenance and repair of aircraft of domestic and foreign production, provision of search and rescue service.

In over 20 years of development, the company has significantly increased its production potential, created an organizational structure that meets the requirements of effective work in the freight and passenger transport market, and staffed with highly qualified professionals. As a result, the company has become the largest commercial air carrier in the region.



The geography of the company's air transport includes flights throughout Russia: from Moscow and St. Petersburg in the west to Magadan and Vladivostok in the east as well as flights abroad – to China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

As of May 2019, the most popular destinations are:

– Moscow – Kysyl with a ticket price of 12.185,00 rubles;

– Moscow – Anapa with a ticket price of 6.500.00 rubles;

– Irkutsk – Fergana with a ticket price of 15.00.00 rubles.

Among other things, the company operates international flights, such as:

– Irkutsk – Manchuria (PRC) with a ticket price of 13.135,00 rubles;

– Krasnoyarsk – Manchuria (PR China) with a ticket price of 14.985.00 rubles;

– Irkutsk – Harbin (PR China) with a ticket price of 13.135.00 rubles;

– Krasnoyarsk – Baku (Azerbaijan) with a ticket price of 15 095.00 rubles;

– Chelyabinsk – Baku (Azerbaijan) with a ticket price of 10.430.00 rubles;

– Orenburg – Baku (Azerbaijan) with a ticket price of 8.950,00 rubles;

– Ekaterinburg – Baku (Azerbaijan) with a ticket price of 11.835.00 rubles.

On 17. April 2019, the airline has reached an agreement with the aviation industry development department of the Manchurian city government to increase the volume of regular passenger traffic between Manchuria, Irkutsk and Krasnoyarsk.

IrAero Airlines is authorized in accordance with the decree of the Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) dated 06.05.2019 admitted to:

1. To carry out international regular transportation of passengers and (or) cargo on the following airlines:

– Georgia: Zhukovsky – Batumi;

– China: Zhukovsky – Taiyuan; Zhukovsky – Jinan; Zhukovsky-Hefey; Zhukovsky – Hangzhou; Zhukovsky – Guangzhou; Zhukovsky – Fuzhou; Zhukovsky – Nanjing; Kazan – Shanghai; St. Petersburg – Karshi;

– Uzbekistan: St. Petersburg – Karzhi.

2. To perform international unscheduled (charter) air transportation of passengers and (or) cargo:

– Spain: Moscow – Barcelona (14 times a week from 25. April to 26. October 2019).

In addition, the company participates in the transportation of passengers of preferential categories at special rates (subsidized transportation) on the following routes:

Air services


In addition to regular air transport, IrAero provides services for the organization of passenger and cargo charter flights around the world by Russian and foreign aircraft.

The company can organize charter flight transportation for the following groups of passengers:

– Rotation teams following the guard post;

Charter air freight transportation for cargo:

– Non-standard, heavy and oversized cargo;

– dangerous and military cargo;

– humanitarian aid and medicines.

The client of charter flights may be either a legal entity or a natural person who has the funds necessary for the timely payment of the charter.

The company "IrAero" insures its risks in insurance companies: JSC IC "AlfaStrakhovanie"; JSC IC Alliance, LLC IC VTB Insurance. In addition, the airline together with AlfaStrakhovanie JSC offers its passengers to take out insurance for the duration of the flight. The insurance policy protects life and health of the passenger in the amount of up to 500.000.00 rubles; baggage: in case of loss (loss), death or damage – up to 40.000.00 rubles, for delayed baggage delivery – up to 10.000.00 rubles; as well as in case of flight delay – up to RUB 10.000,00.

For the convenience of passengers, the company has created the Iraero ticket service – the best prices for airline tickets, cheap train tickets and a cost-effective choice of hotels in one resource.

IrAero Airlines introduces a new service for its passengers – now a passenger receives round-the-clock legal assistance while traveling in Russia or abroad.

Passengers of IrAero Airlines have the opportunity to pay for air travel and other services booked on the company's official website, in any Euroset and Svyaznoy salons, as well as in Kiwi and Kiwi Wallet terminals throughout Russia.

Since 2008, IrAero has been participating in search and rescue operations to find aircraft in distress during the launch of space rockets from cosmodromes. To this end, the company has in stock 5 An-26 aircraft and their modifications equipped for this type of work (search, rescue and landing), and flight crews trained in certified aviation training centers, with whom training is conducted regularly. When searching for aircraft and landing paratrooper groups.

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