Laboe: Pearl of the Baltic Sea


Laboe in sight! All hands are on deck aboard the frigate Hamburg. Sailors stand side by side on the port side. They make "front", which is a military way of expressing respect to someone. Every warship commands the front as it passes Laboe. The reason for this rises like a lighthouse into the sky visible from far away: It is the naval memorial Laboe.

Laboe: the naval memorial

W ithin the First World War, 34.836 naval soldiers lost their lives. They remained at sea and there was no place for their loved ones to grieve. Naval Memorial was built for this reason. The 72-meter-high tower is reminiscent of the tower of a submarine. In reality, architect Gustav August Munzer envisioned a "building firmly rooted in the earth and the sea and rising toward the sky like a flame".

In 1996, the Laboe memorial was declared a "memorial to those who remained at sea of all nations". Despite this departure from the purely military focus, the soldiers remain to pay their respects to the memorial. The German frigate glides swiftly past the tower. The officer on watch reaches for his battery whistle, blows two short blasts and calls out: "At ease!!". Soldiers can now stand comfortably at the railing and look across to Laboe. After all, there is much more to discover here than just the monument.

Laboe: the harbor

There is a stiff breeze in the yacht and commercial harbor Ostseebad Laboe. It tastes salty and fresh. With a touch of freedom and adventure. Around 700 yachts, ships and boats are anchored here. If you also want to drop anchor, you can do so at the "Fischkucke" restaurant. Here you can find deliciously prepared fish, so fresh that it almost wriggles off your plate. And this with a beautiful harbor view of the fishing boats. The restaurant has already impressed the gourmet magazine with its cuisine.

The Fjord ferry line F1 departs from the harbor. Until the end of October there is a connection to Kiel. Between October and March, unfortunately, only Moltenort and Friedrichsort are on the schedule.

Laboe harbor


Laboe: the beach

Kitesurfers take advantage of the strong wind and let their boards be pulled across the water by their wind screens. Thereby they perform the most acrobatic jumps. Not without danger at such high speeds. For those who enjoy it: There are courses for it in Laboe. Because with its two kilometers of sandy beach and sandbanks, the area is ideal for beginners.

The sandy beach is dotted with beach chairs. There are playgrounds for children. And basketball and beach volleyball fields as well as table tennis tables. Here you can stay. In the cold season, you can stroll along the sandy beach on a paved sidewalk and take a look at the beautiful cafes, restaurants and apartment buildings on the right-hand side.

The community has given itself the claim "The sunny side of the Kiel Fjord". As a precaution, however, one has also secured oneself for the case that the sunny side should not be to be seen once. In rainy weather, the indoor seawater pool directly on the beach is recommended. In addition to a beautiful view of the Baltic Sea, it offers a lot more: for example, a water slide or solariums. In the infrared heat cabin with a view of the Baltic Sea, for example, you can relax wonderfully.

Laboe: the boat

If you walk along the beach from the harbor, you will pass a submarine at the naval memorial. The boat U-995 was built in Hamburg in 1943, today it belongs to the German Naval Association and is now in service as a technical museum.

Laboe: the marine biological station

After the submarine, just keep walking straight ahead and you'll find yourself in front of the Marine Biological Station. At this place you used to look for a campsite. Today you can find information about the underwater world of the Baltic Sea here. The private facility has about 30 aquariums and offers guided tours.

Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays from November to March. From April to October daily except Mondays.

Laboe: Rest at El Menson Playa Restaurant

After this little walk a little refreshment is just right. Behind the Marine Biological Station is the Cafe Koffiehuis. A sign promises "finest coffee and cake. The reviews on the internet say something different, so we go a little bit further to the restaurant "El Meson Playa". All kinds of delicacies here. One sits directly on the beach and looks out on the Baltic Sea. There are even a few beach chairs where you can sit down. The service is dedicated, the food is good. So you can sit back and relax, breathe in the slightly salty sea air, watch the seagulls and enjoy the flair of Laboe. The small, friendly community at the Baltic Sea. A real pearl.