Escape Game Hamburg: Prices, Rating & Provider

By now, some of you have probably already tried it, because it is absolutely trendy "Escape Gaming". It has also long since arrived in Germany and is enjoying a growing fan base. I am also really enthusiastic about this kind of leisure activity. So I was in the last two years already in one or the other Escape Game Hamburg, in Flensburg and in Bremen.

What is an Escape Game at all?

Escape game is a kind of puzzle. The aim is to find the exit or the way out within a certain time. find the way out of a situation. To find the way out, riddles must be solved. In a Life Escape Game, as it can be found more and more often in various cities, the search for a way out takes place in a game room. The players are given a task, then enter the game room and have one hour to solve the puzzle and find the way out of the game.

In Hamburg alone, there are now more than ten providers of Escape Gaming – at the same time, 297 people can currently play in the Hanseatic city. And since I as a north child call Hamburg my hometown, I would like to introduce these different Escape Game Hamburg stations to you once a little more exactly and list them here.

Hamburg is always worth a trip and some of the Escape Gaming providers in Hamburg also offer thematically matching games to the Hanseatic city. Individual are the type of games but also in terms of Escape Game Hamburg prices, scales and ratings, the offers look partly but quite different.

We have listed here now, the providers known to us and in the map at the end of the article, you will find all the locations with the respective address and URL to the website of the Escape Game provider.

The countdown is on

The countdown is on – Escape Game Hamburg

Escape Game Hamburg Harburg – "Mystery House

In the Mystery House in Hamburg Harburg I have already played (top puzzles & tasks – it has brought me a lot of fun). There are different game rooms there (currently 5 game rooms): Crime Scene, The Robbery, The Bomb and brand new Prometheus. In Mystery House you can play in German and in English. Each room has a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 5 players (so up to 25 people can play at the same time – which is of course especially interesting for company events or club events – z.B. Company parties, Christmas celebrations, company outings etc.). The Mystery House team recommends the participation in the game from 14 years (we can agree). For the game prices there is a graduation – from 50.- Euro game occupancy with 2 people and up to 95.- Euro with 5 persons/player occupancy per room. If you want to play here, you should definitely pre-order – the best way is online!

Around the Mystery House there are also some great gastronomic offers z.B. only a few meters away in the Lammertwiete in Hamburg/Harburg or also in the restaurant Schwerelos. The absolute hit must be the new room "Prometheus", but unfortunately I haven't played it personally yet.

Good to know: Guest parking spaces are available at the Mystery House.

Blogger-Event at the Mystery House - Escape Game Hamburg Harburg

Blogger-Event at Mystery House – Escape Game Hamburg Harburg

Escape Game Hamburg Humboldtstrabe – "Hamburg Escape"

At Hamburg Escape you can currently find 5 game rooms: The Incident, the Greenhouse, the Kontor in the Speicherstadt, the Library and the Escape Game Hamburg Prison. Up to 5 persons per room can play at the same time in the Hamburg Escape Game. Therefore, this provider is also very well suited for larger events. Prices start from 70.- Euro up to 145.- Euro per room (again, it depends on the number of persons – there is a sliding scale from 2 persons to 5 persons).

The location of the Escape Game provider, in Hamburg Hohenfelde, is relatively central. Around Hamburg Escape you will also find a lot of gastronomic possibilities and also the shopping center Hamburger Meile (here you could z.B. good parking, if you are traveling by car) is within walking distance. Nearby is z.B. also the Nippon Hotel. Unfortunately I can't say much about the quality of the games, because I haven't played there myself yet.

Again, advance reservations (preferably online) are highly recommended.

Time runs backwards - Real life Escape Game Hamburg

Time runs backwards – Real life Escape Game Hamburg

Escape Game Hamburg Reeperbahn / St. Pauli – "Escape Route Hamburg

You can find the escape Hamburg in the district St. Pauli, walking distance only a few minutes from the legendary Reeperbahn in Hamburg. The Escape Game provider escape route offers 2 game rooms (for 2 to 6 people): Voyager 2076 and Hotel Old Vegas. So you have the choice between "I have to save the world" or "leave a demolition building before it is demolished". You can play here also (besides German and English) in Russian.

The prices at Fluchtweg Hamburg start from 70.- Euro for 2 persons up to 126.- Euro for full occupancy of a game room with 6 people. The location, close to the Reeperbahn provides of course also plenty of gastro offer around the provider "Escape Route Hamburg. Parking facilities and a good connection with public transport are also within walking distance.

By the way, Fluchtweg Hamburg also relies on online booking/reservation before the actual adventure and also recommends the game only for players 14 years and older. I myself was not yet there, but grad Old Vegas (as a hotel girl) would be interested me of course times. Let's see when I can make it. 😉

View from the dancing towers Hamburg over the Reeperbahn

View from the dancing towers Hamburg over the Reeperbahn & the harbor

Escape Game Hamburg Gansemarkt – "Adventure Team

The Adventure Team at Gansemarkt currently has 2 game rooms for up to 6 players: They stole a million and Countdown to Meltdown. Here it should be about how to become a master thief or maybe how to compete with those. So if you are a fan of Oceans 11 or other master thieves, this is the place to be.

Price-wise it goes off starting from 64.- Euro to 132.- Euro. Also here the graduation takes place on the basis of the fellow players. The more players, the more expensive the room, but the lower the amount per player.

The location at the Gansemarkt also presupposes a lot of possibilities for a supporting program. Around the Adventure Team there are a lot of different gastronomic possibilities. Also the connection with public transport fits, parking garages are of course also available but still very cost-intensive. One must consider these additional costs evenly absolutely also.

The Adventure Team Hamburg recommends the participation only starting from an age of 16 years. Whether I agree here, I can unfortunately not yet say, because I have not yet played at the Adventure Team at Gansemarkt.

At the Binnenalster Hamburg - near Escape Game Hamburg Gansemarkt

At the Binnenalster Hamburg

Escape Game Hamburg Port / Speicherstadt – "Big Brake Hamburg"

The name Big Break keeps its promise. Because in this Escape Game is about a breakout from prison. Besides, a few "Hamburg crime stories" are built into the game. In Big Brake Hamburg there is also only this one game room – for up to 6 players (even 7 or 8 players are possible). Price-wise the "escape" starts at 70.- Euro up to 132.- Euro. The graduation takes place also here after the number of participants. As a minimum age is recommended also with this Escape Game 14 years. The game can be played in German or English.

The location of Big Brake Hamburg, opposite the Speicherstadt, is of course great and there are also plenty of places to eat around it, if you want to combine the game with a nice meal, in a cozy round, afterwards. A special feature of the location is also an additional event space of about 30 square meters, which can of course be used for a celebration.

If you want to start the "big breakout" once, it's best to make an appointment online. We also most likely recommend arriving by public transportation, as parking is relatively sparse here as well, across from Speicherstadt. We haven't started the big escape ourselves yet either.

Escape Game Hamburg Harbour & Speicherstadt

Escape Game Hamburg Harbour & Speicherstadt

Escape Game Hamburg Central Station / St. Georg & Binnenalster – "Team Escape Hamburg

The Escape Game provider "Team Escape Hamburg" has even two locations in the Hanseatic city. Once near the main station – here are three game rooms: The Gallery, the Abduction and the Hofman Formula (each for up to 6 people) and at the Binnenalster there are more game rooms: Mr. Nobodys first case, sweet revenge, the blood diamonds of Rabuun and the cell. All cases promise action… whether it is the search for a professor, the search for an antiserum or the theft of a treasure of art.

Price-wise it goes with the team Escape Hamburg starting from 71.- Euro up to 135.- Euro. The scale is also for Team Escape, according to the number of people participating. Can be played in German or English language. Recommended to participate in a game from 14 years of age. Reservations for a game room should be made online, if possible, up to 48 hours before the desired date.

Paid parking is of course always available nearby, but both locations are of course also very easy to reach by train. Due to the central location of the two sites, there are also plenty of dining options nearby. Personally, we have not yet been able to convince ourselves of the two Escape Game locations.

Many Escape Game providers also offer catering and event facilities

Many Escape Game providers also offer catering & event facilities

Escape Game Hamburg Rickmer Rickmers & Rothenbaumchaussee – "Hidden in Hamburg

Hidden in Hamburg also offers two locations in Hamburg. One location, with two game rooms, is the iconic Rickmer Rickmers – a former sail training ship at Landungsbrucken. Here you can play Murder on Board and Captain overboard. I was here recently for a game. The location is of course top and absolutely authentic – I don't have to say much more about this. I also liked the games very much – especially Murder on Board I found very exciting.

The second location is in Rohtenbaumchaussee. Here are two more game rooms: Mutiny on the High Seas and Scandal around Rosie. I can't say anything about the two games and unfortunately also not about the location Rothenbaumchaussee.

Parking spaces are rare at both locations, but both are easily accessible by public transport. Up to 6 people can play in each room and the prices start from 70.- Euro up to 150.- Euro (On the Rickmer Rickmers go z.B. only from 120.- Euro go). By the way, this Escape Game is the only one currently taking place on a ship in Hamburg. Although the idea "Escape Game Hamburg Schiff" would of course be obvious. 😉 The game in both places is recommended for 14 years and older. It can be booked in German or English language. Pre-booking is recommended – best online.

Tip: If you play on the Rickmer Rickmers, you should definitely treat yourself to a fish sandwich at the Landungsbrucken afterwards (as a reward).

View from the Rickmer Rickmers - Escape Game Hamburg Rickmers

View from the Rickmer Rickmers

Escape Game Hamburg Eimsbuttel – "Exit2Life

In Eimsbuttel is a provider with currently 6 rooms: The attack, the legacy, the artifact, Welcome to Miami, the tank crackers and Miami Reloaded. Here in some rooms even up to 10 people can play at the same time (but for this it should also be at least 3 players who start here). Prices start from 90.- Euro to 180.- Euro.

Advance reservation online or by phone is also recommended here. But also on site can be asked directly for last minute dates. At Exit2Life, a minimum age of 10 is recommended, but children under 16 are not allowed to play here without adult guidance. You can also play here in German or English.

Exit2Life in Eimsbuttel is also impossible without online reservations. 🙂 Also in Eimsbuttel parking spaces are scarce, but of course there are many gastronomic offers. Due to the maximum group size of up to 35 people – Exit2Life is also very suitable for company parties and company celebrations.

The solution to the riddle is near. - Escape Game Hamburg Prices & Rating

In search of… 😉 The solution to the riddle is near..

Escape Game Hamburg Old Town – "Team BreakOut Hamburg

At Team Break Out you could play in two rooms so far. In November the number of rooms was increased to four: Casa Moretta, Metal & Picric Acid, Illuminati and Cabin in the Woods (another room is currently being planned). So you have the choice between angry mafia bosses, lonely forest huts and crazy professors. The rooms are for 2 – 6 people and the prices start at 65.- Euro up to 126.- Euro. Who wants to play, must be at least 14 years old. The game can be played in German and English language.

The location in the old town, opposite the Speicherstadt, is of course very attractive. Sporadically there are also parking lots. If you want to play at Team BreakOut Hamburg, you should book a room in advance.

Unfortunately, I have not yet played at Team BreakOut, but the individual game descriptions sound very exciting in any case. My current favorite "Illuminati.

Hamburg harbor opposite is the old town of Hamburg - Escape Game Hamburg Altstadt

Hamburg harbor opposite is the old town of Hamburg

Escape Game Hamburg Kiez / Altona – "KEY ZONE – Live Escape Games Hamburg"

At Key Zone – Live Escape Games Hamburg players will find three rooms: Strange Neighbour, Razzia on Board and Project 2050. Up to 6 players per room can go on a puzzle hunt. Prices start at 60.- Euro to 96.- Euro. Recommended here is the visit only from 16 years. You can also play at Key Zone in German and English, but of course you should make a reservation here, too, so that it really works out with a free room and the game pleasure.

The Escape Rooms on the Kiez and the Reeperbahn can of course also be combined with a colorful social program. Because there are, as you know, a lot of gastronomic possibilities, pubs, cafes and and and..

There are a few parking garages on the Kiez, if you arrive by car. But you are better advised to use public transport. Is of course also more practical if you want to move in the evening still over the Kiez. 😉

Escape Game Hamburg - 1 mission, 1 room, 60 minutes time

Escape Game Hamburg – 1 Mission, 1 Room, 60 Minutes Time

Escape Game Hamburg Harbour / Old Town – "Twisted Rooms

Twisted Rooms has also chosen a location near the Speicherstadt Hamburg. Very close to the water, there are five rooms and three different themes: The conspiracy, The test of courage and the attack. The rooms are for up to 6 people and the test of courage is even suitable for 8 people. By the way, in the test of courage, the players compete against the crazy Dr. Lutz von Haken an, who still performs experiments on living people.

You should only play in the Twisted Rooms if you are 16 or older. Prices start from 70.- Euro go up to 160.- Euro. The games are also offered here in English and German language.

Around the old town and in the Speicherstadt there are of course also a lot of great gastronomic possibilities. Parking spaces are rare here… but findable – parking garages are also available.

View on the water - Escape Game Hamburg Hafen

View on the water

Escape Game Hamburg Kiez / St. Pauli – "Skurrilum

The Skurrilum is located on the Kiez in St. Pauli. The players find three rooms in the middle of the Kiez: Guschis geile Grotte, Die Phantominsel and Malvinis Vermachtnis (soon a fourth room will be added). The rooms all have different age limits – Guschi is z.B. from 18 years old, Phantom Island can be visited even by 10 years old and Malvini starts from 16 years old. The number of participants also varies, sometimes from 2 people or even from 3 or 4 people to a maximum of 6 pesons or even in some game rooms 8 people. Also in terms of price it looks very differentiated here – from 70.- Euro up to 152.- Euro. But as I said, it also depends on how many people can participate in a room – starts the game z.B. only from 3 persons, so the graduated price also starts from 90.- Euro.

Can be played only in German language. Except for Malvini's Legacy, which is also offered in English language. Of course, an advance reservation is absolutely necessary here as well. Since these Escape Rooms were created by the makers of the Schmidt Theater, there are also complete gastro packages here. But of course there is also a lot going on in the neighborhood. 🙂

I haven't been there yet, but I'm currently favoring the Legacy myself – it's an enchanted chamber of magic. I have also received only super feedback from other players so far.

You can park in the parking garages on the Kiez (but is not a cheap venture). So also prefer to arrive by public transport. 🙂

Decorative elements - they also make the right ambience

Decorative elements – they also create the right ambience..

Escape Game Hamburg – Rating & SPANESS-Factor

Now you surely ask yourself, is an Escape Game SPANESS-like?? I can only answer – of course. SPANESS is everything that is good for you… and playing Escape Games is in any case entSPANnend, SPANnend and fits to the theme busiNESS meets paradise. Thus already some SPANESS factors are given in any case.

Personally, I have a lot of fun combining and planning and, above all, working together with the other players. The stories are usually exciting and the success of having mastered a game and solved the puzzle releases emotions and adrenaline. And these are exactly the factors that make you feel good in any case.

So I definitely give the Escape Game adventure a thumbs up! 🙂

I was invited by several providers in Hamburg to try Escape Game. I thank you for the invitations, because on the basis of these experiences and my enthusiasm and the fun at the game, then also this article developed.