Marche & Emilia Romagna: These places should not be missed by any fan of Italy

Some time ago I was in the and Emilia Romagna on the road. Both are Italian regions that could not be more authentic. The rich cuisine of Emilia Romagna contrasts with the incredible natural scenery of the Marche region.

Two regions with charm – which could not be more impressive. Here pulsates the real life and small town idyll as it is written in the book, you will find here to enough. Plus the best food in all of Italy. It is not for nothing that Emilia Romagna is called the "belly of Italy". The Marche region is not overshadowed by other Italian regions – it is simply less touristy, but no less beautiful!

Let yourself be carried away to places that could not be more beautiful and original. Places you best visit with an appetite and a good dose of the spirit of discovery. Places and dishes that other travel bloggers have taken to their hearts.

Marche & Emilia Romagna – Eastern Italian regions that surprise you!

Bardi Castle – insider tip in Emilia Romagna

Bardi Castle Emilia Romagna

Above the small, somewhat remote village of Bardi, a defiant castle towers on a rocky spur. as it is called in Italian, is not a tourist magnet and just therefore interesting for a visit.

The fortress you can discover undisturbed on your own. It is quite extensive and intricate, discovering it is a lot of fun. Many different rooms of the castle are presented, from guardroom to ice cellar and of course the inevitable dungeon.

All around, the covered walkway leads in airy heights and offers great views in all directions.

Several exhibitions are housed in the castle. From the prince's rooms to a natural history and an archaeological exposition to a local history museum. There really is something for everyone.

After a tour of the castle, which takes several hours, you can relax in the town in small, authentic cafes.

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San Marino: Mini-State in the Middle of Italy

San Marino Italy

There are places, which are visited, if one collects either countries or certain stamps. In the case of the dwarf state of San Marino, both are perfectly possible. If you're not in the mood for stamps, you can stock up on all kinds of weapons in the mini-state. The San Marines are a freedom-loving people and like to show it off to their 2 million tourists a year. San Marino is located exactly between the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions near Rimini, from where buses also run hourly.

Various small villages line up in San Marino. The touristy interesting part is located photogenically on the Monte Titano and is flooded by Italian tourists especially in summer. At the top, there are a lot of souvenir stores in the small alleys, selling the said weapons, knives and swords, as well as stamps and the own Euro coins.

Sights in San Marino are the three fortresses of Guaita, Cesta and Montale. Two of them can be visited. In the Guaita fortress there is also a special museum. The theme is, of course, weapons. If you also have a lot of space in your passport, you can get a San Marino entry stamp at the tourist info for a small fee.

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Imola offers more than a race track

Imola Emilia Romagna Italy

I never thought that a race track could be located in the middle of a city; even when passing by, you can hear the typical sounds! But Imola has more to offer than this Dorado for motorsport fans.

A jewel is the 14th century. The fortress "Rocca Sforzesca" dating from the 14th century. Only a few minutes away you can find yourself in the historic center, surrounded by countless palazzi or. in front of the Cathedral of San Cassian.

More about the life of a noble family of the late 19th century. In the "Palazzo Tozzoni", where not only furnishings but also family memories can be viewed, you can learn about the history of the nineteenth century.

If you want to go shopping, the "Via Emilia" is the place to be. Here taking an aperitivo or an ice cream while admiring the beautiful and typical buildings.

Imola is perhaps less spectacular than the neighboring cities of Bologna or Ferrara, but you get to see more of the typical life of a small Italian town. Not to mention the pleasant parking situation..

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Parma – not only ham

Parma Emilia Romagna

Also for us, at the mention of Parma, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous ham.

But the city in Emilia Romagna also has some very nice sights to offer. The cathedral of Parma is a beautiful Romanesque building. The Baptistery stands out right next to it. In this richly decorated baptistery the baptisms took place in former times.

You can also find some impressive Renaissance churches in Parma. These are lavishly decorated and there are many interesting details to discover.

If, after so much sacred architecture, you're in the mood for something more mundane (i.e., besides ham!), we recommend the Puppet Museum in the Castello dei Burattini. Hundreds of very different puppets from different ages can be admired here.

is a very relaxed city and, unlike the cities of Tuscany, not yet overcrowded. The old town is well laid out and you can easily reach all the sights on foot.

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Culinary highlights from Marche and Emilia Romagna

The unknown Marche – Ascoli Piceno & Loreto

Loreto Marche Italy

If you love "bella Italia", you will fall in love with Ascoli Piceno. The center of the city is the Piazza del Popolo, an impressive, well-proportioned square. It has cafes and bars, has stores for fashion, household, gifts, is something like the living room of the city. The pavement is polished smooth from the many feet that have walked over the travertine.

Loreto stands for the veneration of the Madonna of Loreto, the patron saint of all air travelers and the house of the Holy Family at Nazareth. And the Holy House is (or was) also traveling. According to legend, the brick house was carried away from Nazareth by angels in 1291. After a stopover it reached Loreto. The Marchigiani are smart people and built the basilica with a roof around the house – and that was it for traveling for the "Santa Casa.

The unmistakable cuisine of the Marche

One cannot speak of a typical regional cuisine of the Marche, but of a diverse coexistence of different regional specialties. In the interior of the country, hearty dishes such as porchetta or marinated lamb predominate. Coveted ingredients are the truffles from Acqualanga.

Typical for Ascoli Piceno are Olive Ascolane: pitted olives that are stuffed and then breaded and deep fried. Don't miss the traditional vincigrassi, the ancestor of lasagna with chicken, veal, lamb and pork in pieces.

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Food – The most important cultural asset of Emilia Romagna

Modena Emilia Romagna Italy

Between Bologna and Parma lies Modena, a tranquil little town with high culinary significance. Bologna and Modena are still fighting over who invented tortelloni. Actually, this is no longer important today, because you can get really good quality filled pasta pockets everywhere in the region.

In any case a side trip to Modena is worthwhile. Of course, for sports car fans this is Mecca anyway, because both the Ferrari and the Lamborghini originate from here. The Enzo Ferrari Museum is not to be missed by fans of fast cars. Culture vultures are sure to enjoy the historic city center with the Piazza Grande and its Palazzo Comunale, the Cathedral of San Geminiano and its tower, and the impressive Palazzo Ducale, a grandiose palace of the former dukes.

And if you're here for Emilia-Romagna's greatest treasure – food – it's best to make a detour to Mercato Albinelli. In this market hall you can buy everything for which the region is famous: balsamic vinegar, Parmiggiano and the famous tortelloni. If you ask nicely, the recipe for the preparation is included from the Mamma herself!

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Fossa cheese – Italian hard cheese from Emilia Romagna

Fossa cheese Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is known for its specialties. Therefore, a trip to this region can always be a culinary voyage of discovery as well. Tastings and wine tastings make excursions an interesting experience.

A specialty that exists in the hinterland of Cesenatico is Fossa cheese. This Italian hard cheese is produced in the villages around Sogliano al Rubicone. Strictly speaking, it is not a question of a particular type of cheese. Rather, this cheese owes its name to the way it is made.

In summer the local farmers bring their sheep, goat and cow milk cheese to the Fossa owners. Fossa is Italian and means "pit". In such a one the cheese loaves are stored. The Fossas one closes thereupon. The cheeses mature for three months. After that they lost fat and developed their specific taste. Fossa cheese is hard cheese with a particularly racy note.

Where to find Fossa cheese, you can find out under this link .

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A very special roast pork from Senigallia

Porchetta Marche Italy

We can smell it from far away. Curiously sniffing, we wander through the marketplace of Senigallia in the Marche region of Italy. The aroma of fresh roast pork wafts over the entire piazza. The stalls with fruit, wine and vegetables do not interest us at first. We leave them on the left for the time being.

We want to know from where it smells so seductive. Because so far we can see nothing.
Only when we approach an inconspicuous stand, which looks like a somewhat too small sausage roastery at home, we discover what lies behind these tempting smells. Behind a showcase a huge roll roast on a spit is turning.

What is made here is porchetta, a meat specialty of the Marche region. Porchetta can be found in Marche just like bratwurst or kebab on every street corner in our country. The rolled roast pork must roast for up to eight hours until its crust is properly done. Then eat it with bread – hot or cold. Particularly good with a suitable country wine.

What else they discovered in Senigallia and in the Monika and Petar Fuchs present in this article.

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The most refined delicacies from Bologna

Bologna Emilia Romagna

From the truffle forest in Umbria to the Apulian lemon grove takes about a quarter of an hour. On the way there I can watch how traditional pasta is made, for which Bologna is so famous. Or take a detour to Milan and try salami. Eataly World is the name of this land of milk and honey, a kind of Disneyland for gourmets, just outside Bologna.

But this is not the only reason to visit the capital of Emilia-Romagna. is a city trip destination that still passes as a real insider tip. Under the arcades you can stroll and store wonderfully – from handmade pasta to home accessories.

In the cafes and bars in the alleys of the old town you meet locals, the mood is relaxed until late at night. Like at the Altro market, my favorite place in Bologna: a normal weekly market during the day, which turns into a trendy bar in the evening.

By the way: The popular pasta sauce is served in Bologna with tagliatelle, never with spaghetti. Only Germans do this.

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