Baggage insurance – everything you need to know

Luggage insurance - The complete guide

In 2020 alone, 6.3 million pieces of luggage were lost at airports worldwide. According to the current SITA Bagage Report. We often stow away valuables in the four-digit range in our luggage. But don't worry, you don't have to let it spoil your vacation!

Travel insurance has been our bread and butter for 70 years. It goes without saying that we also have the right protection for you in the event of luggage loss. A luggage insurance protects you against all horror scenarios from luggage loss to theft.

In our blog post we explain: How to insure your luggage. What baggage insurance does and does not cover. How high the costs turn out to be. And how best to proceed if you lose your luggage.

How useful is a luggage insurance?

Baggage insurance makes sense to cover your luggage against loss, theft and damage when traveling (SITA Bagage Report 2021). If you are planning a short trip with little luggage, it is a good addition to protect the essential valuables.

If a longer trip is in sight, you often transport a lot of luggage. For example, expensive electronic devices such as laptops and tablets should not be missing during a trip.

Often, high-priced valuables such as jewelry or musical instruments are also included in the trip. Quickly costs in the four-digit range come together in your suitcase so. Besides, even the less expensive luggage is urgently needed on the road.

So the replacement must be prompt and preferably cost neutral. So it's obvious that luggage insurance makes sense in this case.

What does the luggage insurance cover?

What does the luggage insurance cover?

Luggage insurance covers loss, theft and damage to your luggage. It does not matter whether you carry your luggage with you or check it in. It is also unimportant whether you are traveling by plane, train or other means of transport.

In the event of delayed arrival of separately checked baggage, it also compensates for the additional costs incurred at the destination, as evidenced by the rates. Luggage recovery expenses are also included.

Basically, all luggage included in the insurance contract is covered by the luggage insurance. It is therefore important that you also insure every single piece of luggage.

Depending on the insurer, the luggage is insured on a person-by-person basis or as a total amount. The total amount is limited here to a maximum amount

Baggage insurance benefits and conditions

  • Luggage that you leave in the hands of others for safekeeping
  • Luggage that is not delivered on time
  • when third parties commit criminal acts
  • if your luggage suffers damage in a traffic accident
  • Damage due to fire, explosion or natural hazards


  • In case of groups of several persons, the luggage of all persons must be insured
  • If a maximum sum applies, you should insure all luggage relevant to the trip (including clothing on the body or hand luggage)
  • The general terms and conditions of the insurer often state that objects are not replaced, but only the repair costs are covered
  • You should insure your luggage against damage caused by third parties
  • The travel insurance should always replace the replacement value

Individual luggage insurance (annual insurance up to 365 days)

You can take out the luggage individual insurance from a trip of four days travel duration. The maximum duration can be extended up to 365 days. In addition, the individual luggage insurance is valid worldwide.

In addition, it is worthwhile to book an annual travel insurance for vacation trips or business trips. Among other things, this includes a foreign health insurance for a whole year.

Baggage insurance as a package

Alternatively, you can take out baggage insurance together with our international health insurance in a package. Travel cancellation insurance and Corona quarantine supplementary insurance can be optionally added here.

Luggage insurance comparison

As you can see, there are different conditions to consider depending on the insurer. So it's no wonder that many travel enthusiasts find it difficult to find the right travel luggage insurance.

That is why we have set up a luggage insurance comparison calculator for you. With this you will find the right offer quickly and easily.

Simply enter the start and end dates of your trip, the number of people and the amount to be insured in the calculator. We take care of the rest!

When luggage insurance does not pay?

With the luggage insurance only the pieces of luggage are insured, which are also specified in the insurance contract. If a piece of luggage is not included in the insurance contract, it is also not insured.

In addition, there are a number of items that you can not insure. This includes for example:

  • Cash
  • Securities
  • Tickets
  • Documents and papers of all kinds
  • Borrowed musical instruments

How much does a luggage insurance cost??

  • From travel duration up to 4 days │25 € / per trip│max. Sum insured 2000 €
  • From trip duration up to 10 days │30 – 60 € / per trip│max. Sum insured 4000 €
  • From trip duration up to 17 days │35 – 105 € / per trip │max. Sum insured 6000 €
  • From travel duration up to 31 days │45 – 135 € / per trip │max. Sum insured 6000 €
  • From travel duration up to 45 days │65 – 195 € / per trip│max. Sum insured 6000 €
  • From travel duration up to 62 days │85 – 255 € / per trip│max. Sum insured 6000 €
  • From travel duration up to 93 days│125 – 375 € / per trip│max. Sum insured 6000 €
  • From travel duration up to 94 days│1.50 – 4.50 € / per day│max. Sum insured 6000 €
  • In the package together with international health insurance│0.99 € / per day

Luggage insurance world travel: When does your insurance cover begin and end?

Baggage insurance world trip: When does your insurance cover begin and end?

You have to book the luggage insurance up to 30 days before the beginning of your trip. Otherwise, you can take out this insurance no later than the third working day after booking the trip.

The insurance cover is effective from the start of the trip, from a trip duration of four days up to a maximum of one year.

In the event of a claim, payment will be made no later than two weeks after the loss event. Prerequisite is that the reason and the amount of the damage have been determined and all evidence is available.

What else should you know about luggage insurance??

What exactly counts as luggage for insurance purposes?

Every insurer decides for himself how he will arrange the insurance of the luggage. That's why it's worth comparing luggage insurance with our comparison calculator. This will help you to find the right offer.

Does the baggage insurance replace the replacement value?

The replacement value is the amount that an insured piece of luggage is worth when it is in mint condition. The current value, on the other hand, is the amount that an insured item of luggage has at the time of the loss event.

Many insurers will only reimburse you for the current value in the event of a claim. As a result, you may lose the actual value of your valuables. So always make sure that your luggage insurance covers the replacement value and not just the current value. Only then can you benefit from the luggage insurance to the fullest extent.

Equipment, jewelry, valuables – what to consider?

If electrical appliances, jewelry or other valuables are lost, you should inform the insurer immediately about the claim. Consequently, this will check whether it is an insured benefit case.

Every insurer has an individual claims service for this case (telephone support or online claims reporting). You should be aware that you have to substantiate and prove the claim. To do this, you need to get a confirmation of damage from the airline or. Provide the airport operator or a police protocol.