Vacations in Czech Republic: travel tips for Moravia

So it's time for our most beautiful travel tips in the Czech Republic, off the beaten tourist track.

Garden in Kremsier

Czech Republic vacation: Do you already know Moravia??

The Czech Republic is divided into three distinct regions: Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. For example, the famous city of Prague is located in a part of Bohemia.

But in this report I travel far, beyond the city limits of Prague. I would like to give you a little insight into the region of Moravia and show you how beautiful it is so far in the east of the Czech Republic..

…and why it is definitely worth taking a look at Moravia in the Czech Republic as a travel region!

There are cities waiting, which have long been UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Pure nature that could really come from a fairy tale world. A hearty Czech cuisine, castles and chateaus and not to forget even wellness moments.

By the way, Moravia is called Morava in the Czech Republic and is sometimes also referred to as Moravia.

Directly adjacent to Moravia is also the Czech part of Silesia, before it then opens directly on the border with Poland. The region is really very small, so I let in part the tips, on the outskirts of Silesia. For both regions can really be optimally explored during a joint trip.

Vacations in Moravia

Vacations in Moravia: 7 totally relaxing places..

…which are absolutely worth a visit, I would probably have to add. Whereby I must also confess, there is of course much more to see in Moravia than these 7 places, which I present to you in detail below.

But the following tips will definitely show you how much variety a trip to Moravia offers.

Czech Republic Travel: Olomouc – little Prague

In the course of time we have traveled and visited many beautiful cities in the Czech Republic. One of the most beautiful is certainly Olomouc. With about 100.000 inhabitants it is one of the larger cities in the Czech Republic.

The historic old town of Olomouc is well worth seeing and is also affectionately known as the "little sister of Prague". The impressive Holy Trinity Column, in the center, is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Furthermore, the city hall with astronomical clock, Maurice Church, Hercules Fountains, Caesar Fountain, Wenceslas Cathedral, the narrow streets and alleys, wide market squares, framed by beautiful houses and various palaces are impressive.

Olomouc has absolutely thrilled us. It is worthwhile to simply stroll through the city and experience it with pleasure. A really relaxed town.

If you still feel like wellness in Olomouc, you should treat yourself to an overnight stay at the Theresian Hotel & Spa.

Czech Republic vacation: Olmuetz Vacations in Czech Republic Olmuetz

Trip to Czech Republic: Kremsier – the most beautiful historical town in the Czech Republic

Another town in Moravia, which is definitely worth a visit is Kremsier (KromeřIz). The entire city center is a protected monument. Already in 1997 it was deservedly elected the most beautiful city in Teschechien. It probably also bears the nickname "Athens of the Hanna region".

In addition to the beautiful city center, Kremsier's chateau (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the chateau garden, which includes a small farm animal enclosure, idyllic flowerbeds and water features, are also worth a visit.

Just under a kilometer from the city center is the flower garden, which was laid out as early as 1665. Here visitors will encounter mazes, a colonnade with statues of ancient gods and the impressive rotunda.

Trip to Czech Republic Kremsier Kremsier Flower Garden Kremsier

Another city in Moravia: Brno – the Tel Aviv of the North

When we introduce and visit Moravian cities, of course, the baroque Brno can not be missed. After all, Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. Almost 400.000 people live in Brno.

A hot tip is to explore the city not only above, but also underground. Because the old town of Brno is completely tunneled and guided tours are offered.

Above the tunnels, on the cabbage square, the farmer's market is thrilling. Every day except on Monday, it is a great place to stroll and enjoy the flowers. Altogether the sweet-sympathetic city is suitable for strolling and enjoyment.

We are z.B. climbed to the fortress Spielberk, have us of course the imposing cathedral St. We visited the church of St. Peter and Paul and dared to look down on the city from the church tower.

If you want to experience wellness in Brno, you should take a look at the Maximum Resort, with a wellness world on almost 8.000 square meters.

Destinations Czech Republic Bruenn

Hiking in the Czech Republic: Moravian Karst

One of the most beautiful corners of the Czech Republic for hiking and nature trips is the Moravian Karst (Moravský kras). What sounds so unspectacular at first, has it really in itself.

The Moravian Karst consists of calcareous sandstone and is interspersed with forests and caves. Some of the caves, namely only four pieces, of the approximately 1000 caves, you can visit.

A good starting point for a hike is the rock mill in the Punkva valley near Blansko. There are several hiking trails leading through the enchanted landscape. Of course you should visit the Punkva Cave. You can buy tickets for the visit directly at the mill, because the number of visitors per day is limited.

The spectacular experience first involves walking through part of the cave until you finally arrive at the impressive Machocha Gorge. From here we continue by boat, through the caves, across an underground river.

SkalnI Mlýn, 678 01 Blansko, Czech Republic (is also a hotel) and parking is available / / tickets for the cave tour can be bought right next door. Online tickets HERE.

Moravian Karst Machocha Cave Hiking in the Czech Republic: Moravian Karst

Vacation in the Czech Republic at the lake

Czech Republic is a country without access to the sea. But if you want to take a dive, you will find different, small and big, bathing lakes in any case.

Also in Moravia you have the possibility to live #LakeLove. On our last visit there was even an inflatable SUP, which was also used diligently. 😉

A popular bathing lake in Moravia is the Kruzberk Dam, between Olomouc and Opava.

Czech Republic Vacation by the lake Czech Republic Vacation by the Lake

On wine tour in Czech Republic

The best wine in the Czech Republic is actually said to come from Moravia. In the region of Palava you will find in any case already some vineyards. It is no coincidence that wine is grown exactly here, because the region probably offers the best conditions for wine growing.

It is exactly here that it is particularly warm and dry and therefore wine has been grown here for over 200 years. Numerous cozy wineries invite to wine tasting and enjoyable moments.

Wine growing

Wellness in Czech Republic: Spas in Moravia

When you think of wellness in the Czech Republic, the first thing that comes to mind are the spas and health resorts near the border, with their beautiful spa architecture, in the Bohemian Spa Triangle.

But also in Moravia you can find relaxing little spas, like e.g.B. the spa Ostrozska Nova Ves. The healing springs in the region are sulfurous. Especially people with skin diseases trust in the effect and treatment with sulfur water. The sulfur springs are enriched with calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, sodium and sulfates.

Wellness in Czech Republic

Extra tip: Perhaps the most beautiful vacation home in the Czech Republic

For our last trip to the Czech Republic we deliberately chose a cottage in Moravia. We found it online. As it turned out later, we were really lucky with our choice, because the house is featured in all Czech housing magazines. No wonder, because the cottage is idyllically located in the middle of the forest and radiates a very special coziness.

We all have seldom slept so well as in this former stable building. You won't find a TV here… but there is a garden with a sauna… A small cozy kitchen including living area and upstairs three bedrooms.

Olomouc is not far away, and the small town of Sternberk is only a few minutes away by car or bicycle.

You will find the cottage between Olomouc and Sternberk in Lašťany 349, 783 15 Belkovice – Lašťany /

Vacation home Czech Republic Vacation home Czech Republic Czech Republic vacation home

Our trip to the Czech Republic was our summer vacation this year. We have not arranged any cooperation. We also paid for the vacation home ourselves. Nevertheless, all tips for the Czech Republic (including the vacation home) in this article come from the heart.