Eat & Drink: Smorgasburg | Brooklyn

Eat & Drink: Smorgasburg | Brooklyn

New York is known for many things, but when it comes to food, one thing stands out: food trucks! Not only can you find them scattered all over Manhattan every day, but also once a week in Williamsburg or in Prospect Park, near Smorgasburg.

Those who know me know that food truck festivals are a magical attraction for me – after all, there's a lot of food, you can try a lot of things, and if the weather is good, you can sit comfortably in the sun. Quasi perfect for me so…

Smorgasburg Foodtruck Festival

The foodtruck festival Smorgasburg takes place every Saturday in Williamsburg and every Sunday in Prospect Park, and of course I was already there. Even more than once. And of course I ate my way through all the things and tried as much as possible – I could now claim that I did this only for the blog, of course, to be able to report here as good as possible. But I actually do this because it's just really delicious and for me there's nothing better than sitting in the sun with good food and a few friends. Above all, you don't have to agree on a restaurant and thus on anything in advance, because there is something for everyone.

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So at Smorgasburg, there are many different food trucks – from fries and pizza to kebabs, Asian wraps and ice cream, you can somehow find almost everything. Of course you are not alone there, and sometimes you have to stand in line for quite a long time to finally be able to order, but for most things it is really worth it.

My Highlights – Ramen Burger & Rasberry Lime Ice Cream

No matter if at Smorgasburg or any other foodtruck festival – I always have to walk around and have a look at everything before I decide what I want to eat. The two times I was there in Prospect Park, and also in Williamsburg, I noticed a few food trucks that seem to be there more often. Others I did not notice the first time, but that may also be because there is just super much choice. Although I've only been there three times and certainly haven't tried everything there is, I already have a few highlights. Besides "typical German" kebab, which is relatively expensive and somehow not that typical at all, the ramen burger was definitely the highlight. In itself a normal burger, except that the bun is just not bread, but ramen.

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Another highlight was the Rasberry Lime ice cream, which was available at a tiny stand, whose name I unfortunately forgot. This really tasted like a smoothie on a stick – unfortunately they didn't have it on my second visit, but had strawberry mint ice cream instead. Also quite tasty, but unfortunately not as good as Rasberry Lime – I hope for next time.

Every Sunday in Prospect Park

If Smorgasburg interests you and you want to go there, just head to Prospect Park on Sunday afternoon – and from there just follow the other people who are all walking in one direction. Or the signs. And my tip: make sure to take cash with you! There are ATMs set up, but lines are sometimes longer than at the food trucks themselves.