Snowboarding in Sweden – the best ski resorts

Snowboarding in Sweden

Sweden has long been one of the most popular destinations for Germans – especially in summer. At the same time, the Swedish winter also has nature at its best: Reindeer, huskies, aurora borealis and vast, flat forests. But also if you feel like skiing in Sweden or snowboarding like me in special places, far from the famous places like France or Austria, there are many ski resorts to choose from.

Compared to the Alps, the ski culture in Sweden is much more casual and informal. But that doesn't mean the Swedish mountains don't offer plenty of resorts and snow-covered slopes for powder enthusiasts. From the 103 runs of the popular and arguably best-known Åre ski resort to the easy-access activities and slopes of Branas ski area, Sweden offers a variety to suit every level of skiing and snowboarding experience.

The best ski resorts and tips for snowboarding in Sweden

As it is colder in this Nordic country than in the Alps, it can almost always snow from November to early May. Note, however, that in winter, daylight hours are scarce and you'll only have five to six hours on the slopes before dark when snowboarding in Sweden. Therefore, be sure to check the weather before your visit so you have a better idea of sunrise and sunset times as well as snow conditions and temperatures.

Winter in Sweden

Åre: size and diversity

Åre is a very popular ski resort in Sweden and is considered Northern Europe's largest and most diverse alpine sports center for all levels, especially for advanced skiers. Here you'll find 103 runs, 40 lifts, a gondola lift, children's slopes ("ÅreBjornen"), night skiing. And can even try snowmobile safaris, dog sledding or ice climbing.

The resort is located in central Sweden, 90 kilometers west of ostersund or 150 kilometers east of Trondheim, Norway.

Branas: Quick to reach

Branas (short for Branas Fritidscenter) is primarily for families and advanced skiers and is a nice, compact ski area with lots of accommodations and guaranteed snow early in the season. Centrally located, this resort in southern Sweden is easy to get to no matter what part of Scandinavia you're traveling in. Branas is a family-oriented ski resort with 6 lifts, 18 slopes, snow cannons, a gondola lift, long intermediate slopes, children's ski areas and a snow park.

Branas is located 180 kilometers north of Karlstad, 100 kilometers south of the Norwegian ski resort Trysil and 200 kilometers northeast of Oslo.

Idre Fjall: Intimate and diverse

Idre Fjall ski resort is located in central Sweden and offers a variety of winter and summer activities, including a series of concerts featuring traditional Swedish musicians and national pop sensations. Idre Fjall Ski Resort offers ski lessons as well as snowshoeing, dog sledding, night skiing, snowmobile tours, horse-drawn sleigh rides and more.

Just 150 kilometers northwest of Mora and about the same distance southwest of ostergund, Idre Fjall is relatively small compared to other nearby resorts, but that doesn't mean it's any less entertaining.

Dog sledding in Sweden

Lofsdalen: Small but mighty

While Lofsdalen doesn't offer much in the way of activities or luxurious accommodations, it does offer all the usual amenities at a slightly lower cost than the high prices common in Sweden. The slopes are also generally less crowded, although they are comparable to other resorts in the region.

Among the special events that take place in Lofsdalen is Mackmyra Week in mid-March, which invites skiers to ski and browse through the offerings at a number of wineries and distilleries in the mountains.

Lofsdalen is located in Harjedalen, 66 kilometers from Sveg and 282 kilometers from Sundsvall.

Ramundberget: Historic

Ramundberget started as an outpost on the border and is still one of the most remote ski resorts in the Swedish mountains. Although it offers all the usual resort amenities-restaurants, spas, and the like-Ramundberget is a smaller and more intimate resort than most, shunning mass commercial consumption.

Activities besides skiing at Ramundberget include photo tours of the region, freeriding, torchlight tours of the mines above the resort, yoga, spa treatments and ski touring.

Ramundberget is located in the Norrland region (northern Sweden) known as Jamtland, Funasfjallen, north of Bruksvallarna and about 225 kilometers southwest of ostersund. It's only accessible by car.

Salen: Six resorts in one

Salen is probably the most popular resort in Sweden and a great place for pro skiers. Salen offers a total of six ski areas in one, all connected by the four ski areas Lindvallen, Hogfjallet, Tandådalen and Hundfjallet.

The entire resort offers 160 runs, 9 interconnected green runs, cross-country trails, a fun snow park, snowboarding and more than 100 lifts.

Salen is located in southern Sweden, 90 kilometers west of Mora and 70 kilometers east of the Norwegian ski resort of Trysil. This makes it a good stop on a Swedish ski tour.

Tarnaby-Hemavan: Young and lively

Tarnaby and Hemavan ski area is something for adventurers. It offers a variety of activities and entertainment and tends to attract younger people than other ski resorts in Sweden. The nightlife here includes some of the best après-ski parties in Sweden.
Resort offers slopes for all levels, snowboarding, heliskiing, dog sledding, snowmobile safaris and après-ski in Hemavan.

Tarnaby-Hemavan is located in northwestern Sweden, 150 kilometers northeast of Storuman and 120 kilometers southwest of Rana in Norway.

Snowmobiling in Sweden

Vemdalen: Snow guarantee

Vemdalen is one of the smaller ski resorts in Sweden, but it has a great appeal: snow is guaranteed here and the slopes are open as early as October. The resort includes the Bjornrike, Klovsjo/Storhogna and Vemdalsskalet areas. It is located in central Sweden, about 120 kilometers south of ostersund and 160 kilometers south of Åre ski resort. Vemdalen offers 53 slopes, four areas for kids, 30 ski lifts, 3 fun snow parks and cross-country trails.

Do you have experience with snowboarding in Sweden? If so, what tips do you have?