The most beautiful cities in Florida

Florida in the USA is not called the Sunshine State for nothing, after all up to eleven hours of sunshine a day – and that almost all year round – lure for visits, explorations and visits. Florida does not mean just lying on the beach, although that is certainly not the worst idea either. The many beautiful amusement parks in Florida also attract vacationers. A look at the most beautiful cities in Florida shows how varied a stay can be.


Miami is considered the metropolis of Florida and is almost always a first destination for vacationers. The city offers a lot of variety, though not a great selection of historic attractions.

Miami, Florida

But there is a wide range of leisure activities, such as the Seaquarium with shows, aquariums, shark facilities, tropical reefs, crocodiles and stingrays. Another possible highlight would be a visit to the Cuban quarter Little Havana, especially when the Caribbean carnival takes place there in the form of the Calle Ocho festival. Live music on stages, salsa dances and numerous small attractions on open streets provide a lot of fun and variety.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is especially geared to the tourist market and has hundreds of hotels or vacation homes. Of course, this also includes numerous restaurants and nightclubs.

Miami Beach, Florida

However, Miami Beach is not only home to vacationers, but also to one or the other famous face from film and television. The main attraction is the art deco district of South Beach. The very long beach, where the hotels are lined up like pearls on a necklace, forms the eastern border of the city and is the central point of contact during the day.


Orlando is visited by most vacationers mainly because of the numerous theme parks. There are 12 of them, which will entice you with their numerous attractions and will certainly not disappoint anyone. Many of them are part of Walt Disney World, which will especially please families. Young and old can also experience a lot of action and fun in the theme parks of Universal Orlando Resort. Hollywood backdrops and movie landscapes guarantee unforgettable impressions.

Orlando, Florida

Another highlight in Orlando is Sea World Park Orlando, a zoological marine park with many attractions. These include the individual areas with dolphins, turtles, flamingos, pelicans or alligators. But also beluga whales, walruses and seals are a part of Sea World Park.


Also one of the most beautiful cities of Florida is Tampa at Tampa Bay. It is the third largest city in Florida and is especially known for its cultural offerings. All about culture and history visitors can discover and learn in museums, for children the Glazer Childrens Museum is interesting with 170 interactive exhibits and special programs for all ages.

Tampa, Florida

The whole family will find the right pastime in the African theme park Bush Gardens and the Adventure Island Waterpark. A special way to discover the city of Tampa is on the bicycle highway. The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, 8.851 km long, spans Tampa Bay and is the city's landmark.


Jacksonville is the most populous city in Florida and is particularly rich in attractions. In various museums the history of the city is shown, which goes back long into the past. The fortress at the mouth of the St. Johns River – Fort Caroline National Memorial – dates from the time of the French siege. The modern cityscape of Jacksonville is different.

Jacksonville, Florida

Among the most beautiful neighborhoods is the Riverside Avondale National Register District. Here is the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens, which is home to numerous masterpieces dating back thousands of years. Jacksonville is a natural paradise, because the city has not only many parks, but also waterways. Of course, the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean are also worth a visit, more than 35 kilometers are one invitation to spend the day by the sea. In total there are 8 bridges in the city, which are especially eye-catching at night because of their illumination. Jacksonville is also the right place for active vacationers, not only sports on the water, but also golfers and tennis players are welcome.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale – one of the most beautiful cities in Florida – is often referred to as the Venice of Florida. The town is located north of Miami and is crisscrossed by numerous canals, which actually remind of Venice.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

It's a great thing to discover the city with water cabs and a visit to one of the many restaurants located on the waterfront is definitely one of the highlights. During your stay in Fort Lauderdale you can immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife of the city, and the next day you can relax on the beautiful beach of the city.


Also one of the most beautiful cities in Florida is Clearwater, located on the Pinellas Peninsula on the west coast of Florida. Because of its beautiful climate – influenced by the Gulf of Mexico – Clearwater is a magnet for those who want to escape from the cold temperatures in winter.

Clearwater, Florida