Caravan / camper buy – Womo gebraucht kaufen – Tips & Info

A caravan can be an ideal way to vacation in a variety of places. Who travels with the caravan, is independent of the place as well as an accommodation. This opens up completely new possibilities for traveling.

But first of all, the caravan has to be purchased at all before the traveling can start.

There are a few crucial factors to keep in mind. On these in the next paragraphs extensively one deals, so that at the end of the paragraphs an extensive decision can be made regarding the purchase of a caravan.

What purpose should the caravan serve?

Who would like to buy a caravan, should ask itself in advance first the question, for which purpose this is to be used at all. Depending on the intended use, the selection of the appropriate model should also be different.

Furthermore, depending on the purpose, the requirements for the caravan will also be adjusted. This includes factors such as the size, the chassis and tires, the sleeping facilities or the driving behavior.

If, for example, only trips within Germany and Austria or the surrounding countries are planned for two, a small caravan is sufficient. Small caravans with a light weight provide for lower fuel costs and thus also for lower additional expenses. In addition, these can be parked also best in the city.

If, on the other hand, long trips are to be made with the family, then a family caravan is the right choice.

This usually has 4 sleeping places or more. For 2 adults and 2 children, for example, a family caravan is the best option. In addition, this has enough space to travel comfortably with it even over a longer period of time.

Sometimes caravans should be used for unusual trips such as off-road trips, surf trips or motorcycle trips.

For this, of course, a caravan must be purchased, which is suitable for the respective purpose. For example, an off-road caravan is equipped with special tires that provide sufficient grip even in rough terrain.

Some of these special caravans are also equipped, for example, with particularly large loading areas. Surfboards, motorcycles or bicycles can be stowed on these loading areas therefore among other things particularly well.

How many people use the caravan?

The number of people who use the caravan is also crucial for the purchase of the right model. For 2 people, of course, a caravan is needed, which is much smaller than for 4 people or more. Family caravans or touring caravans provide enough space if the caravan is to be used by 4 people or more.

If there is to be a use in pairs or alone, even a mini. Caravans are the perfect choice. In principle, however, the rule always applies here: the more people, the larger the caravan must be.

What types of campsites will be visited?

Not every caravan is suitable for every campsite. The equipment of the caravan depends on the type of campsites that can be visited. A caravan with a complex equipment has for example a fully equipped toilet with toilet and shower.

Depending on the model, this is even coupled to a water tank, which allows an independent water supply. Furthermore, various electronic devices are installed, which allow a completely independent life.

With such a caravan, in principle, any campsite can be approached. Also wilderness campsites or parking lots, which are located in the wilderness, are no obstacle for such a caravan.

However, many caravans, which are just in the middle or lower price level, do not have such complex equipment. Therefore, these depend on a certain basic equipment of the respective campsite.

Good campsites have for example water and electricity supply. Only these can usually be used for a longer period of time with a caravan that does not have such complex equipment. Depending on the equipment, the travel possibilities with a caravan also always turn out differently.

How often is the caravan to be used?

How often the caravan is to be used is primarily decisive for the size and comfort of the model. A person who uses a caravan only once a year for a summer vacation, for example, does not have to place such a high value on comfort as a person who uses the caravan twice a month.

The more often a caravan is used, the more time is also spent in it. Accordingly, the comfort should also be higher. The comfort in turn makes itself felt in the size and equipment of the caravan.

What kind of equipment is necessary for the caravan?

The equipment of the caravan depends of course on the general requirements of the caravan. Sleeping spaces are essential in any caravan first of all. Who wants to buy a small caravan, may have to do without a regular bed and access to a sofa, which can be converted into a sleeping place if necessary.

Also a WC and/or a wet cell often represent the basic equipment of most caravans. Whether there is a shower in the toilet depends on the individual requirements.

Particularly important is also the kitchen or the entire kitchenette in a caravan. Depending on the model, this can consist of only 1 or 2 hotplates or have a whole stove including sink, several kitchen cabinets and a refrigerator.

In addition, the storage space in each caravan is an important criterion. As much storage space as possible allows, for example, to take bicycles, surfboards or the like. Who would like to take along exclusively luggage, however, can also do without a large storage space.

Which additional costs and follow-up costs arise from the caravan?

Often the buyers of a caravan see only the purchase price. This is however a big mistake, because above all the additional costs and the subsequent costs, which can result from a caravan, are of crucial importance.

First of all, the additional costs for the caravan are composed of the tax and the insurance, with liability insurance being the minimum. A hull insurance does not have to be concluded, however, can be meaningful with particularly expensive caravans.

In addition, every 2 years a TuV test and a gas test are required by law, which is only possible if the caravan has a gas stove or other gas-powered stoves.

In addition, there is always the fuel consumption of a caravan, which can be immense, especially with larger models. In addition, every owner of a caravan will of course have to pay maintenance costs. These depend for example on repairs, which are regularly necessary. Performing a service at a dealer also leads to additional costs.

A service is depending on the model every 10.000 km up to 15.000 km necessary. Basically, the ancillary costs and the follow-up costs of a caravan are always related to the size and the equipment. The engine, for example, is also decisive for the costs, which can arise from the insurance and the tax. Before a purchase should therefore always be calculated the additional costs and the follow-up costs.

Which caravan is at all compatible with the towing vehicle?

Often forgotten before buying a caravan also that it must of course be pulled by a vehicle. However, not every car is compatible with every caravan. Who wants to buy a caravan for camping, should therefore pay attention in advance to the weight of the respective caravan. In addition, attention should also be paid to the maximum towing capacity of the car with which the caravan is towed.

If the weight of the caravan exceeds the maximum towing capacity of the respective passenger car, the caravan is of course not compatible.

The bigger and heavier the caravan is, the more power and traction the car used as a towing vehicle must have. On a sufficient tractive force as well as sufficient achievement it depends therefore on the vehicle, with which the caravan is pulled. Who would like to calculate, how much achievement the towing car should exhibit approximately, can calculate with maximally 37 kg per PS.

The drawbar load and the towing capacity are also of particular importance. The drawbar load for most cars of a small to medium size is 50 to 75 kg.

This drawbar load should also be fulfilled by the respective caravan, since only in such a way an ideal handling is possible. If the drawbar load is too low, which is caused by the caravan, the handling can become worse and the journey can even become more dangerous.

What to look for in a used caravan?

Mostly used caravans are purchased. Here, however, there are some additional important aspects, which should be considered before buying: The respective caravan should be checked both from the outside – and from the inside extensively on its functionality.

Outside the varnish should be checked. Is this already flaking off? Has rust formed in some places? Is the paint in some places already yellowed or faded? Also look under the wagons.

If the caravan is dry and no rust can be found, this speaks for this already once. Outside, you should also check all the electronics of the caravan. These include, for example, the indicators, the lighting and the like.

In the interior, of course, should also check all the electronics of all technical devices. Also pay attention to the smell. If the caravan smells very old or musty, mold may also have set in some places.

Especially the wet cell should be checked in this context. Furthermore, checking all water pipes and gas lines for leaks is crucial. The same applies to the windows and doors: Do they still close without problems and do they not form small gaps and gaps? Then the windows and doors are still in good condition.