Home decor and decorative tricks

Pictures and matching frames are important for any home decor

Pictures and suitable frames are important for every living culture.

Murals, photographs and posters can create a unique home decor and interior decorations. As a means of expression that strongly influences our imagination, images take us on an exciting journey into the world of memories and associations. Most of us love to have a tasteful and at the same time very own home decor. Important are usually family memories and beautiful landscapes, often those that recall moments of vacation trips.

A picture or a word carries a strong message that greatly increases the aesthetic value of the interior space. We can safely say that it is an excellent finish to the finished apartment and is the proverbial "icing on the cake" of great styling. In this article you will learn how to create a stylish wall decoration with the help of frames, pictures and posters, and how to add some art to your interior.

A unique home decor through murals, posters and photos

Finally, in addition to furniture, windows, doors and colors on the walls, wall decoration is important for one's home style. Canvas paintings, posters or the photographs and the appropriate framing should always match the style of the interior, of course.

To better illustrate the idea, let's take two examples – the Scandinavian and glamour style.

The Scandinavian style

Minimalist posters with a geometric deer head motif or simple motivational inscriptions are perfect for the Scandinavian environment. It's best to combine this into a cohesive, compositional whole. Simple frames in the colors white, black or gray fit particularly well to the Scandinavian style.

The glamour style

With a glamour style interior the situation is a bit different. Black and white photographs and posters, z. B. with fashion icons like Monroe, or murals on canvas that refer to the classics of painting art are more suitable for such a place.

This is how well-heeled Germans lived 100 years ago

This is how well-heeled Germans lived 100 years ago.

In extremely refined interiors, it's better to abandon the frame or match it with the style of other decorations in the room. A silver, gold, carved or mirrored edge harmonizes perfectly with the splendor that characterizes the glamour style.

Regardless of whether our interior is industrial, modern or Provencal it does well if the pictures, frames match the theme of the wall decoration. They should reflect as closely as possible the principles of creation typical of the style.

Flowers are a great theme in a rustic kingdom and cubism in a modern or art deco one. Metal signs, on the other hand, perfectly complement the space of a stylish loft.

What effect do I want to achieve?

The choice of wall decor and its composition is not the most obvious. It all depends on the final effect we want to achieve, the general concept and our taste. This last aspect is extremely important because the end result is to express our personality, sensibility and interests.

A picture wall made of posters with unique illustrations and photographs is a great idea for empty walls and at the same time the best way to add uniqueness to your interior. Here www.bimago.en/poster.html you can either choose a ready-made poster set from the various motifs or create a poster composition yourself.

We can either subtly complement the interior with subtle wall decorations and posters in muted color schemes, or diversify a monotonous-looking room with a strong color scheme and color contrasts.

What are the decorative tricks?

There are many possibilities to decorate the interior with paintings, photos and posters according to your personal living culture. However, there are solutions that can increase the aesthetic value of a wall creation. The first is a coherent arrangement with the help of a series of paintings, photographs or graphics.

A reference theme, the use of the same colors, hues and the use of similar graphic techniques make our apartment elegant and very balanced. On the other hand, many different frames, picture sizes and mixed techniques give us the feeling of being in an artistic environment full of sublime details.

However, remember moderation, because it is easy to exaggerate here. Another interesting technique that creates its own home decor is the common denominator of decoration.

Such an element can be, for example, a color with a similar hue that appears on all hanging wall decorations, or a line that resembles a sketch. Regardless of the style of living, the interior will be given a unique atmosphere by the framed art or memory.