Highlights in pictures – my most beautiful travel photos

Highlights in pictures - my best travel photos (1/2018)

As the saying goes, "there's a first time for everything". So also for me with the participation in the photo parade of Michael of "Explore the world", which is already very popular and known in travel blogger circles. I am very happy that I am now also part of this great network – after all, I always click with great pleasure through the contributions of my colleagues and marvel at the many great photos! Beautiful travel photos inspire me and I hope that you like our photographic highlights as well.

Michael has given 6 categories for which we should publish a photo of the last half year. Creative excesses are permitted, as is the expansion of the categories with your own ideas. So I started searching through my hard drive. And there was a lot to look for, after all our stay on Guadeloupe following our transatlantic cruise, our Bonn New Year's Eve trip, a stay in Vienna, a short trip to Ljubljana, a few days in the Algarve, our romantic weekend in Ramsau and of course my two-month trip to Italy on Goethe's trail.

So I could really draw from the full and give you here a pictorial overview of my / our last travel half year. Whereby I must say that with a fund of about 5000 photos for this period the choice was not easy for me. But it doesn't help, there is only one picture for each category.

My best travel photos


Here I chose the two strange fish heads on the butcher's bridge in Ljubljana. On the one hand, because this was my first trip with my new camera Canon G7XII and I wanted to play a little bit with the aperture. On the other hand, because I found it really strange that people put their "love lock" on fish heads – I guess romance is different, isn't it?

Fishermen's bridge Ljubljana

At night

There is something fascinating about Venice after sunset. The crowds are getting less, you can mingle with locals in the bars and the canals are getting quiet. And if you get hopelessly lost in the alleys on the way home after a really fun party, you get pictures like these.

Venice by night

Also in the selection of my most beautiful travel photos has made it this picture from the Algarve in Portugal. For the category "wet" I immediately had to think of this boat trip, which was really anything but dry. The waves were – typical for the Atlantic in February – quite high and the sea moved. Not only the steadfast rocks on the coast felt this, but also us in the motorboat. But it was always a lot of fun 🙂 .

Waves breaking on the rocks


This is one of the most impressive photos I brought back from Italy: the basilica in Assisi at sunset. I don't know which architect came up with this, but it's magnificent how the sun disappears behind the church in the evening, still wandering through the window in the little bell tower. This creates a fascinating silhouette against the orange-blue evening sky.

Sunset in Assisi at the Basilica

Splash of color

A really pretty, colorful sight were the parrots in the botanical garden of Deshaies on Guadeloupe . Since they are trusting, they can be photographed well and even seem to have fun being a model. Maybe it's because the food was out and the little guy was just waiting for us to buy new food.

Parrot on Guadeloupe

Most beautiful photo

This was probably the most difficult category for me. I got such great photos of the coast of the Algarve, the temples in Sicily or the view at Lake Garda. Nevertheless, my heart makes a big jump with this picture. It represents not only the end of a perfect weekend in Ramsau , but also the beauties of my home and that the idyll is not so far away 🙂 .

Bank on the lake - idyll on the lake

And because we are allowed to add more categories and I liked the game with the "N" as initial letters, I thought of a few more N-headings 😀 . By the way, the cover photo is from Naples 😉


On my eight-week tour through Italy I saw and photographed so many Neptuns! In many cities, the god of water adorns a fountain or serves as a statue in central squares. I liked best the photo of this Neptune here in Trento. Because it was raining, the people avoided the cathedral square and so I was almost alone with the proud figure.

neptune in Trento


When I travel, I like to go in search not only of new places, but also of different times. I have a great interest in archaeological sites and museums, and I like to let my imagination run wild in the face of excavations. I am fascinated by walls that have been preserved for posterity, like the Cestus Pyramid here. Especially if they know how to present themselves in such a way.

Pyramid in Rome

New Year

The old year really didn't end well, and we really didn't feel like celebrating on New Year's Eve. And yet this picture, which presented itself there in Bonn on the banks of the Rhine, gave hope. For me it shows that it is worthwhile to set out for new shores, because something beautiful awaits you over there. The rocket, which is already taking off in the background, serves almost like an invitation.

New Year's Eve on the Rhine


You only have to send me out into nature on a nice day, and I'm already the happiest person in the world. So I was especially happy in Sicily, where in April there was just a big bloom season. I couldn't get out of photographing flowers and therefore had a lot of nature photos to choose from. I decided to go for this wild one here 🙂

Sea of flowers in Sicily

Do Nothing

Also one of my favorite travel photos is this one here! Nobody knows the Italian "Dolce far niente" better than cats in Sicily. They are chilling the whole long day, and that with a calmness that is contagious. Catcontent not only has an effect on social media, but also on people's minds!

Cats sleeping on the steps

A small selection of other nice photo posts

As I mentioned above, I myself love to click through the photo parade posts of my fellow bloggers. I'm always amazed at the great travel photos and how beautiful our world is. I have collected a few of these posts for you to browse through here.

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Which of my travel photos do you like best? I am happy about your comment!

This is Barbara, a travel addicted psychologist. She loves sun, Italy, good food and wine. And likes to think about herself and others. Most of the time she likes herself quite a lot and is constantly planning some kind of trips.