Hotel HM Gran Fiesta Playa de Palma in Mallorca

Hotel HM Gran Fiesta is located right on Platja de Palma not far from the airport and the capital, Palma de Mallorca.

Highlight of the hotel for me is the roof terrace with the rooftop pool and the view of the beach.

Hotel HM Gran Fiesta Playa de Palma on Mallorca

Hotel HM Gran Fiesta Playa de Palma in Mallorca

This hotel description is for a trip in April 2019

In the morning you can enjoy the sun here by the pool. In the afternoons, it often gets a bit windy up here in April (2019) and thus cooler as well.

The pool can be used at this time of year only if you like to swim at temperatures around 10 degrees.

Same with the bigger pool below.

Especially in the evening it is very pleasant on the roof terrace. Here you can often enjoy the sunset over the sea with a view quite alone.

My room with side sea view was modernly furnished and nicely decorated.
I found the beds very comfortable. And that is actually the most important thing for me in the room.

The door insulation could be a little better. At this time of the year the Mediterranean Sea is not yet this shallow, turquoise, calm water, but can also make a lot of noise at night with proper waves. The sound of the waves can be heard from time to time in the room.


I found the food here basically good.

The choice is wide and varied. And at breakfast during my visit there were even healthy trend ingredients, like chia seeds and the like.

The theme nights (Spanish, Japanese, etc. Evening) are quite cliche and the waiters and waitresses mostly "typical of the country" or. dressed in cliche.
I did not need this carnival.


At the hotel is also a bike rental for high-quality racing bikes.
In the surrounding area there are also more bike rental stores, supermarkets and a few smaller bars and cafes.

Ginger bar in the area

If you take a rental car, you will not always find a free spot in the hotel's own parking lot.
In the surrounding area, however, parking is usually available in April.

Fortunately, it is not in the immediate vicinity of the notorious party mile and ham street.
This is another plus point for me. And in spring (at the time of my visit in April) there was almost no sign of the dreaded Ballermann atmosphere.

At a table in the restaurant sat a few young women in bachelorette party costumes. But they were calm and harmless.

The guests are mostly classic package tourists. Families, tour groups, etc.
The one elevator is a bit small. This leads to funny views after breakfast or other meals, when (too) many German vacationers squeeze into the elevator together instead of taking either the elevator around the corner or the stairs.

Basically, it's a very nice hotel with a nice lobby, modern and comfortable rooms, good food, good location and a great rooftop terrace with rooftop pool.