Beach secret tips in Tenerife

The largest of the Balearic Islands has a special flair and attracts thousands of enthusiastic visitors year after year. In addition to the climate, the exciting landscape of looming volcanoes and mountain peaks also provided plenty of variety. But also the beaches of the island are legendary. Here black sand meets golden sunbeams, washed by the soothing sound of the sea.

Playa de las Teresitas

This beach is one of the most famous on the island and one of the most popular in the Canary Islands as a whole. The sandy beach in Tenerife north is only a few kilometers from Santa Cruz and can be reached by rental car or a wonderful bike ride and the rewarding refreshment at the destination.
At ca. 1.5 km long, the beach stretches along the entire coastline, shimmering in the most beautiful golden hues. By the way, this is the exception on the island, which is otherwise characterized by dark sand. If you like, you can book the beach experience with a package tour and check in for example in one of the numerous hotels or vacation apartments in Santa Cruz.

If you are looking for Tenerife's most beautiful beaches with variety, you will get your money's worth here. Recreational activities such as SUP or kayak rentals are offered at the beach. For those who like it more comfortable, the view of the harbor of Santa Cruz offers a great change, especially when the bigger ships come in. Despite the swell caused by the ships it is good to swim at the beach, because breakwaters provide calm seas.

Playa la Arena

It is mainly known for its black color. Located in the southwest of the island, the black sand beach of Los Gigantes is easy to reach. Many vacationers appreciate the clean environment, as the beach was even awarded for it. If you want, you can enjoy the view of the beach directly from your hotel window or balcony, because there are many quarters waiting along the beach promenade. Numerous stores and restaurants are also providing a strolling mood.
The highlight is the imposing wooden walkway that leads almost into the water. Not only a great photo backdrop, but also ideal for enjoying sea air with small children.

Tip: The vacation in Tenerife does not have to be expensive. Those who want to enjoy the black sand beach at a reasonable price should come out of season. Before the actual wave of travelers from Germany in May, the climate is mild and pleasant, but the number of visitors and prices are moderate.

Playa de Troya

Las Americas in the south of the island belongs to the most popular resorts. One reason is the fine-sand beach, which stretches for hundreds of meters and offers plenty of space for swimming, sunbathing and enjoyment. Those who don't want to lie in the fine sand and look out to sea can rent umbrellas or sun loungers for a fee. The deep blue water not only cools you down, but also makes you feel relaxed with the wide view of the sea.
The beach with the surrounding hotels, restaurants and bars is especially suitable for active and party-loving vacationers. Fancy a last minute trip to the sun with friends or for a bachelor party over the weekend? Tenerife is only a few hours' flight from Germany and can be reached by car from the airport in the south of the island in 15 minutes.

Playa de Los Cristianos

A small bay in Los Cristianos is home to the ca. 400 m long white beach. The ground feels almost like velvet and is especially comfortable for walking, ideal for sensitive feet and small children. The shallow water entrance is also ideal to explore the water paradise with your children.
Nobody has to stay hungry, because there are many bars and restaurants in the immediate vicinity. Sun protection and sunbathing comfort have also been taken into consideration, as there are umbrellas and the like. for rent.

Playa Jardin

In the north of the island there is a beach of a special kind: Playa Jardin. It is not only nestled by lush greenery, but also impresses with the fine sandy black beach. Even on cooler days it is good to stay here, because the beach heats up pleasantly warm and is on request even the natural sauna with first-class relaxation effect.

Playa de Abama

Visitors have a spectacular view when they look up from Playa de Abama. Here mighty rocks rise up and offer not only sufficient protection from the wind, but also a unique scenery. The Ritz Carlton Hotel, whose own beach is the Playa de Abama, is enthroned high above the city. But not only hotel guests, but also foreign beach lovers are welcome here.
One of the most beautiful impressions of Tenerife is a special feature of this beach: the long staircase that leads directly to the water. The steps are worth it, because at the bottom there is cool refreshment and the gentle warmth of the sandy beach. If you want, you can alternatively walk an asphalted road or use an elevator. The latter is ideal if you have small children with you and, for example, wagons, toys and co. must be taken along.

Playa Honda

Tenerife is also a gem for surfers, however, hardly anyone knows that. In Las Americas there are optimal conditions for the sporty at Playa Honda. Particularly striking is the rock that rises from the sea directly on the beach. Anyone who doesn't have surfing experience can take their first steps here. On the beach some server schools are waiting for those who want to learn and will gladly show you in small units how to do it.
For those who want velvety sand under their feet, this section in the south of the island is not suitable. Coarse pebbles and rocky sections make barefoot running a dangerous mission. Therefore beach shoes are recommended.

Playa Puerto Colon

Surrounded by a marina and a rock face, there is also a picturesque beach section in the south of the island that is worth a visit: Playa Pinta Colon. Turquoise water and shimmering sand make swimming a real experience. For those who want to do more than just relax, there is plenty of variety with a number of sports on offer. You can choose between diving courses, jet skiing or parasailing.

Playa de la Tejita

A trip to the largest and natural sandy beach of the island is recommended on the south coast. Here lies the Playa de la Tejita spectacularly embedded between towering rocks. Especially in the evening hours the red shimmering rocks of the Montana Roja rocks give a very special atmosphere, ideal for a successful sundowner.