Koh Mook – Island paradise in the south of Thailand

Paradise. A small word that may mean something different for everyone. Since I was on Koh Mook (also Ko Muk, Koh Mak or Koh Mok) I see, when I think of paradise, a very specific place of Koh Mook right in front of my eyes. In our blog post we would like to tell you more about our stay on the small island in southern Thailand in the province of Trang, which restaurants we found super and what you should not miss on Koh Mook in any case.

We tell you how to reach this beautiful place, where to stay, but most of all where to get the best food on the island. And of course we tell you the absolutely most paradisiacal place for the sunset on Koh Mook.

Info about the island paradise Koh Mook in Thailand

  • On Koh Mook the clocks still tick a little differently. Watch out: there is no ATM on the whole island. Paying with card is – except for some accommodations – not possible on the island. Therefore, be sure to take enough cash with you and also plan money for the onward/return journey. But there are worse things than being stuck on Ko Muk. 🙂
    1 Euro = approx. 35 Baht
  • The whole island is car free and perfect to explore by bike. If you prefer it more comfortable, you can also use one of the scooter cabs. These always cost 50 baht per person per trip. Or you can rent a scooter – costs: approx. 200 Baht / day.
  • Hotels and accommodations are best booked in advance, as there is a limited supply of resorts on the small island.
  • There are 4 beaches on Ko Muk: the 2 main beaches, Sivalai Beach and Charlie Beach, are easily accessible. The 2 other, smaller beaches, Sabai Beach and the beach in the north of the island, are a bit more difficult to reach, but are also more empty.
  • Even though the Trang Island in the south of Thailand is rather small, it is full of sights and things to do. Whether kayak or bike tour, exploring the beaches or a leisurely tour with good food through the city center, there is something for everyone!
  • From Koh Mook you can easily get to the neighboring islands Koh Ngai, Koh Kradan or Koh Lipe. The speedboats usually run 1-2 times a day, you can also rent longtailboats, but this is much more expensive. You can get the departure times of the boats at the beaches of Sivalai Beach and Charlie Beach.

Our journey to Koh Mook

Before we made our way to Koh Mook, we took a tour of northern Thailand, more specifically the charming town of Chiang Mai. So we traveled from Chiang Mai Airport south to Koh Mook. We flew to Krabi and decided to stay one night in Krabi to continue our journey the next day.

Arrived in Krabi we grabbed our backpacks and went by airport shuttle (approx. 90 Thai Baht which is about 2,50 Euro) to Krabi City. The trip takes depending on traffic ca. 20-30 minutes. We recommend you to book the transport to Koh Mook not in advance on the internet but on the spot in Krabi. So we went in search of a ticket – it is teeming with ticket stores. Finally we paid 900 Baht for both of us from Krabi to Koh Mook.

We were picked up the next morning at half past six in front of our hotel right in Krabi City and drove with a van (space for 10 people means at least felt – that at least 11 people are going…) to Trang province, which took about 2 hours.

From there we took a longtail boat to Koh Mook, passing beautiful landscapes. If you want to go to the other Trang Islands in the south of Thailand, z.B. Koh Kradan or Koh Ngai, then is also mostly started from here. But we headed directly for the bay of Sivalai Beach at the Sivalai Beach Hotel of the same name.

One of my highlights on Koh Mook is that there are no cars there, only scooter cabs. With one of these we drove across the island to our first accommodation. Dreamlike.

Accommodation and hotels on Koh Mook

Book your hotels or accommodations in advance in any case. Ko Muk is not super touristy but because of that there is only a limited offer of hotels and resorts. Before you decide for a hotel with a cute bungalow, you should think about which beach you prefer, because there are only two main beaches on Koh Mook.

On the one hand in the east of the island the Sivalai Beach at the hotel Sivailai Beach Resort with its distinctive headland and on the other hand in the west of the island the Charlie Beach. Each beach has its own charm. If you love to watch the sun go down in the evening like I do, I would recommend Charlie Beach.

Mookies Bungalows near Charlie Beach

We were on the island for a total of 4 nights and stayed in two different accommodations, both times near Charlie Beach. Our first nights we spent at Mookie's bungalows. With Mookie, the owner, you feel immediately at home, it feels almost as if you were visiting friends. Uuuand there is really delicious and cheap breakfast at Mookies. Mookie's bungalows are simply but comfortably furnished, with fan and a really cozy veranda. In short – absolutely recommended.

Mountain View Resort

The next nights we spent at the Mountain View Resort. The Mountain View Resort, which is highly rated on Booking and TripAdvisor, is located directly opposite Mookie's bungalows and next to Nature Hill. The location of our bungalow was great: slightly elevated and surrounded by lots of trees, so the morning view was indescribable every time – we felt like in the jungle. The interior was kept simple, a bit more stylish here as well – but there is only cold water. Not for warmth seekers. We would recommend Mountain View Resort immediately!

Here you can see our accommodation on Koh Mook - the Mountain View Resort

Sights and Must Do's on Koh Mook

On Koh Mook there is really a lot to explore. For me, this island offers the absolute perfect mix of adventure, relaxation, beach, jungle and paradise.

Bicycle tour with walk over the Thai island

Since the island is car free, it is ideal for a bike tour. Also the size of this Trang island is perfect to explore the whole island by bike – ca. 5 km long and almost 4 km wide. Normally almost all accommodations rent bicycles, either for one or for several days. Cost approx. 100 – 120 Baht per day.

On the road with the bike on Koh Mook

Our starting point was Charlie Beach: from there we drove once across the island to the pier, further north cross-country until we accidentally landed at the beach bar of the Garden Beach Resort. This is definitely one of the perfect spots for a mango shake break overlooking the sea. The owner of the bar gave us the tip to walk north on the beach and just follow the three colored markings on the tree trunks.

No sooner said than done. First we strolled leisurely along the beach while we literally watched the sea as it gets farther and farther away – low tide. In between we met a few wild cattle, which we sneaked past quite nicely. We passed smaller bays, a small hippie cottage, enjoyed the flora and fauna.

Here the way was definitely the goal. In between got a little slippery – the path went through the water over some rocky outcrops. And then came the destination – we could hardly believe our eyes when we arrived at the Hat Lodung. A deserted bay with an indescribably beautiful backdrop framed by high rocky cliffs and grass-green trees and the turquoise sea.

This bay is perfect for snorkeling because of its rocky structure! The walk from the starting point to Hat Lodung takes about 30 – 45 minutes, depending on the speed and is an absolute Must Do on Koh Mook.

Our beach days at Charlie Beach

I proudly present my favorite place on Ko Muk: Charlie Beach (also called Hat Farang). This bay in the west of the small Trang Island is named after the resort of the same name, which, however, has recently closed (as of January 2019).

The bay is about 100 meters long and surrounded by large rocks and rainforest on the right and left side. Absolute jungle feeling. Small but really nice tip: treat yourself to one of the bamboo beach beds at the Fanta bar and get pampered there. Pack your favorite book, enjoy the colorful view of the sunset in the evening and sip a Pineapple Mint Shake (ca. 60 baht) – This stuff is addictive! Or treat yourself to a mango pancake or a Thai roti. Ideally, one of the cute beach dogs will lie next to you and let you cuddle him :).

The Fanta Bar at Charlie Beach in the west of Koh Mook really has its own atmosphere. There is some relaxed reggae music playing in the background, the prices for the drinks and the food are unbeatable and the people are sitting happily in their armchairs, listening to the Andaman Sea and staring spellbound at the sea, while the sun is turning red and it looks like it is sinking into the sea at sunset. The sky turns pink, deep red and finally blue and the sun has set. Simply dreamlike!

Kayak tour to Emerald Cave and Sabai Beach

Probably the most famous sight on Koh Mook is the Emerald Cave. This is a hidden cave with an insanely great lagoon. To avoid the crowds which come by day trip from the surrounding islands, such as Koh Kradan or the other Trang islands, it is recommended to start really early.

So we rent a kayak already shortly after 8 o'clock in the morning for half a day for 300 Baht. Of course, you also get a life jacket – and snorkels for another 50 baht per person per day. So we paddle highly motivated from Charlie Beach along the coast towards the north and the Emerald Cave. Small tip: take a cap with you!

Emerald Cave – the emerald colored cave

After 45 minutes we arrive at Emerald Cave. You can't miss the cave, after all there are already some boats in front of it. The water police is always around and so we have to pay the entrance fee for the national park, of which the Emerald Cave is a part. A total of 200 Baht for both. Quite a lot by Thai standards.

And here we go: We swim into the cave. On the left side a string is attached for orientation. At the beginning there are still some sunbeams coming in and suddenly it is pitch dark. That it is so dark I had not imagined. You can really see NOTHING. We didn't have a headlamp with us and were lucky to be alone in the darkness of the cave at least for a few seconds. Pure adventure and adrenaline.

Emerald Cave on Koh Mook

After about 80 meters we see the green water of the lagoon and are amazed by the extremely high and jagged rocks. The Emerald Cave was used as a hideout by pirates in the past. Absolutely imaginable and after you trudge into the powder-sugar soft sand of the lagoon, you feel almost as free and light as a pirate on the high seas.

After leaving the cave we didn't go back to our beach but continued our kayak tour to the north. After ca. 15 minutes of hard paddling we reached a small and deserted bay, the Sabai Beach. One of the 4 beaches on Koh Muk.

Sabai Beach – the hidden beach

Once there, we hoist our kayak from the water onto the beach and enjoy the small, deserted beach. The sand is very fine and there are some small rocks from which you can jump into the water. At the back end of Sabai Beach there is a forest where you can go on a little discovery tour. We don't know if you can get there from land as well. After 1-2 hours we grabbed our kayak again and paddled, again passing the Emerald Cave, back to Charlie Beach.

The City Center of Koh Mook

The center of Ko Muk is probably one of the sweetest "City Centers" there is. A few really tasty restaurants with casual atmosphere, a handful of souvenir stores with cute souvenirs, hippie clothes and the like. Gas stations for the scooters and in the middle of it all the radiant inhabitants of the island, who make the island so incomparable. Friendly, open and helpful, the restaurant staff, the cab driver, simply everybody.

Food & Culinary: Our 3 Restaurant Tips for Koh Mook

Culinary Koh Mook has convinced us so much. Mango Sticky Rice. Fresh Barbecue, Thai Curry, Thai Roti and and and. We have feasted what the stuff holds – and that at incredibly low prices.
Here we would like to briefly show you our 3 recommendations for restaurants on the small Trang Island.

Koh Mook City Center Restaurant

Best Squid ever. I dare to say that I ate the best octopus ever at the Koh Mook City Center Restaurant. At least until then (challenge accepted 🙂 ) There is fresh barbecue, you choose your own freshly caught fish at the inviting counter. In addition you get a wonderful light, Asian salad buffet with different sauces. The atmosphere of the restaurant is great, there is a lot going on, a – as always on Ko Muk – relaxed and carefree atmosphere with music from all over the world and nice waitresses.

Mayow Thai Kitchen

The small, family-run restaurant not far from Charlie Beach and below our accommodation exudes its very own charm. The many cute street dogs are part of the inventory, sit down to one and probably enjoy the delicious smell of the dishes.

The food there is super delicious – "no spicy" in the curries is well spicy for German tastes, rather still slightly spicy, so be careful. Must try: the green Thai curry. A single taste experience. In addition a cool Chang and the moment could be probably not better.

Perfect Bar and Restaurant near Koh Mook City Center

This restaurant was certainly the most romantic of the restaurants we ate at on Koh Mook. Directly at the beach you dine barefoot with your feet in the cold sand, the sea rushes before itself, you could not stop being impressed by the starry sky..

Back to the food 🙂 Starter, main course as well as dessert have convinced us here absolutely. The highlight: The fresh fish from the daily menu in lemon garlic sauce. And of course Mango Sticky Rice for dessert. But seriously – Mango Sticky Rice can never be topped anyway – at least not for us 😉

Our impression of Koh Mook – paradise in the south of Thailand

Koh Mook is a wonderful place which is fortunately still undiscovered and you have many places to yourself. The unique charm and blissful yet tranquil atmosphere of the island make Koh Mook a place of longing.