Flexible careers that allow you to travel

Somewhere in the book of Genesis it is written, "And man shall till the earth from henceforth," and so it has been.Yes, since Infinity BC, when Adam first split the atom, work has been an ever-present necessity for all human life.

However, nowhere in the good books does it say, "and the man may only have 4 weeks annual leave (3 if he was in the US)", and yet, unfortunately, this seems to be a non-negotiable facet of a company's working life.Working for the man and having limited time off from work can seriously limit your travel ambitions.

Sure, you can easily fit in a week in Ibiza or two weeks in Tulum.But what if you want to hike in the Himalayas?Or taking a yoga vacation in Chiang Mai?The stark reality is that a job can often prevent you from doing the things you work for.

What to do about it?Well, there are many jobs and careers out there that will allow you to travel the world.Another option is to simply quit your job, say "good trip" to your boss, and try to find a new one when you get back.

In this post, we will look at career options that will allow you to travel.We will include jobs in the travel industry as well as more traditional domestic careers that simply allow for maximum flexibility.

Top travel jobs

Let's start by looking at some classic options where travel is the job, or at least a fundamental part of it!

Airline work

Airlines are the lifeblood of the travel industry, carrying countless planeloads of travelers around the world every day.Working for an airline can therefore give you the opportunity to have breakfast in Manchester, lunch in Berlin and then dinner in Casablanca!

If you can get a job as a pilot, do it.However, these high-paying, high-profile gigs are expensive to train for and hard to come by (see what I did?). Cabin crew roles, on the other hand, are attainable for anyone who can stay patient, pour themselves a coffee 3 miles up in the air, and mime effectively.

Pros and cons

Long-haul flight crew can often spend their rest days relaxing at the "other end" and earn quite a few free airline miles and enjoy discounts for friends and family.

On the other hand, if you work for a short-haul or budget airline, you'll probably only be at your destination long enough to refill the coffee pot and be home by dinner time.Also remember that you can only go where you are sent, and you will probably be sent there quite often – so you may soon get tired of the LAX side of things.

Hostel work

A classic way to work around the world is a job in a hostel.Hostels need all kinds of people to work for them, from receptionists to cleaners, bar staff and social media managers.Hostels can be a fun environment to work in and you'll meet lots of great new people.

Hostels also accept that staff are travelers and come and go so they can be a good gig for travelers.

Advantages and disadvantages

Hostel jobs can be easy to get.They often hire quickly and informally.Some hostels are part of a chain, so you can look at transferring between locations.

The downside, however, is that occasional home-based work is often unpaid or poorly paid.Better hostel jobs, on the other hand, are more like real jobs and you're expected to stay there and work your way up – this type defeats the purpose.

Tour guide

A vacation agent or representative is responsible for serving groups of customers on package tours at resorts.The focus of the work is that the customers enjoy their vacation and everything runs as smoothly as possible for them.

A tour guide can be assigned to pick up a plane load of tourists from the airport, take a group out for an evening, or simply spend the day answering questions about the nearest pharmacy.

Pros and cons

These jobs can be great for young people with no ties and lots of energy.You can spend the whole summer in Ibiza or Mykonos and save money.

The downsides are that the jobs can be tough and the pay is not good.

It really depends on how much patience and perseverance you have.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is like the badass India Jones-like cousin of the tour guide mentioned above.Tour guides are responsible for taking care of tour groups in cities and countries around the world.

Tour guide jobs come in all shapes and sizes.You could lead busloads of students on a day trip to Paris or pack a small group into a jeep for a two-week trip across the Sahara Desert.

While a tour guide almost always has local support staff, they are ultimately responsible for making sure the tour runs smoothly, safety is taken care of and making sure guests have a great time.

Advantages and disadvantages

These jobs can be exciting and very fulfilling.They are really challenging and can look great on your resume.The tips can be pretty good too.

The cons are that these jobs are STRESSFUL!On an hourly basis, the pay is not outstanding either.

Regular jobs that allow you to travel

Now let's take a look at some jobs and careers that do NOT involve travel, but are just very conducive to you being able to travel when and how you like.

Work online

If you work online, you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.Online jobs include blogging, affiliate marketing, web design and video editing.

These jobs are not easy to come by.You need to work hard to acquire attractive skills and make contacts.Be prepared to do this as an unpaid part-time job long before it starts making money.

Also, keep in mind that some online jobs still require you to be available for a certain number of hours per week, and some even dictate WHEN you should be at work.These jobs are not too different from corporate jobs and ideally you should aim to find freelance work when you can set your own agenda.

Still, getting started in this niche is easy.All you need to do is buy a domain and some hosting and get going!Oh, you'll need a half-decent laptop and a suitable blogging camera, of course.

Pros and cons

If you can make this work, there are no limits to what you can do.You can earn serious money and take time off whenever you want to.

On the other end of the spectrum, you may have difficulty making any money at all.

Fitness instructor

Nowadays, more and more people are hiring private fitness trainers to help them stay sexy and fighting fit.A fitness trainer basically designs workout (and sometimes nutrition) routines for clients, and then motivates them to complete them by "FASTERing" them!!" shouts.

Gyms are often hiring new employees.Jobs can therefore be easy and quick to get, which means instructors can come and go pretty freely.Alternatively, you can strike out on your own as a private PT and build your own client base.

Pros and cons

This job offers you maximum flexibility.It is also open to anyone who is fit and passionate.To qualify, all you have to do is get your personal trainer certification.Simply!

The downsides are that your clients may not appreciate you disappearing for 3 months during beach body season!

Festival work

The outdoor festival season in the northern hemisphere runs from May to September and from November to March in the southern hemisphere.This offers a short but intense and potentially very lucrative window to make as much money as you can before you hit the road until next time!

Some festival jobs include stage construction, bar work, security, sound engineering and cooking.Of course, you can also try your hand at being a rock star.

Pros and cons

Ok, working 4 months to take 8 off isn't a bad compromise, is it?You can also hear a lot of bands for free.These jobs, however, are seriously hard work – like – 70-hour weeks without a break until fall.The better paying gigs are also hard to come by – you have to be very good at what you do.

Bank Sister

Bank sisters are not bank sisters!No, they are instead nurses who don't have permanent jobs but work for agencies that send them to hospitals and care facilities to cover staff absences.

My friend does this and usually spends 6 months in France, working and saving and then leaves for 6 months.Nurses are ALWAYS in demand, so they can come and go as they please.

pros and cons

Bank nurses tend to be paid better than regular nurses and can set their own agendas.You can work hard for a few months and save the money, then leave for several months.

These jobs can be stressful, however, as you move between nursing stations from day to day – mistakes on the job can be a matter of life and death.

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