Paris in November: tips and recommendations to make your trip unforgettable

With the high season over and Christmas just around the corner, November is a very quiet month to visit Paris.

Paris in November: tips and recommendations to make your trip unforgettable

Eiffel Tower | ©Kiarash Mansouri

It is difficult to visit Paris and expect to see the city and its monuments without crowds and too many tourists. But if there is one month when the queues are shorter, when you don't have problems booking a room or getting a table in a restaurant, it is November. A perfect month to see and do everything Paris has to offer.

In October, the high season ends, the cold season picks up, and the city takes a breather before Christmas is just around the corner. In addition, in the penultimate month of the year there are two holidays that give us the opportunity to do and see different things.

You want to know what to do in Paris in November? Here are my 10 recommendations to enjoy one of the quietest months of the year in the French capital.

1. Discover the famous cemeteries of Paris after All Saints' Day

Montparnasse Cemetery| ©Jerôme Blum

All Saints' Day is celebrated in many countries on 1. November celebrated, a day dedicated to the memory of the dead. In France, the tradition goes beyond the religious aspect, and it is common for the famous cemeteries in the cities to be full of onlookers. This is even more true in Paris, where some of the most famous and beautiful cemeteries in the world are located. Although the 1. January is not the best time to visit, as it is a long weekend and many Parisians honor their relatives, the following days are less crowded and the cemeteries remain open on All Saints' Day.

The most famous is Père-Lachaise, where the graves of such notables as Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are located. The cemetery located east of Paris is the most visited cemetery in the world. It is not the only one you can visit. There are also the cemeteries of Passy, Montparnasse and Montmartre. These four can be visited for free all year round, but in November they are at their most beautiful, thanks to the Parisians and tourists who come on All Saints' Day to leave flowers and mementos on the graves of their relatives or famous people.

Another option within this festival is to visit the Pantheon of the Illustrious. Located in the Latin Quarter, one of the most beautiful districts of Paris, very close to the Jardin du Luxembourg, this imposing building houses the tombs of some of the most important figures in French and international history. Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Marie Curie, Monnet and Alexandre Dumas are just some of the famous personalities who rest in this monument.

2. Visit the Musee de la Guerre des Invalides on the occasion of Armistice Day 1918

National Palace of the Invalides| ©Daniel Vorndran

In addition to All Saints Day, another holiday is on the calendar across the country in November. The 11. November commemorates the armistice that ended World War I and profoundly shaped the history of France and its people. In connection with this event, it is a good time to learn and experience history at the Musee de la Guerre des Invalides.

Inside this spectacular architectural complex, once the residence of war invalids, hence the name, you can learn about World War I and other war conflicts. The museum houses original weapons, material and exhibits from the First World War and can be visited accompanied by a guide who will tell you about the impact of the war in Paris and in France. You can and should also use your visit to see Napoleon's tomb in the domed church, also part of the Invalides complex.

3. Good dates to visit the Galerie Lafayette

Tour of the Galeries Lafayette| ©Mario Sanchez Prada

In the 19. In the 19th century, with the construction of the Eiffel Tower and the Moulin Rouge, department stores and galleries also flourished. As temples of luxury and shopping in Paris, there are several that we can visit to do our pre-Christmas shopping. The Galerie Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann next to the Opera Garnier is the most famous of all. Under its huge and spectacular dome and with its original decoration and architecture, it is a unique place to compare clothing, jewelry, decorative items or gourmet products.

November, they start decorating stores for Christmas and use the time to attract customers with attractive offers.

On the same boulevard are the Printemps department stores for luxury shopping, and near the Jardin du Luxembourg there is another option in the department store Le Bon Marche. As you can see, Paris can be called the city of shopping.

4. Take advantage of Black Friday for a shopping spree on the Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees| ©PCA Stream

Avenue des Champs Elysees is known not only for its beauty, but also for its shopping opportunities. From luxury boutiques to the most famous franchises, there's something special about a shopping spree on the Champs Elysees. And the best time to treat yourself is the week of 29. November with the Black Friday discounts. On this avenue you will find some of the most prestigious and famous brands in the world in stores that will surprise you with their spectacular design. Moreover, around this time, the Champs Elysees already begin to light up and the first Christmas markets appear.

5. On 11. November, visit the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier| ©Zairon

Also on 11. November, Armistice Day, you can visit [the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier]( el arco del triunfo) visit. 1920, on the same 11. November, the remains of an unknown soldier killed in the Battle of Verdun were transferred to a grave in the Arc de Triomphe, as a token of remembrance for all those who died in the First World War. In 1923, a perpetual flame was installed, which since then has been lit every day at 18.30 o'clock is re-lit in a small ceremony.

On this day, a special ceremony takes place where a huge French flag is hung between the columns of the Arc de Triomphe. Many Parisians lay flowers in honor of this soldier and this holiday, and tourists have the opportunity to see the Arc de Triomphe in all its glory as a French national symbol.

6. Celebrate the Festival of Beaujolais Nouveau with a good French wine

Wine bottles| ©Hermes Rivera

Every year on the third Thursday of November, the Festival of Beaujolais Nouveau is celebrated. It is a young French wine harvested in November in the Burgundy region in the French Alps and can be tasted in any Parisian restaurant during this celebration.

The city's wineries and bistros host special tastings and provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a good French wine with friends and family. As a curiosity, this day is considered the biggest wine festival in the world, and vendors are only allowed to sell the famous wine on this day. In Paris, the Montmartre neighborhood is the best place to enjoy this festival.

7. Enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere without the hustle and bustle

Christmas market in the Jardin des Tuileries| ©Sortiraparis

At the end of November, the streets of Paris begin to be decorated with the first Christmas decorations. Although Christmas is still a long way off, it's a good time to stroll through the decorated streets and enjoy the city and the Christmas atmosphere without the usual crowds that come with the approach of the holidays.

On the Champs Elysees, the first fairy lights are put up and the first Christmas markets open in Paris. This is the most popular place in Paris to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere. Alternatively, I recommend a walk through the Montmartre neighborhood. It is quieter and the decorations are more discreet, but just as beautiful and pleasant.

8. You can see the Statue of Liberty and celebrate Thanksgiving. In Paris?

Replica of the Statue of Liberty in Paris| ©Mariana C

It may sound strange, but it is so. The Parisian capital and New York City are more closely connected than you might think. So much so that the famous statue in New York was made in France and sent to America in 1886 as a gift for the anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence. Years later, because of the good relations between the two countries, the American country gave the city of Paris a gift of wine in honor of the 100th anniversary of the war. Anniversary of the French Revolution in 1889 a replica of the Statue of Liberty. Today, the French version of the Statue of Liberty is located on Swan Island near the Eiffel Tower. You can take the opportunity to see it while taking a boat ride on the Seine at the entrance to the Eiffel Tower.

Since in the United States on 24. November Thanksgiving Day is celebrated, you can take the opportunity to visit this small Statue of Liberty. The Parisian city is also home to a large American community, and the Thanksgiving feast is becoming increasingly popular. It is not uncommon for some restaurants to prepare the traditional turkey on this day.

9. A good time to climb the Eiffel Tower if you want to avoid the queues

Photo of the Eiffel Tower| ©Valentin Antonucci

The Eiffel Tower is the undisputed symbol of Paris, as evidenced by the thousands of tourists who visit it every day. For this reason, long queues are common. If you want to avoid them, it is best to travel to Paris in the off-season, even if it is a complicated task. November is a very good month for this, because there are fewer tourists than usual. There are still clear days when you can enjoy the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, and you don't have to wait in line so long. It's a winning combination no matter how you look at it. But wrap up warm is a must.

10. Protect yourself from the cold in the Musee d'Orsay

Entrance to the Musee d

Paris is also the city of museums, as it is home to some of the most important museums in the world. In the cold days of November, it is always a good option to visit them and escape from the weather by looking at works of art. The usual recommendation is to visit the Louvre, which is of course always a good idea, but today I recommend the Musee d'Orsay.

It may not be as popular as its sister museum, the Louvre, but some of the works on display there are known all over the world. Manet's "Lunch on the Grass", Van Gogh's "Starry Night" or his self-portrait are some of the works you can see in this old train station, now a museum.

November temperatures in Paris

Arc de Triomphe in Paris| ©

As you can imagine, temperatures in Paris start to drop in November. But it is not until the end of the month that the cold sets in. For the rest of the month, temperatures will be pleasant, with highs of about 11 degrees Celsius and lows of about 6 degrees Celsius. It's a relatively rainy month, with an average of 8 to 14 rainy days, but it doesn't usually rain extremely hard. So do not forget your umbrella. All in all, temperatures will be quite pleasant until the end of the month, but cold or rain will certainly not affect your visit to such a beautiful city.

What to pack in your suitcase for Paris in November

Rue Cler market street| ©Michele Louise

As I mentioned earlier, the main advantage of going to Paris in November is the fewer tourists. November marks the beginning of the tourist low season in the French capital, which generally lasts until May. Although there will never be a shortage of tourists in Paris, the main sights are less crowded. Fewer lines and fewer crowds.

Besides, the 1. and the 11. November holidays in the country, and although most monuments are open, many Parisians take the opportunity to visit them. The beginning of the low season also affects hotel prices, which are lower than usual. If you are looking for a quiet month, November is one of the best times to visit Paris.

What to pack for a visit to Paris in November

Pack your bags| ©Vlada Karpovich