Style guide boyfriend jeans: Combining made easy!

Comfortable fit, super combinable and also a real figure flatterer: boyfriend jeans are about the best thing that could happen to women in terms of legwear! It's no wonder that the casual-fitting jeans that look like we nonchalantly swiped them from our sweetheart's closet have been trending for several seasons – and will stay that way for quite some time to come! We show how to combine boyfriend jeans and conjure up any number of multi-faceted looks with them as a relaxed base!

First of all, let's explain what exactly boyfriend jeans actually are: boyfriend jeans are casual, loose-fitting denim pants with straight, rather wide-cut legs. Thanks to the leg-flattering fit, boyfriend jeans are real figure flatterers that are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also distract from strong legs. Most of the time, boyfriend jeans sit relaxed on the hips and, since not only their leg width but also the hip and bottom area have more width than classic women's jeans, they like to be "fixed" with a belt.

In our boyfriend jeans style guide, we show how differently boyfriend jeans can be combined and which looks particularly flatter which figure. Have fun styling and wearing the probably most comfortable and certainly one of the most stylish jeans shapes of all time!

s.Oliver boyfriend jeans

Trendy companion for the urban casual look: cool boyfriend jeans from S.Oliver

Comfortable and versatile: boyfriend jeans for every occasion

As a versatile basic piece for the most diverse looks, boyfriend jeans have established themselves as an indispensable must-have in the female closet. Even stars like Marilyn Monroe knew how to appreciate the comfort that men's jeans give the female figure thanks to their wider fit. When it comes to possible combinations, boyfriend jeans prove that they can do more than just sporty nonchalance, which their cut "put in their cradle".

Boyfriend jeans by ONLY

Casual boyfriend jeans by ONLY

A question of choice of partner: Boyfriend jeans times sexy or elegant

Boyfriend jeans look cool and casual with sneakers and a sweatshirt, and are a great choice for those who like it comfortable and uncomplicated.

Together with chic garments such as a noble blouse and a well-fitting blazer, a pair of boyfriend jeans becomes a business-suitable "showcase look. Pumps conjure up a confident posture and stretch the silhouette.

Casual knits, z.B. Coarse knit sweaters or oversize cardigans go great with the relaxed attitude of boyfriend jeans and perfect the "cozy look".

Striking print shirts or sophisticated tops can score points together with boyfriend jeans, because here extravagance meets understatement, resulting in a harmonious style pairing.

Boyfriend jeans by Laura Scott

Boyfriend Jeans by Laura Scott

Combining boyfriend jeans – Stylish tips for every figure

The great thing about boyfriend jeans: they not only look cool, they also suit every figure type! Both small women and curvy ladies look great in boyfriend jeans, because the relaxed cut pants put feminine their assets perfectly in scene. It would be a pity if we missed out on it! Here are our top tips for skillful boyfriend jeans combining…:

… as a star of curves: Thanks to the casual cut of boyfriend jeans, strong legs are just as skilfully embraced as voluptuous hips or a round butt. Especially the contrast between casual cut and feminine curves makes boyfriend jeans for chubby women the perfect basis for different looks from casual to dressy.

… with short, sturdy legs: The ultimate figure trick for ladies who would like to look a little slimmer and taller: Roll up the trouser legs of boyfriend jeans! This emphasizes the ankles and makes the legs look longer, especially in combination with high shoes, be it pointed pumps (especially trendy this season), platform sandals or lace-up wedges.

Boyfriend jeans

… with wide thighs: Boyfriend jeans with a dark wash are ideal, less suitable are pants with a strong used look, because a light wash, holes or wear in the thigh area are visually more obtrusive.

Boyfriend jeans casual

… with a petite, slim figure: If you like to "cheat" yourself a little more feminine, boyfriend jeans are also a good choice, because thanks to the casual fit of the pants, the legs look fuller and even an androgynous figure gets more volume. Small women go for high heels, those who are tall can go for boyfriend jeans z.B. Combine ballerinas, college or lace-up shoes, but also cheeky sneakers.

… if you are short: Small women often "sink" into their clothes. Boyfriend jeans should therefore not be worn by petite wearers with too voluminous tops. To get the proportions right, it's better to go for a delicate blouse, a body-hugging sweater or a tight blazer and make sure that the top is not too long

is cut. Rolling up the trouser legs makes the silhouette look less squat, high heels automatically make you taller and make you look more confident.

From accessories to the choice of matching shoes: This is how boyfriend jeans make it big

Combining boyfriend jeans made easy: With the right "Dazus" you can create cool looks that can be staged anew time and again.

What shoes go with boyfriend jeans?

Sporty or elegant, playful or washed out? The choice of shoes to boyfriend jeans decides decisively on how the outfit works.

Boyfriend pants from Tom Tailor Denim

Boyfriend pants from Tom Tailor Denim

Sneakers, canvas or college shoes give a boyfriend jeans look an even more uncomplicated touch.

Boyfriend jeans can look really elegant with pumps. Pointed heel shoes are currently just as trendy as pumps in the retro look of the 40s or 70s, z.B. High-front lace-ups or platform wedges.

To the masculine cut of the boyfriend jeans girlish ballerinas set a nice contrast.

Strict Budapest, loafers or men's lace-ups look confident and grown-up with boyfriend jeans, but look absolutely trendy in bright colors or with extravagant details like colored laces or even metallic elements.

Boyfriend jeans can be combined especially well with casual boots, if the shaft of the boots is still visible, therefore: roll up the trouser legs and lace up the boots a little more casually or wear them openly.

These styling partners go well with the boyfriend jean

With pants as casual and uncomplicated as boyfriend jeans, accessories can be eye-catching and extravagant.

A roomy leather bag or retro-style satchel bag, as well as a casual canvas backpack or a pretty raffia or wicker bag, offers plenty of storage space and accentuates the uncomplicated look of boyfriend jeans.

Masculine combined a real winner: Eddie Bauer boyfriend jeans in five-pocket style

Masculine combined a real winner: Eddie Bauer boyfriend jeans in five-pocket style

Boyfriend jeans combined with color

For more elegant outfits, it's best to go for a sophisticated clutch that can also glitter or pop: color-blocking, metallic or studded elements attract attention.

When it comes to jewelry, it's also okay to splurge, because trousers with a rough used-look element can stand it just fine! So go for it with statement necklaces, big rings, striking wristwatches or eye-catching belts!

Cute trend accent: wear colorful socks in pumps or let the sock cuff peek out of lace-up shoes and boots – this makes even supposed summer shoes suitable for autumn and gives the boyfriend jeans look a saucy touch.