Florida Keys: the highway on the water leads to the west

From the north (Jacksonville) we drive down Interstate 95 to Miami. The climate changes from subtropical to tropical, the winters become the swimming season. Shortly behind Miami the tip of Florida ends. Now Florida is over!


Um, well… it's not really over yet. Because the highway no. 1 leads over many bridges from one island to the next. By car we drive across the Florida Keys, 200 km out to sea.

The beautiful tropical islands are called "Florida Keys". A "Key" is one of these many, sometimes small, sometimes very small islands. A bit bigger are Key Largo and Key West.

Marathon on the Florida Keys

So the route leads us directly from Miami to Key West, the westernmost island of Florida.

Key Largo is the first of the Florida Keys, which we reach via Highway Nr. 1 reach. Although Key Biscayne is also part of the Florida Keys, it is not on the route of the Legendary Highway No. 1.

Marathon on the Florida Keys

On Key Largo we enjoy the Caribbean flair. This now goes from island to island. The drive continues, as the islands are connected by bridges, the longest of which is the Seven-Mile Bridge. As the name suggests, we drive a whole 7 miles (approx. 11 km) over the sea. A full 11 km over the light blue water.

The feeling is indescribable.

Key Lemon Pie – the tasty calorie bomb

The Seven-Mile-Bridge starts right behind Marathon Island. Marathon is a cheap way to stay overnight on the Keys. The hotel prices are very high, but on Marathon still in the lower, high range. By the way: The Florida Keys are the name giver of a very tasty, caloric cake: The Key Lemon Pie. We try the cake and visit "Midway Cafe & Coffee Bar" on the Islamorada. A cafe that does not disappoint us. Small and cozy we can sit inside or outside under palm trees. Tropical cozy little house, which can't complain about a lack of clientele. Here you can get it, the delicious Key Lemon Pie. Boa, it tastes..

Florida Keys Bahia Honda State Park

The unhealthy but totally delicious calorie bomb consists of 90 % sugar and limes. But who cares about calories with this cake? Tastes excellent.

Bahia Honda State Park

On the ocean road, the Overseas Highway, always heading west, we reach after the Seven-Miles Bridge the beautiful nature park Bahia Honda-State-Park. There we stroll along the sea and enjoy the nature.

Bahia Honda State Park Florida Keys

It is a wonderful place to enjoy secluded beaches and discover the tropical plants of the Florida Keys. The trip is definitely worth it, as Bahia Honda State Park is a good place to walk between Marathon and Key West. There are a few dollars entrance fee, but it is a nice investment. A really very nice park.

Over all Florida Keys – Go West

We continue to Key West, the last and westernmost island of the Florida Keys, which we can reach by car. Here is a completely Caribbean life. The quietness, like on the other Keys, we search in vain. This place means crowds, party and good mood. Nevertheless, the drive is worthwhile for us, although we are rather looking for rest and relaxation. The liveliest part of the island is surely Duval Street. One souvenir store next to the other, restaurants galore. Nice are the many bills in "Willie T's", in 525 Duval Street, Key West.

William T

From August to November, however, caution is advised on the Keys, because like the rest of South Florida, it is hurricane season here. Severe storms and devastation are unfortunately not uncommon.

From Key West it is only 90 miles to Cuba. This Southern Most Point is marked by a huge buoy made of concrete, where the tourists are only too happy to be photographed. We don't queue there, but are happy about the great time we had on the Florida Keys. The overnight stays are exorbitantly expensive, but it is definitely worth it. There are impressions, which we will not forget surely so fast. Florida Keys, we will be back!