GoBD – the new version brings advantages


The Federal Ministry of Finance published on 18. July 2019 a new version of the GoBD published. An administrative revolution. Because finally photographing receipts with smartphones is possible. The revised Principles for the Proper Keeping and Retention of Books, Records and Documents in Electronic Form and for Data Access (GoBD) expressly allow paper documents to be archived only electronically.

Electronic document capture of paper documents

The best part is: employees can now perform image capture using various types of devices (smartphones, multifunction devices or scan streets). But in what way should they capture the photos? There are neither differences nor restrictions in the use of the mentioned devices. Accordingly, the capture can be done with scanner apps such as "Adobe Scan", "iScanner", "Scanbot" or "Office Lens". But also very easy with the regular photo function.

The important thing to remember is that if an employee receives paper receipts and then enters them electronically , the resulting document or. photo to match the original. Only then can the receipts recorded with the smartphone be recognized for sales tax purposes. As far as the receipts are not required to be kept according to non-tax or tax regulations, they may be destroyed.

When you are abroad

Even when traveling abroad on business, employees have the option of electronically recording the receipts they receive there. However, it should be noted to photograph them as soon as possible. If, for example, there is a substitute pictorial recording due to a "shift of electronic bookkeeping abroad", this cannot be recognized for tax purposes.

How to archive correctly

Each company can now decide for itself whether or not it wants to keep paper receipts in parallel with electronic receipts. If companies want to convert electronic documents into a proprietary format, they have to make sure that there are no changes in image or content. If this is the case, it is necessary to archive both versions with the same indicator.

Software solution for easy recording

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