With Star Clipper through the Greek islands

Sails and rigging of the Star Clipper

Daniela Hacker-Eberl sailed on the Star Clipper through the Greek and Turkish Aegean Sea. She shares her experiences on board and her explorations ashore:

Departure from Athens

After a somewhat bumpy flight, we landed in windy Athens. At the airport we dropped off our suitcase, which is brought directly to the ship. The trip from the airport to Piraeus takes about. 50-60 minutes depending on traffic.

Arrived in the harbor, the Star Clipper immediately catches my eye: Next to the big cruise ships, she looks really nostalgic. On board I was very nicely welcomed with a welcome cocktail. My first impression: The Star Clipper is really still a real sailing ship with a lot of wood, ropes and ropes, real sailors running over the ship and then of course the large sail areas, just great.

My cabin (no. 325, category 2) is right next to the Clipper restaurant (in the morning the dishes are rattled from 6:30 a.m., but it is located amidships, this proved to be a very fortunate location in swells). The cabin is 12m², covered with dark wood, has a porthole, many mirrors, enough closet space with enough hangers and a non-separable double bed. The suitcase can be stowed under the bed. There is a safe, a telephone, a hairdryer, air conditioning (individually adjustable) and a TV. However, the reception is very poor to non-existent depending on the sailing area. The bathroom is equipped with another hairdryer, shelves and shower/WC.

Dinner is offered every evening in the Clipper Restaurant. It has room for 200 people, so everyone can eat in one sitting. The menu always includes a choice of appetizers, a meat dish, a fish dish and a vegetarian dish (luckily for me as a vegetarian), you can also choose between three different desserts and cheese. My First Menu: Cream of crab soup, leafy salad with pineapple, curried vegetables and ice cream

At 21:45 o'clock it is called for the first time: "Cast off!"All passengers are on the sun deck to be present at the departure maneuver. Some guests are allowed to help and hoist a sail. With musical background by "Conquest of paradise" the Star Clipper takes course to Kusadasi, 192 nautical miles lie before us.

Seasickness threatens – the ship in the storm

During the night it becomes very stormy and the ship begins to rock. In the morning the Star Clipper is sailing under full sails and is listing, the ship is heeling. Due to the inclination it is hardly possible to move normally over the ship, also showering is a completely new experience in this position. The wind remains very strong all day (force 8), the waves are quite high and the ship moves up and down as well as from side to side. Many guests and 50% of our group have to deal with seasickness, I hold out bravely. My tip against seasickness: acupressure bands for the wrists.
My menu: Vegetable broth, lots of bread and vegetable tempura, I forgo the dessert just in case!

Turkey: Camliami and Kusadasi

At 8 o'clock we reach our anchorage in front of Camliami in meanwhile calm sea. There you can tender to the beach to feel solid ground under your feet for the first time. You can rent snorkeling equipment on board and do some snorkeling in the clear water.
Back on deck, after the Turkish buffet lunch, we reach the port of Kusadasi. Here you have the possibility to participate in an excursion to Ephesus. Ephesus is the impressive remnant of the former "first and largest metropolis of Asia", it was already built around 3000 BC. Chr.. You visit the well preserved ruins with theater, Hadrian's temple and Clesus library. The four-hour excursion costs 60 euros per person.
If you don't like ruins, you can walk to the shopping street or the bazaar of Kusadasi and buy a nice souvenir for home.
Before sailing at 23:00 we see a Turkish folklore group and a very agile belly dancer. My menu today: pumpkin cream soup, vegetarian vegetable burger, cinnamon ice cream with flambeed cherries

Sailing the Greek islands

Today we anchor in front of the small Greek island Patmos. The tender boats sail into the harbor of the small town of Skala. There we rent a scooter and explore the island. Back on board I take advantage of the offer of a YOGA lesson in the sunset at the stern of the ship. When dolphins accompany the Star Clipper, the romantic moment is perfect.
My menu for this evening: vegetarian waffles with seafood ragout, melon sorbet, gilthead on a bed of vegetables and mocha cream.

Today Amorgos is on the program. Since the movie "The Big Blue" was filmed here, the rather tranquil Amorgos is getting more and more attention as a vacation destination.
From Amorgos there is an excursion to the monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissima (founded already in 1088 by the Byzantine emperor). Alternatively, you can take advantage of the extensive range of water sports on offer.

At 18:00 o'clock we cast off again and set course for Mykonos. Unfortunately, around the island always blows a quite constant and unpleasant wind (Meltemi), which makes it difficult to moor or to sail. anchoring off Mykonos is mostly impossible. We are curious if it will work out this time.

Tonight is Captain's Dinner, menu: Mustard soup with croutons, lobster and the famous ice cream bomb. At the Captain's Toast the captain welcomes all the different nationalities on board and tells little anecdotes.

The closer we get to the island, the stronger the Meltemi becomes. However, it is not too strong, so we can anchor off Mykonos. The tender boats rock like little nutshells into the harbor of Mykonos town. There rental cars are waiting for us and the island is explored. Other passengers take part in the excursion "Ancient Delos" (42,-€).

In the evening we stroll through the alleys of Mykonos, where small restaurants, stores and bars are hiding and for the sunset everyone meets in "Little Venice" to enjoy the view of the Star Clipper with a sundowner.

In the morning there is a photo session: The captain sets all sails and two tender boats sail around the Star Clipper with the guests, so that everyone can take great photos of the beautiful ship under full sail.

Around 12 o'clock the anchor is dropped in front of Monemvasia. Monemvasia is a small medieval town where hardly any tourist gets lost. Its houses nestle at the foot of a spectacular 200-meter-high rock in the sea, connected to the mainland only by a narrow causeway. "Single access"-"moni emvasis" means the name of the place. In the Byzantine Empire important trading center, today (1980 reconstruction and restoration) popular weekend residence of wealthy Athenians. In the alleys of the lower town are small stores, taverns and small hotels, here you can buy excellent olive oil!

After returning to the ship you can go water skiing, relax at the pool or dare to dive into the net in front of the bow. At 6:00 p.m. we raise anchor for the last time, hoist the sails and play the song "Conquest of paradise" for the last time – the Star Clipper sets course for Piraeus.

After the Farewell Party I pack my suitcase and put it in front of the door, so that it is already waiting for me in the harbor the next morning.


After 579 nautical miles it is time to say goodbye to the beautiful Star Clipper. We arrive in Piraeus early in the morning and are transferred to the airport.

Sailing cruises – different and highly recommended

A trip on a sailing ship is very different from a trip on a "normal" cruise ship. The cabins are a bit smaller, the entertainment on board is very decent, but you are much closer to the water. With 85 cabins the number of passengers is manageable, which I found very pleasant. Due to the size of the ship, even small Greek (or Caribbean) islands can be called at, which makes completely new destinations possible. If the Star Clipper is in port, it is usually in the heart of the city. A sailing cruise is recommended for everyone!

You would like to take a sailing cruise yourself z. B. experience on the Star Clipper? Daniela Hacker-Eberl from the Globetrotter travel agency in Elmshorn will be happy to advise you. Speak to them!