Travel tip Portugal: What to do in Albufeira

Travel Tip Portugal

As one of the most sought-after destinations in the Algarve, it is no surprise that Albufeira is very suitable for spending an unforgettable nautical vacation. This Algarve town is famous for its beautiful beaches, water sports for all tastes and lively nightlife. Discover what you can do in Albufeira here in our Portugal travel tip. Enjoy every second of your free days and explore the region aboard a boat.

Do you already want to get on board to get to know Albufeira this summer?

What to do in Albufeira in summer?

Famous for its vibrant nightlife and for having the most famous New Year's Eve in the Algarve, there's certainly no shortage of things to do in Albufeira. Life under the sun is even more exciting: heavenly beaches, golden cliffs, vast expanses of sand, caves, coral reefs and a colorful underwater world. Just to name a few treasures that will fill your days in Albufeira.

Top 5 beaches of Albufeira our travel tip Portugal:

The beach of Sao Rafael

One of the most picturesque beaches in the entire Algarve region and one of our favorites in this Portugal travel tip, Sao Rafael Beach is ideal to explore if you rent a boat in Albufeira! With a beautiful stretch of golden sand, crystal blue waters and of course surrounded by golden rugged cliffs, green vegetation and curious rock formations: A movie set!

To make this boat trip even more special, we suggest you take advantage of the crystal clear waters and enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling and diving! Albufeira itself is already a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, but Sao Rafael beach is one of the most welcoming. Especially for those who are curious about underwater life, and the biodiversity on the seabed.

The beach Gale

Well located, considered a family beach and with one of the cleanest sands in the Algarve, Gale beach leaves nothing to be desired. The large sandy beach, clear sea and calm waters are ideal conditions for an excursion with children. Why not rent a catamaran and anchor at anchor?

Catamarans are ideal boats for family vacations, as they offer plenty of space and comfort and stability for smooth sailing. Then how about taking the opportunity to practice some stand up paddle at Praia da Gale?

Or who knows, maybe a kayak tour for the kids to explore the cliffs and the surroundings? Be sure to check with the boat owner what equipment is on board.

The beach Falesia

One of the most famous postcard motifs of the Algarve! Falesia beach is the largest of Albufeira, with almost 6 km in length. Its biggest highlight are the huge cliffs that accompany it throughout its length. They impress with shades of orange to white, and are always embraced by a cheerful green vegetation.

As if these looks weren't enough, this huge beach also offers a wide sandy beach, waters of different shades of blue and shallow waves. And the best thing, this beach is so big that you can reach it even if you rent a boat in Vilamoura!

The Alemaes beach

One of the most sought-after beaches in Albufeira by foreign tourists, Praia dos Alemaes is ideal for escaping the busy city center. It offers a long sandy beach for good walks and a day under the sun with the family. The water has thousands of shades of blue and is very calm, perfect for a day of relaxation aboard your rental boat.

Did you know that many boats offered on Click&Boat have fully equipped kitchens? This is the case with the larger vessels such as yachts and catamarans, but if you choose to rent a motorboat, for example, it is common to have a barbecue on board. Imagine a good barbecue on deck and a refreshing drink to go with it, and in the background watch the sunset on Alemaes beach…

The beach Salgados

Located in a more exclusive area of Albufeira, Salgados beach is ideal for those looking for a quiet day surrounded by the unique nature of the region. The blue sea holds some small waves and the wind is present: know what that means? Water sports!

Enjoy a family day in the refreshing waters, or spend a few moments playing sports in the sand, and when you're ready, climb on deck of a motorboat for a good wakeboarding or water skiing session!

And if you still don't know what boat to choose to visit this remote beach, renting a sailboat might be the best option. Why? The winds are in your favor here, and there is no better way to enjoy an exciting day of sailing than with a sailboat.

Sailing in Portugal

These are just a few examples, but the beautiful beaches are undoubtedly at the top of any to-do list in Albufeira. If you have time, you should also discover Praia dos Pescadores, Praia da Coelha, Praia da Oura and so many others in the region.

Better yet, why not plan a wonderful sailing trip in the Algarve? Choose a comfortable and spacious boat and enjoy a few days or weeks drifting along the Algarve coastline. With a 100% personalized itinerary!

Water sports in Albufeira

As a water sports paradise, Albufeira offers a huge range of options to fill your vacation days. This makes it THE travel tip Portugal for you! You do not know where to start? Click&Boat helps you! When you rent a boat, the possibilities for nautical activities are almost endless. Just check the equipment included in the rental and climb aboard!

Some of the most popular sports are wakeboarding and water skiing. But if you are looking for new experiences, Albufeira will not disappoint you. Check out some of the most sought after sports there:

Diving in Portugal

  • Parasailing: a very fun activity that will make your trip to Albufeira even better! Look for speedboats at Click&Boat and ask the owner if the equipment for parasailing is already on board!
  • Kayak tour: the calm sea, cliffs, caves and rock formations of the region are ideal to explore with a good kayak tour! It is possible to rent them at different beaches in Albufeira, but it is also possible that your boat rental from Click&Boat has a kayak on board, especially if you decide to rent a yacht or another large boat.
  • Snorkeling and diving: It is clear that Albufeira's crystal clear, calm waters, along with the biodiversity of the underwater world, are ideal for snorkeling. Discover the marine life and swim with the dolphins. If you have a diving license (SCUBA), discover the coral reefs and shipwrecks located at greater depths.

Why rent a private boat?

Whatever your favorite water sport, if you rent a boat from Click&Boat, you can follow our Portugal travel tip. Create your own itinerary and schedule. Remember that the owner of the boat is an expert in the area and can give you valuable tips on tours and places to visit or where best to practice the sport of your choice.

Have you now seen everything you wanted to see in Albufeira? Then continue your cruise around the Algarve with a boat rental in Portimao! Head towards Alvor, discover the beautiful beaches of Portugal, there is no reason to choose only one destination with Click&Boat!