Gambling in Europe: the most amazing destinations

It does not always have to be Vegas. If you're looking for an adventurous trip to the most amazing casino destinations in Europe, you're sure to find it in our top 5. Here they come: The most beautiful destinations for gambling in Europe.

There's no question about it: Las Vegas is the city that first comes to mind when you think of casinos and the like. thinks. The amount of luxurious casino hotels is overwhelming. Last but not least, iconic motion pictures like Oceans 11 have contributed to the eternal cult of Vegas. And so, year after year, thousands of gaming enthusiasts make the pilgrimage to the desert city in the U.S. state of Nevada. For good reason, Las Vegas is in our top 3 for gambling and travel.

But if you don't want to fly that long, don't despair. Europe also has a long gaming tradition. If you want to prepare a little for these dream destinations, it's best to look online at providers like Playcasino. There, you can practice a little roulette, baccarat or blackjack before getting "serious" at the gaming table.

#1: Monaco

Very clear! The capital in terms of gambling in Europe is Monaco or. Monte Carlo. Here glitz, glamor, casinos and savoir vivre come together. Luxury hotels in Monaco are strung together like pearls on a string. Luxury yachts sway on the crystal-clear water, and the gaming tables in the traditional casinos are once again a hive of activity. Precisely because Monaco is such a jet-set destination, the dress code in the venues is particularly strict. Our casino etiquette guide tells you exactly how to behave in order to attract attention in an exclusively pleasant manner.

#2: Baden-Baden

In the splendid and traditional casino of Baden-Baden, the beautiful, rich and powerful have been meeting for decades to spend pleasurable hours and exciting hours with Fortuna in league. The culinary offerings here are also outstanding: In the restaurant "The Grill" sushi and beef come to the bottom. The covered outdoor area as well as the stylish lounge are wonderful.

Even in the open air, in the glass pavilion, guests can test their luck at the Casino Baden-Baden. And for the party afterwards, to celebrate his successes at Blackjack & Co. to celebrate? But there is the Club Bernstein, which invites every weekend to events and parties.

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#3: Deauville

Maybe you have never heard of Deauville before. The city is located in Normandy, in France. And it is one of the best destinations for gambling in Europe. Once upon a time, a French duke lived here, a relative of Napoleon, who regularly invited the country's beautiful and noble people to dine, play cards, and celebrate. The tranquil village quickly became a popular party place.

The centerpiece of today's Deauville is the impressive casino. Famous personalities like Coco Chanel, Andre Citroen and the Rothschilds already went here. If you want to be part of the French haute cuisine, you should visit the town of Deauville.

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#4: Malta

In Malta, beach vacations, interesting culture, wildly romantic nature, Mediterranean culinary delights and exciting gambling all come together. This makes it one of the greatest destinations for gambling in Europe. After all, travelers can discover the beautiful island state in a variety of ways after an exciting evening at the casino.

In terms of gambling Malta offers several casinos at once. And for good reason: Malta's gambling laws are extremely user-friendly. From an elegant colonial style villa to a modern hotel complex to a restored 17th century harbor palace. Century – you have the choice in which scenery you want to challenge Fortuna.

Casino? Yes clear! But responsibly!

However you choose to travel to one of these destinations for gambling in Europe – handle the matter responsibly! Visiting a casino should always be for pure pleasure and should not affect your everyday life. So if you find that your thoughts are only about the next game, talk about it and take action. You can find out more about this online.

But as long as they don't lose the joy and lightness of it all, there's nothing to stop them from visiting the casino – whether in Europe or around the world.