Outfit on a business trip: Perfectly dressed on the business trip

If you have an important business trip or a business meeting during your vacation, your business outfit should be chosen according to the occasion. Here are some points to consider, so that even on a business trip always a serious and competent impression is conveyed. The business look does not have to be boring or conventional at all.

If some important rules are followed, a fashionable yet authentic look can be created.

Trouser suits, pencil skirts and co.:

Just as in the office, care should be taken to choose the right clothes according to the dress code when going on a business trip or business meeting. Jeans, tops and flip-flops are too casual and therefore also for a business trip an absolute no-go. Instead, you should go for the usual business clothes, such as a trouser suit, skirt or blouse.

If you decide on a dress or a skirt, you should pay attention to the length. The skirt or dress should in no case be too short, but at least knee-length to give a serious impression. Pencil skirts are especially elegant and trendy at the moment – they are timeless and classic. A pair of tights is recommended for business appointments, it rounds off the outfit and looks more serious. But also trouser suits and blazers are the optimal basis for a successful business outfit. In addition, it is allowed to reach for the fashionable high waist pants or culottes. The footwear is also not to be despised. Classic pumps, stylish boots or elegant patent leather shoes as office shoes complete the business look and make it perfect.

Outfit on a business trip

The outfit on a business trip: What about the bag and accessories?

The simple outfit can also be combined with a large business bag. This looks in trendy colors not only stylish, but is also practical at the same time. Working materials for the business meeting or the business trip find their place there without any problems.

Which handbags are a must-have for the wardrobe?

Tip: It's best to take a small elegant clutch with you on your business trip. If you are invited to a dinner, you don't need to take your business bag with you.

Here we recommend to buy a fine brand bag from WE LOVE BAGS. An elegant emblem of Yves Saint Laurent or Coco Chanel simply always makes a difference.

What are the biggest bag trends for fall/winter 2021?

Chain bags, like the famous flip bag by Chanel, with thick link chains are totally on trend this winter. Handbags (and also business bags) in bright "candy colors" are real eye-catchers. Cheerful colors loosen up the business look and can directly serve as statement accessories. Attention: Then you should be sparing with other extravagant accessories (whether scarf or earrings).

On the other hand, if you like it more classic, go for must-have handbags that always match your look. An uncomplicated pouch bag, for example, should own every business woman. It is versatile: on the one hand perfect for the office, because usually a light laptop or a tablet fits in it and can also be used in the evening for dinner. A small mini-bag or an elegant clutch should also be in the repertoire of every woman.

Other accessories for the business outfit while traveling can be:

  • Cufflinks for men
  • Big statement earrings for the ladies to liven up a plain outfit
  • Tie pin
  • Pocket square

The outfit on a business trip: Set smart accents

So that the look does not appear too conservative, it should be loosened up by correctly placed color accents. The pencil skirt, which can quickly look staid, can be combined with a colorful silk blouse, for example. Particularly trendy is the color ultraviolet. This is a dark purple shade with a blue tinge. In any case, this year it is called: courage to the color! Whether bright red, the cool sunny yellow "Meadowlark" or dark blue tones, highlights can be set with these strong colors. The trendy colors should be combined with plain shades for a serious business look. Too many, too gaudy colors can quickly seem inappropriate. So when it comes to colors, the tried-and-tested phrase applies: less is more.

To find the right balance, combine plain clothes in black, white, gray or beige with an accessory or in one of the current trend colors. You can also set the color highlights with the shoes and combine, for example, a plain black pantsuit with bright red pumps. Eye-catchers can also be created by fashionable blazers and jackets. Go for a blazer in a classic cut in a trendy color or with an exciting pattern.

Stripes and checks are particularly popular again this year. The timeless black and white combination is ideal for an elegant business look. The classic white blouse is worn this year with flounces or embroidery. And even the trench coat is back in fashion. However, it does not have to be worn in classic beige. Trench coats with hip flounces or in the current trend colors make the look special.

So it can be quite easy to find the right look for the business trip or the business meeting. The most important rule for this is: combine correctly!