The best Peru travel guide

The best Peru travel guide

Things you can experience in Peru in 7, 10 & 14 days

Peru is a small but beautiful country and home to the majestic Amazon and the valleys of Machu Picchu. For centuries it has inspired and enchanted travelers, historians and adventurers. With this Peru travel guide you can experience the beautiful landscapes of this country in 7, 10 and 14 days.

You must not forget this in Peru:

  • The best time to visit Peru is in the dry season (May to October). The rainy season (December to March) is not only very rainy but also hot.
  • You should book all tickets before your departure or well in advance
  • Pack the right clothes and the right shoes. You need a good and comfortable pair of shoes for planned hikes and sightseeing in general. If you need some packing tips, be sure to read our packing tips for your next adventure.
  • Sole (S/) is the currency of Peru
  • Per day you should expect to pay 110 to 130 Soles (29.38€ – 34.72€) for a trip through Peru.
  • To get from A to B, there are a lot of options, depending on how much you want to spend. If you want to book a rental car, make sure you have a copy of your passport and rental contract.
  • Use the Peru Hop buses, they are almost outrageously cheap.
  • It is recommended to get vaccinated against yellow fever, chicken pox and hepatitis at least one week before traveling to Peru.

7 Day Tour:

Day 1: Lima

Lima, Peru

Accommodation: Lima House, 1900 Backpackers Hostel Lima, Hotel Estelar Miraflores

Your trip starts in Lima, the capital of Peru. The city is famous for its food and history. You will arrive at Jorge Chavez International. Rent a car to explore the city, as it is cheap and time-saving. From the airport, make your way to the historic city center of Lima. Here's what you can do here:

  • Jiron de la Union: meander down Jiron de la Union, which is a very significant street in Lima.
  • Chifa: taste your way through the local cuisine – 'chifa' is particularly popular. This is a popular Chinese-Peruvian dish in Barrio Chino, Lima's Chinatown. From the historic center you can walk here for 10 minutes.
  • Plaza de Armas de Lima: Stroll through the Plaza de Armas de Lima. It's just a minute from the historic center and you'll need to buy tickets here. The Plaza is an important destination in Lima and is located in the center of the city.
  • El Circuito Magico del Agua: End your first day with a visit to El CircuitoMagico del Agua. This is a beautiful fountain that should not be missed when visiting Lima. It's the perfect place to visit after sunset, as you can admire a light show here. But you have to buy tickets.

Day 2: Lima

On your second day, visit the Museo de Art de Lima (MALI). This museum houses over 1000 Peruvian works of art. Spend some time here and discover the artworks. After spending some time here and exploring Lima, take a bus to Miraflores. Discover the neighborhood and experience the culture and cuisine of this place. You can discover restaurants, parks and beaches here. Here are our tips for Miraflores:

  • Parque del Armour: Walk through the Parque del Armour, the 'Park of Love'. This park was built to celebrate all kinds of love.
  • El Beso (The Kiss): This sculpture was made by a famous Peruvian artist and represents love. Spend some time here and relax before heading to your next destination.
  • Larcomar Mall: The largest mall in the city, here you can store till you drop.

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Day 3: Cusco

A view of the city of Cusco in Peru

Accommodation: Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel, Sonesta Hotel Cusco, Illa Hotel

Once you have seen enough of Lima, take a short flight to Cusco. Here you arrive at the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport. Cusco is one of the oldest cities in Peru and one of the most beautiful places in the world. You should book in any case a Boleto Turistico. With this ticket for tourists you can visit many important sights in Cusco and the surrounding area. The ticket includes 16 attractions, such as.B. the Sacred Valley (Machu Picchu has to be paid extra) and the ticket is valid for 10 days.

  • Plaza de Armas: Start your visit to Cusco with a walk through the Plaza de Armas. It is the main square of the city and famous for its colonial buildings and the cathedral. Spend a few hours strolling around and visiting different stores and restaurants. The cathedrals are also not to be missed.
  • Cusco Cathedral: Visit the Cusco Cathedral. It is one of the oldest in the city and was built over a period of 100 years in the Gothic style.
  • Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus: You should also visit the Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus (Church of the Companions of Jesus). The church was built in Spanish Baroque style on the ruins of an Inca Temple.
  • San Pedro Market: A little later in the day you can take a walk through the San Pedro Market, where you can taste food and buy small things.
  • Ceviche: You must try ceviche, it's the national dish of Peru and an absolute must-eat.

Day 4: Cusco

Your fourth day is also your last day in Cusco. Discover the Inca sights and the history of the Inca Empire.

  • Sacsayhuaman: start your day with a visit to Sacsayhuaman. This is a former fortress on the outskirts of the city.
  • Tambomachay: After that you will visit Tambomachay. This is also an Inca site with aqueducts, canals and waterfalls on a 3 tiered terrace. This place is known as the "Bath of the Inca" and was a bath for the rulers of the Inca Empire.
  • San Blas: Wind your way through the cobblestone streets of San Blas. Drive here or take a cab.
  • San Blas Temple: Visit the famous San Blas Temple
  • Hilario Mendivil Art Gallery: Spend your day admiring beautiful works of art.
  • San Blas Observatory: End your day with a visit to the San Blas Observatory. From here you have a fantastic view of the sunset

Day 5: The Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley in Peru

Overnight: Sonesta Posadas del Inca Yucay, Hotel Amaru Valle – Urubamba

On your fifth day you will explore the Sacred Valley. Our recommendation to get here is by car. Rent one in Cusco and drive here. The valley is known in Peru as the "Rio Urubamba Valley". In the valley, visit the archaeological sites of Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero.

  • Pisac: The ruins of this archaeological site are a popular tourist spot in the valley. Here you can also visit markets and admire the mountains.
  • Pisac Market: The Pisac Market is a famous tourist magnet and known for its stalls full of gems, handicrafts, alpaca fabrics and many souvenirs. Buy here some souvenirs of your time in Peru, because this place is also one of the most interesting ones.
  • Urubamba: Take your lunch break in Urubamba
  • Ollantaytambo: Make your way to the village of Ollantaytambo. From Urubamba you will need approx. 30 minutes there and there is a shuttle bus. The village is one of the largest archaeological sites of the Inca period.
  • Chinchero: Explore the Inca ruins in Chinchero
  • Centro de Textiles Tradicionales: weaving cloth was one of the most important trades and crafts of the Quechua community. Visit this place to learn more about the art of weaving at the Centro de Textiles Tradicionales

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Day 6: Machu Picchu

Overnight: Inti Punku Machu Picchu Hotel & Suites, Tayta Machu Picchu

After your time in the Sacred Valley, take a cab to the train station in Ollantaytambo and from there take a train to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is also known as the "Lost City of the Inca". It is one of the most visited tourist sites and UNESCO World Heritage Site. A long distance bus is the best way to visit these ruins. Since this place is very, very popular, you should book your tickets well in advance. It is best to spend a whole day here to visit and discover the ruins.

  • Inti Punku: famous for its hiking trails
  • Huayana Picchu: Hike to the top of the Huayana Picchu mountains to get a great view of the entire Inca city
  • Temple of the Moon: From Huayana Picchu you can also see the Temple of the Moon. This mysterious temple has been a popular tourist destination for many years.

Book your tickets for Machu Picchu as far in advance as possible, otherwise it will be difficult to get a date for the desired period. We also recommend you to join a tour of Machu Picchu.

Discover the relaxed atmosphere of the mountains and the ruins of this beautiful city before returning to Cusco.

Day 7: Departure from Cusco

After a week in Peru, you will fly home from Cusco. Take a train from Machu Picchu to Ollantaytambo and from there take a bus to Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport to leave the country.

10 – day tour:

Day 7: Puno

Accommodation: Casona Plaza Hotel Centro, Sonesta Hotel Posdadas Del Inca Puno

From Cusco you will take a bus to Puno. The trip takes about. 10 hours, but it's worth it. From your seat, you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Peru.

  • Andean landscape: The Andean landscape is one of the main attractions of the trip.
  • Andahuaylillas: you will also pass by Andahuaylillas, home of the "Sistine Chapel of the Americas" and the Temple of Wiracocha. Discover these sights to learn more about the Inca culture.

During your trip you will get a breathtaking view of the city, once you reach Puno head to your hotel.

Day 8: Lake Titicaca

The next day you will visit Lake Titicaca, one of the most pristine lakes in Puno. This lake is known as the largest lake in South America and as the largest navigable lake in the world. Uros, Amantani and Taquile are the most visited of the 42 islands on the lake. First you will go by motorboat to the floating islands of Uros, discover the culture and the specialties of the islands. Visit some of the houses on the islands, they are built on reeds. You can also take a short trip in a reed canoe. Afterwards you will take a boat again to the Amantani Islands. Here you can also experience the local cuisine and participate in some of the activities of the islanders. Here you will spend a night in one of the houses that belong to a local family.

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Day 9: Taquile Island

On your ninth day you will visit Taquile Island. The inhabitants of this island are experts in weaving. Here you can wear the traditional clothes of the locals and learn more about the traditional methods of weaving and agriculture. Spend a few hours on the island and then take a boat back to Puno. Then take a bus back to Cusco or go to Juliaca and take a flight from there to Cusco. On the last day, board a plane home and fly from Cusco or into the next adventure.

14 – Days Tour

If you want to extend your trip by another three days and stay 14 days in beautiful Peru, then you should follow this tour.

Day 10: Arequipa

Overnight: Hotel Corregidor Arequipa, Hotel Riviera Arequipa

After your visit to Taquile Island, you will return to Puno and from there take a bus to Arequipa. The trip takes about. 6 hours. The next two days you will spend in Arequipa

  • Colca Canyon: This is one of the must-see places in Arequipa, due to the breathtaking views of the mountains. The gorge is one of the deepest gorges in the world. Book a guided tour and pick up your tickets for the canyon at each checkpoint.
  • La Calera Thermal Springs: take a short cab ride to La Calera Thermal Springs for a relaxing soak. There are a few pools here with scenic views of the mountains and you are free to choose which pool you want to swim in

Day 11: Arequipa

Your 11. You will start your day at the Santa Catalina Monastery. The beautiful monastery was built in the 16th century. The monastery was built in the XVI century and represents the colonial architecture in Arequipa. Picturesque works of different artists are displayed here. Spend ample time exploring this monastery, which is one of the city's most popular attractions.

  • Plaza de Armas: Meander through the many small stores and restaurants on the Plaza de Armas.
  • Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa and the Church of the Society of Jesus (La Compania de Jesus Church): There are also some churches you can visit, such as.B. the Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa or the Church of the Society of Jesus (La Compania de Jesus Church). These are the churches you'll find in Plaza de Armas

After spending enough time here, take a bus to Nazca, where you will arrive the next morning. The trip lasts approx. 10 hours, so a trip at night is the best option. This way you can rest and save the travel time the next morning.

Day 12: Nazca & Huacachina

Overnight: Hotel Las Dunas (Huacachina) & Hotel Bamboo Lodge

Arrive in Nazca early in the morning, check into your hotel and freshen up a bit before going sightseeing. You will start your day with a visit to the famous Nazca lines. These lines are UNESCO World Heritage. You can also book a flight over the geoglyphs and see them from above. If a flight is too expensive for you, you can also view them from an observation tower. These towers are made for visitors who don't want to spend too much money to see the glyphs.

  • Cahuachi Pyramid: Take a guided tour to this ancient pyramid and learn about the Nazca civilization
  • Museo Arqueologico Antonini: Visit the Museo Arqueologico Antonini. It consists of 6 galleries that display some artifacts and excavations of the Nazca civilization.

After your sightseeing tour in Nazca, take a bus to Huacachina, which is approx. 2.5 hours away. Huacachina is a small village built around an oasis. Although it's a small town, there are several restaurants and resorts here. You can take a sandboarding tour in the dunes and watch the incredible sunsets here. Stay overnight in Huacachina.

Day 13: Paracas

Overnight stay: Hotel Riviera Inca Paracas

The next day, you'll take a bus to Paracas. The city is known for its beaches. Visit the Paracas National Reserve. The reserve is home to several birds, such as Humboldt penguins and home to many sea lions. You can explore the reserve by minibus or bicycle. As always, we recommend a guided tour of the reserve. Spend the rest of your day walking on the beaches.

Day 14: Departure

After spending 2 days in Nazca, Huacachina and Paracas, you will travel back to Lima. You will fly from Jorge Chavez International Airport to return home or to your next adventure after your two-week trip.

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