The 5 most mysterious monoliths in the world

The 5 most mysterious monoliths in the world

With the appearance of the mysterious monoliths, a wave has definitely broken loose, leaving humanity in wonder and horror at the same time.

Hi, I'm Flori and today I'm going to immerse you in the mysterious world of monoliths! Never heard of them? The monoliths I'm talking about are long, shiny silver blocks with a triangular shape. Are they really a work of aliens? Or a few jokers simply allow themselves a stupid joke and want to make so of themselves reden? In any case, since a few of the quirky works have shown up by now, their existence is undeniable.

I find everything that is mysterious really exciting. Hard facts and sad truths are being thrown at us every day. Riddles and mysteries around the monoliths offer a nice change in our everyday life, don't you think?? Stay tuned to read more about the 5 most mysterious monoliths worldwide.

5. United States, Utah

I can't think of a better first place to find a monolith, you guys about? The USA is huge and has so many different lifestyles, cultures and facets. To put it in other words: Yanks are a little crazier than the rest of the world. So some workers* found the first monolith in November 2020 while counting sheep, which definitely makes it one of the most mysterious ones. But it gets even crazier: a few days later, on 27. November, the heavy metal stele, about 4 meters high, was removed again. So if any of you out there have anything to say…this is the time 😉

Utah, USA as the first place where the most mysterious monoliths were found

4. Norway

If I haven't quite picked you up yet with the monolith in Utah, USA, then you're due at the latest now! Because number 2 of the 6 most mysterious monoliths was discovered in Norway. And guess where? On 08. December 2020 the weird find appeared right in front of a lighting company! Sheep, as in the case in Utah, can hardly be witnesses to such a feat of strength, but surveillance cameras can? They should have the deed in black and white in the box! Well, on them there were no traces of who and especially how it was made. Do you have a theory? Then always here with it 😉 Unfortunately, you can make yourselves no more picture of the silver work of art, because it has disappeared again. But if you still want to go to the place of action, check out JoinMyTrip, we have cool trips in stock!

The wide view of a fjord in Norway with a small wooden hut in the foreground

3. Romania

A little earlier Romania became a target for the puzzle that has since gone viral. In the north of the country the object appeared on the top of a hill. The location makes it one of the 6 most mysterious monoliths in the world, as the structure weighing tons was not found in the valley or on a straight road, but on top of a hill. I tell you, I'm starting to believe in Hulk or Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility! But as I said, this madness distracts us from all the everyday madness that is going on in the world right now. As with the previous finds, the monolith disappears a few days later, on the 30th of November. November. Who would have thought that 😉

Romania is one of the places where the most mysterious monoliths in the world were found

2. Great Britain, Compton, Isle of Wight

You think it almost doesn't get any crazier than this? Welcome to the next location of the most mysterious monoliths in the world! Not long ago, on 06. December 2020, another monolith was discovered on the beach of Compton, on the well-known island of England. Yes, you heard right, on an ISLAND. So it's getting really creepy. How can people transport such a massive structure to an island without being seen? Riddle about riddle. Apart from what is happening on site, the island is beautiful and definitely worth a visit! Find like-minded travel buddies, split your travel costs and set off on the adventure of a lifetime!

The Isel of Wight in Great Britain

1. Switzerland, Granichen, Canton Aargau

On 09. December in Switzerland in the canton of Aargau appears the last of the most mysterious monoliths in the world, even if they are admittedly all mysterious. The scene here is the castle of Aargau, where you would think that quite a few hikers pass by here to have a look at the beautiful building. You're thinking now, someone MUST have noticed this… Yeah, ask me about it! And as quickly as the mirror-smooth, silver work of art appeared, so quickly it disappeared again a few days later – and without a single trace.

Switzerland as one of the places where the most mysterious monoliths were discovered

To this day, there are numerous theories about the monoliths. Some say a famous artist is behind it and wants all mankind to talk about him/her. Others think the artwork is meant to give clues to a movie that will soon be released in theaters. And quite others rumor that maybe aliens are involved after all.. Who knows, nothing will surprise me after this year 😉

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