The most beautiful sunsets worldwide – 5 travel bloggers and their favorites

At the end of September I showed you my most beautiful sunsets while traveling and told you the memories associated with them. For me, I especially remember the magical sunset at the Grand Canyon and on the Maldives during our honeymoon.

Because I was quite sure that many other travelers rave about sunsets similar to me and can tell about their experiences, I called on other bloggers to show their most beautiful sunsets. So under this theme ran from the end of September to the end of November 2019 my first blogparade on Reisefunken. I show you the result today.

5 travel bloggers have participated and reported in great and very different posts with great pictures about their most beautiful sunsets. Today I present you all blogposts in a short version. Of course you will find the link to each post and can read and watch the wonderful pictures and posts in their entirety.

Sunset over the Grand Canyon

Packed & Go | The most beautiful spots for sunrises and sunsets in Central America

About Packed & Go:
On the travel blog "Gepackt & Los" Janine and Stefan write their own world travel diary. Since February 2019, the two are traveling the world. On the blog you will find many great travel destinations as well as helpful tips for planning and decision making for a trip around the world.

For the blogparade Janine and Stefan shared their best spots for sunrises and sunsets in Central America. In total there were 8 spots – 6 in Guatemala, one in Mexico and one in Belize. My favorite picture is the sunset at El Mirador in Guatemala, which was taken during a jungle tour. Simply dreamlike!

What's especially nice about their post is that, just like me, they couldn't limit themselves to just sunsets and show off their best sunrises at the same time. I am also an absolute fan of both phenomena.

Reisewolv | Our most beautiful sunsets in the USA

Via "Reisewolv":
The blog "Reisewolv" is filled with life by Thorsten and his wife Steffi. The two have a clear division, Steffi plans and organizes the most beautiful trips and on the road Thorsten takes care of a proper photographic documentation of the best moments. At home, the memories are then recorded on "Reisewolv", so that others can also benefit from the tips of the two.

In his blogpost for the blogparade "Our most beautiful sunsets in the USA" Thorsten shows 4 places in the USA where he experienced beautiful sunsets: New York City, Grand Canyon, Seattle and Horseshoe Bend. Together with great pictures he tells his story about the sunsets. Very pictorially Thorsten reports from a cold evening at the Grand Canyon and little perfect conditions for photos in New York on the ferry. Nevertheless, he gladly took on all the hardships to capture and experience the wonderful sunset moments.

My favorite and also a desired destination of mine: The sunset at Horseshoe Bend. The picture is an absolute postcard motif!

Maldives - Sunset - Beach - Honeymoon

The Road Most Travelled | When the sun goes down – my most beautiful sunsets

Via "The Road Most Travelled."
In her blog "The Road Most Travelled" Michelle writes about her semester abroad in Singapore, good food and traveling. The blog name was inspired by a song, so Michelle was able to perfectly combine her passion for music and travel even in the name of her blog.

With her post "When the sun goes down – my most beautiful sunsets" Michelle has compiled a small photo gallery with her 5 favorite sunsets. As one of two participants of the blogparade, she also included sunsets in Germany. In the article you will find 4 sunsets, which were taken at different places in Germany and a very special one from Singapore.

In her article, she shows how beautiful sunsets at home in Germany can also be and that you don't always have to travel endlessly for such a great experience. A special treat is a bright pink sunset Michelle experienced in Singapore. If that is not extraordinary!

We Are Happy Here | My most beautiful sunsets

About We Are Happy Here:
On the blog "We Are Happy Here" Johanna, mother of 3 children, writes about traveling with children – also traveling alone with children. In particular, "We Are Happy Here" is about individual travel with children and Johanna gives many excursion tips to destinations around and in Vienna and in Austria. But the blog is certainly also exciting for many non-parents, because according to Johanna, traveling hasn't changed that much for her, even with a child.

Under the title "My most beautiful sunsets" Johanna from We Are Happy Here participated in my blogparade. She shows the most beautiful sunsets and has locations all over the globe with her. As a special feature, Johanna rummaged through the photo album of her first long-distance trip and found photos of the sunset over Koh Phi Phi in Thailand. And also a photo of a sunset high above the clouds can be found in the wonderful post.

She was able to experience some fantastic sunsets in the USA and was quite taken by the evening atmosphere at Rockefeller Center in New York, Monument Valley in Arizona and in San Diego County & Orange County in California. But also in Europe there are especially great sunsets for Johanna. So z. B. On Santorini, in the Teno Mountains on Tenerife, in Duino in Italy, and also in their home in southern Burgenland in Austria.

Sunset over a hill in Los Angeles - in front of it several palm trees

Escape From Reality | Sunsets around the world: from pastel skies to color explosions

About "Escape From Reality":
Behind the name "Escape From Reality" is Marion, who gives tips on her blog for long-distance travel, but also short breaks in the vicinity. She is convinced that everyday life should not get the upper hand and that it is therefore important to get out more often and to experience the world intensively.

As the fifth participant of the blogparade Marion has not let herself be lumpen and once flipped through her photo album. The result is no less than 23 places where she has experienced wonderful sunsets. In her post "Sunsets around the world: from pastel skies to color explosions" she takes her readers on a journey across the globe. Included are very special and extraordinary destinations, like z. B. a sunset over the Himalayas in India, in the Tatacoa desert in Colombia or in the Serengeti in Tanzania. But Marion has also experienced magical sunsets in Europe and Asia and describes her most amazing hotspots. This little trip around the world is really a great contribution to the blogparade.