Hair like from the hairdresser: 7 professional tips for at home

After a visit to the hairdresser, your hair will be absolutely perfect. Thin hair looks more voluminous, curls are defined, naturally wavy hair falls as it should. Sooner or later, however, you find yourself standing in front of the bathroom mirror with a brush and a hairdryer, trying to style your hair the same way as the hairdresser did before. We reveal seven practical tips on how to care for and style your hair like a pro, even at home.

1. Straight hair despite frizzy curls – but how??

Women with curly or wavy hair like to use a hairdryer and straightener when they want a new look. The most important utensil: heat protection. The Leavin-In product – such as the BB Beauty Balm by Marlies Moller – is gently worked into towel-dried hair after washing. In this way, the hair is protected from the extreme heat and thus from drying out, which also prevents split ends. Then comb your hair through with a coarse-tooth comb and blow-dry it dry.

Kathrin Zenk-Koch, La Biosthetique top stylist and salon owner of molar Berlin, reveals the next step: "After blow-drying, the straightening iron is picked up and the dry hair is straightened strand by strand. Appliances with special coatings, such as ceramic, ensure that the hair is heated evenly and gently. Finally, an anti-frizz serum or anti-frizz oil such as Moroccanoil's Frizz Control Spray with Argan Oil and Vitamin E can be applied to the hair."

2. This is how it works with beach waves

If you have straight hair, you'll want gentle beach waves or a wild head of curls every now and then. In order for this transformation to succeed, there are several possibilities. For example, you can conjure up soft beach waves even without a curling iron. Kathrin Zenk-Koch knows exactly how this works: "Wash the hair the night before with shampoo and conditioner and let it dry. Especially gentle, rich and also full of natural ingredients are the hair care series Wild Roots by Saint Charles and Regenarating by Oliveda.

Afterwards, braid the hair into several pigtails and secure with hair elastics. Continue blow drying on the lowest setting until the braided strands are almost dry. Loosen the braids the next morning and loosen them with your fingers only, then work in styling cream. Hairspray or lacquer also provide more hold."With the extensive styling series from Rene Furterer, nothing stands in the way of the perfect curly look.

3. Corkscrew curlers with the curling iron

A second option is the following: First spray a heat protection into the hair – such as the leave-in heat protection Defense Thermique from the new anti-hair loss series Genesis by Kerastase. And then twist in individual strands with the curling iron. Hold for about five seconds and move to the next strand. This is how you get light waves relatively quickly, especially in long hair. For a natural finish, the hair should be carefully combed through at the end and fixed with a spray or varnish.

4. The right care for shiny, healthy hair

Dull, brittle hair is not particularly attractive and is also difficult to style. Shiny hair is a sign of health and vitality, which is why every woman wants shiny hair. In addition to moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, hair oils are a great way to make your hair shine. Such products can be applied to both wet and dry hair, before or after washing. The effect, however, is different. If it is applied after shampooing, the hair is intensively nourished and easier to comb through. In dry hair, it provides a healthy shine as a finish. But also as a quick care in between hair oils are perfectly suited. Since some of them are rich in vitamin E, they act as a natural sunscreen and protect against fading. A real lifesaver for the hair is the Hangover Hair Elixir from We Are Paradoxx, which can be used in both wet and dry hair – in wet hair it acts as an oil, in dry hair as a serum.

5. More volume for fine hair

Women with very fine hair in particular dream of a full, voluminous head of hair. In most cases, this dream comes true for a short time at the hairdresser's, as he uses a blow dryer, round brush and salon products to conjure up a good portion of volume even in the very finest hair. So that one does not have to put this dream in the domestic bathroom ad acta, special volume products should be used like something JoiFull Volumizing series of Joico.

In addition, make-up & hair stylist Sacha Schutte gives valuable tips: "After washing, blow-dry the hair criss-cross over the head and only when it is almost dry, take the round brush to the aid: Point the hairdryer at the roots, pull upwards with the brush and blow from the bottom upwards into the roots."It is important never to blow-dry against the ends of the hair, as this roughens the hair structure and deprives the hair of valuable shine. In addition, you should make sure that the hair is really dry – otherwise the freshly styled hair will collapse again immediately after blow-drying.

In addition to the right blow-drying technique, however, the right cut is also important. Andreas Wild, Senior Stylist at John Frieda, takes special care here to ensure that fine hair is not pierced. Because step cuts take away volume from the hair instead of giving them bounce and power.

6. Proper care for colored hair

Care is especially important for chemically treated hair. Because coloring can make the hair surface porous and therefore more susceptible to external influences. The result is usually hair damage such as split ends and hair breakage. Therefore, it is advisable to use products that restore the protective layer of the hair and at the same time give shine and smoothness, so that the color can shine. If you value natural ingredients, you should try the hair care products of the Californian label Innersense Organic Beauty.

The most suitable is a system care. This means that shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment, which should be applied once a week, should be from the same care range and be tailored to your own hair type and individual needs. For blonde hair, for example, the Healing Blond series by L'Anza is suitable.

7. How to tame "flyaway" hair

Flyaway hair is statically charged and usually occurs in dry and damaged hair. Therefore, shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for this type of hair should be used. In winter, for example, the winter repair series "Happy me day" by Guhl is recommended. "Regular cures are also important, which give the hair additional moisture and protect it from drying out," explains Andreas Wild. In addition, the hair should be cold blow-dried.

To comb your hair, brushes with natural bristles or an anti-static brush are recommended, as regular plastic brushes will only exacerbate the problem. Kathrin Zenk-Koch also has a very special tip: "Rub a blob of hand cream into your palms and gently stroke your hair to smooth it out."