The brightly colored Levi’s Wonderland

25hours hotel frankfurt

Finally dressed appropriately. And without any consultation! I'm wearing a Levi's 501 and standing in the 501 hotel room. Not in just any hotel, but in the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi's.

T he hotel name says it all. The concept runs through the house like a common thread. Sometimes this thread takes the most surprising forms. For example, that of an ironing board with an iron, which is not in the room, but in front of it. While the ironing equipment is set up in the hallway, the Levi's jeans hang on the wall instead of in the closet. It's always good to have a spare pair of pants in the room, the 25hours Hotel thinks, and hangs a casual Friday bag next to it. "The Freitag Bag on this hook is yours for the duration of your stay", it says there. "Take it out. Park it here. Enjoy your stay!"Cooperations are a pleasure to enter into here. For example also with MINI. Hotel guests can borrow the MINI fleet free of charge, as well as skateboards. Guests can also use Schindelhauer bikes, although you have to pay to rent them.

Unusual: the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt Colorful: the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt Different: the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt Beautiful: the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt Creative: the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt Open-minded: the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt

The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi's

The reason why the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt has Levi's as its theme is that both companies are housed in the same building. The "by Levi's" concept came about as a sign of friendship between the two. But now there is movement in the concept. Levi's has moved out with its German headquarters, and the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt is also moving into the space thus freed up. But it will still be a few months before that happens. It is not yet clear what theme the 25hours Hotel in Frankfurt will be based on. One thing is certain: Levi's has done a lot of things right. It will be hard to top this.

The interior design of the 76 hotel rooms in sizes S, M, L and XL does not follow a rigid grid as in so many other hotels. The arrangement of furniture, wallpaper, carpets and accessories is creative, pleasantly playful, always surprising, but at the same time stylish and balanced. Sometimes you come across a bunk bed, sometimes 70s chic, then again the "25h sleep monster", huge Levi's trouser buttons as lamps or cowboy boots that also serve as lamps. The idea of replacing the handle of the minibar with a Levi's belt buckle is also great. The only constant in the rooms is the high-speed WLAN. Okay – and on closer inspection the red natural stone sink and the Levi's jeans on the wall.

Everything is well thought out and coordinated. The different shades of blue on the walls are also no coincidence, but refer to trendy jeans washes. The creative minds behind the design of the former office building are Karl Dudler, Michael Dreher and Delphine Buhro.

25hours hotel frankfurt

A hotel like a brightly colored Levi's wonderland

Our 501 room is located on the 70s floor. Each floor has its own decade as a theme, from 1930 to 1980. At the very top is the large roof terrace, where parties can be held in summer. Up to 150 people can be seated here. Those who like it a little cozier can retreat to the Andy Warhol Room in the basement. The room has a drum kit and other fine instruments in stock. Here, local bands and hotel guests can host a private gig or simply rehearse.

Thick metal pipes run along the walls, chandeliers dangle from the ceiling, and comfortable upholstered furniture stands around. The Andy Warhol Room breathes a charming, brightly colored underground style. A mixture of rehearsal room, party location and think tank for creative minds. I'm waiting for a white rabbit with a watch to hobble by and call out to me: "I'll be late, I'll be much too late"!" In fact, the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt has so much to offer that you really would need 25 hours.

Feasting at Chez IMA

A highlight of the hotel is definitely the restaurant Chez IMA. It is located just behind the reception, so the lobby and the restaurant merge seamlessly. In this way a pleasant atmosphere is created. When you come to the 25hours for the first time, you feel like you're entering a living room or a lounge. The 25hours does not feel like the classic idea of a hotel. It is relaxed and casual.

Chez IMA is not part of the 25hours group, but is a partner. After breakfast I must say: a really very good partner. The breakfast was delicious, especially the coffee convinced me – and woke me up. How popular Chez IMA is also outside of the hotel is shown in the evening. There is a comedy event, which is attended mainly by Frankfurters. Guests feast on juicy burgers or crisp salads and enjoy live table entertainment. Events like this take place regularly.

25hours hotel frankfurt

Right at Frankfurt's main train station

The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi's is located at Niddastrabe 58. This is just a few minutes away from Frankfurt's main train station. From here, not only can you see Frankfurt's skyscrapers rising into the sky, but you can also see red lights when it gets dark. The red light district is very close by. On my first visit to the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt a few years ago I noticed junkies in the area, this time I don't see a single one. The central location has many advantages. Messe, Main and Zeil are only a few minutes walk away. The airport is only 15 minutes away by direct S-Bahn connection from the main station.

As we leave the 25hours Hotel Frankfurt by Levi's and I drag my trolley behind me, I take one last look around. From the outside, you can't tell what the hotel is all about. The 25hours Hotel Frankfurt looks like an ordinary hotel from the outside. But it is not at all. It's a place of exuberant creativity and a brightly colored source of inspiration. Playful and at the same time stylishly designed down to the last detail. A statement against boredom and uniformity. And more a living room of friends than a hotel.