Account with credit card for Work and Travel

Account with credit card for Work and Travel

Before you start your adventure in faraway countries, it is important that you open an account with credit card for Work and Travel. On the one hand a German account is useful, so that you can show your financial means when entering the country. Secondly, a credit card is important for Work and Travel so you can easily pay, use it as a guarantee and withdraw money.

Open an account with a credit card for work and travel before you travel

To be as flexible as possible on your work and travel trip, a credit card is essential. After all, it is the be-all and end-all when traveling. With a credit card, you can pay on the road, book tickets and accommodations on the Internet, or use apps to ride e-scooters around town, for example.

Often you need the credit card as a guarantee, for example when booking accommodation, renting bicycles or if you have to be treated in a hospital in the USA. Of course, you also need the credit card to be able to withdraw money worldwide.

So it doesn't matter in which country you want to do Work and Travel, a credit card is really important.

Credit card for Work and Travel

Why is a bank account in Germany important for Work and Travel??

When entering the destination country on a working holiday visa, you may need to have sufficient financial resources. This money you usually do not have in cash, but on an account at home. You can then either show online how much money you have in your account or by means of a current bank statement.

During your trip you can withdraw cash from your German account at ATMs (automated teller machines). Or you can pay with your credit card in supermarkets, hostels, airlines and tour operators.

Withdraw money for free at all ATMs worldwide

Only later, when you have opened an account in the work and travel country and are working, the account in Germany is not so important anymore. The credit card, however, does, because you can still use it to pay online etc.

What to look for when opening an account for work and travel?

When choosing an account for work and travel, the most important thing is that you can withdraw money all over the world without having to pay high fees. free of charge. There are several banks that offer a free current account (without account maintenance fees) with free credit card and EC card.

There is usually no fee for withdrawing money abroad. Instead, a small percentage of the amount withdrawn is charged if it is foreign currency.

Withdraw cash abroad

Such an account is offered for example by DKB. With this account you can withdraw money worldwide with your credit card, including in Germany and Europe. You can find out more about the account here.

Another free checking account is offered by comdirect. Here you can withdraw money for free in Germany and Europe with your EC card and in the rest of the world with your credit card. At comdirekt you also have the option of a prepaid credit card. The advantage is that practically everyone can get them. In addition, you have full control, because you can only spend what is on the card in credit. Learn more about the account here.

Free account with credit card for students

DKB also offers a free account with credit card especially for students. Here you have the advantage that you also get an international student card. With it you can enjoy many discounts worldwide. Learn more about the student account here.