The children and the TV program – oh dear!

What can your children watch on TV? Are there defaults or may it be switched according to desire and mood?
If you look at the TV program nowadays, I hope that this is not the case. I am not a strict mother and my children are allowed a lot of things, but the TV shows of this time (also those for children) are really no enrichment.

Have fun, watch TV and still learn something?

No, not everything was better in former times. Even back then there was "junk" on TV, but I have the feeling that there is more of it today and you have to be careful what the little ones see. There is also less valuable content, Spongebob may be fun and funny but this is really not valuable content … Disney films are nice, for example, they are also fun and children love them, in addition to learning about courage, friendship, love and helpfulness. There should be more of this.

Children and television

Evergreen cartoons

Cartoons that were popular in the past and are so today, are not for nothing. It also appeals to the children, only if they are allowed to see everything they want and nothing is on, then they will watch all the other nonsense that is on..

Formerly popular and now back since September, is also the little Calimero and his friends. Who still knows the black chick with the eggshell on the head??

As a child I loved to see Calimero, we also collected small figurines of the chick. He and his friends tell several short stories about friendship, courage, justice and helpfulness. The well known difference between good and bad. No chatter, no nonsensical content, but interesting adventures that are fun to watch and have a message.

Calimero DVD available

Calimero DVD's 1 & 2 are available since September, more episodes will be released in the next months. The series are suitable for children between 4-8 years, but also older ones like to watch Calimero and his adventures very much. The animation is suitable for children, the colors fresh and lively, the story interesting and educational.

Example & Content

Calimero DVD Content

Guidelines, TV for kids

As for everything here in Germany, there are also guidelines – how long should the children watch TV?? . The guidelines say that under the age of three, the children do not lose anything from the TV. From 5 years up to 30 min per day, 6-9 years up to 60 min and older not longer than 90 minutes.

If and what you think about it is up to you, I think parents have to decide for themselves what and how long their children are allowed to see. Nevertheless, these guidelines are a good orientation, you really should not exaggerate. I think that children should not watch TV for more than one hour a day. Exception is for me a children's movie, which there is for example once a week, or cinema – sure.

Why and why, reasons there are many, that I would like to explain now and fill me not competently enough. But it is definitely better to read and spend time outdoors and experience adventures all their own.