Reisen Ruhrgebiet: Real Ruhr highlights from travel bloggers

The Ruhr area in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany is, contrary to most opinions, not so gray and dreary. The region in North Rhine-Westphalia consists of many highlights in the Ruhr area. I asked a few travel bloggers what their Ruhr highlights are.

The result is a colorful mix of Ruhr-area coffee lovers and admirers. The fact is: the Ruhr area is something for everyone. Convince yourself!

Travel Ruhr Area – Highlights from real experts

A trip to the Ruhr area for a few days is always a good idea. This warm region in the west of Germany has much to offer. Large cities such as Essen, Oberhausen, Bochum or even Duisburg. Also the river after which the region is named, the Ruhr, is always present here. Many beautiful hotels and lots of local recreation attract visitors.

Ruhr Area Highlight: A lot of love

Travel Ruhr FC Schalke

Ruhr area. My home. Most beautiful spot on earth. Absolute highlight and not understood by outsiders: Gelsenkirchen. You only know this from "Mitten im Leben" (In the middle of life)? It is a city full of honesty, warmth of heart and crazy people of all nationalities. Why I love this city? Because I was born there. There is my cobbler, the booth on the corner that is open all night and the young man who is always smiling and always serious. Do you find this also in Munich?

You have never been to Schalke? Visit the Veltins Arena for soccer and whether you're a fan or not, the atmosphere will blow your mind and grab your heart. No matter who you are, what you wear, what you look like and where you come from. You will belong and be respected. Gelsenkirchen is an affair of the heart, just like Schalke. My personal love in the Ruhr area.

Laura reports on her travel blog e about traveling, karma and self-determined living. On 04.07. she starts her trip around the world: With karma instead of money once around the world.

Ruhr Area Highlight: Ruhr Area is local recreation

Travel Ruhr Area Phoenix Lake Dortmund

My highlight in the Ruhr area is a place that looked completely different years ago. An aging steel colossus stood on the spot where ducks can now be watched by strollers. The Phonixsee has taken the place of the steelworks Phonix-Ost in the Dortmund district of Horde. The man-made lake is both a recreation area for the city dwellers, as well as a popular destination with history.

Around the lake new exclusive housing estates have been built and with restaurants and ice cream parlors a walk from the B1 to the lake is highly recommended. If the weather is right, you have a wonderful view of the Florian, the Westfalenstadion (Signal-Iduna-Park) and the city. The lake has become one of the outstanding landmarks of the city of Dortmund and is therefore my highlight of the Ruhr area – closely followed by a good currywurst with fries.

is a young food and travel blog from near Dortmund, Germany.

Ruhr Area Highlight: The Cranger Kirmes

Travel Ruhr Area Cranger Kirmes Herne

I always have to wait a year for my highlight in the Ruhr area. The Cranger Kirmes is not only the biggest fair in the Pott, but also in NRW, and as someone from Hern I am especially proud that it has been taking place for 581 years now. The jugglers and the merchants have disappeared in the course of time, but with its colorful rides and the turbulent hustle and bustle, the Cranger Kirmes is an absolute must-see.

Every summer I look forward to the event anew and can hardly wait to ride the traditional wild water ride, to be surprised by new sights or to meet some people at the Steinmeister again. Even though the Cranger Kirmes attracts millions of visitors to tranquil Herne every year, it's still very much a family event. For me it means summer, fun, variety and a great time. It is a piece of home for me, and I'm sure it is for many other Ruhrpott children as well.

Ruhr area highlight: The incredible variety

Tiger and Turtle Travel Ruhr Area Duisburg Night

"Born and raised in idyllic-historical Regensburg, today living in tranquil-green Thuringia, it may surprise some of you that the Ruhr area was on number one of my planned travel destinations last year. But honestly? I just love rust – old industrial plants and abandoned buildings are great photo motifs for me.

In Essen, Dortmund and Duisburg I was not only enthusiastic about slagheaps, mines and museums, but also about the very individual Ruhrpott way of dealing with one's own, admittedly not always rosy (rather very often gray) history and preserving its signs.

I could write about many highlights, but the one that sticks in my mind the most is the huge walk-through sculpture Tiger and Turtle. Not only that this work of art (especially at sunset!) just looks totally crazy – it also picks up the history of Duisburg and the Ruhr area in its form as well as the use of the materials. Other regions should imitate such wacky testimonies of time!

On you will find my stories and thoughts from the road. I would like to tell you what places have moved in me, and inspire you to look with open eyes into the world.

Ruhr highlight: Ruhrpott is culture

Travel Ruhr Castle Herten

The rumor that the Ruhr area is gray and dirty is now slowly outdated. And no, the highlights here are not just cultural monuments and spoil heaps reminiscent of the mining era. Have you ever heard of "Herten", the small town in the middle of the former mining metropolis? To be honest, my hometown itself doesn't blow anyone away – but I wouldn't be so sure about the castle.

Surrounded by a moat with cheeky swans that I was in awe of as a child, a spacious park and the adjoining castle forest, it's like a little oasis. Especially from spring, when daffodils begin to bloom, you realize how colorful and relaxing Ruhr area can also be. How about a picnic on one of the meadows in summer with a view of the small moated castle?

I'm Anna Greta and I write on traveling with the autoimmune disease celiac disease. Born in the Ruhr area, I am always drawn out into the world. But so far I have always returned to my homeland. Once a Ruhrpottkind – always a Ruhrpottkind!

Ruhr highlight: home and retreat

Travel Ruhr Highlights Mulheim

The Ruhr Area – I was born here and have lived here all my life. There were short guest appearances in Duisburg and Oberhausen, but the majority in Mulheim Ruhr.

I travel a lot around the world and everywhere on our beautiful planet you can find fascinating corners, great cities and fabulous landscapes. But at the end of every trip I look forward to our Ruhrpott.

It is a coming home. Back to this beloved Pott where city borders blur as well as borders between the many cultures that live here. Coming home to a region that provides me with so much diversity in culture and things worth seeing. This mixture of people, mostly open and cordial but always straightforward, the Budchen anner Ecke and the theater across the street, surrounded by old industrial plants.

In addition, the Ruhrpott offers me as an amateur photographer a never-ending abundance of wonderful motifs – what more could my heart desire??

On my blog I write together with my wife Melanie about our travels and give a lot of tips for better vacation pictures.

Ruhr highlight: Ruhrpott and the soccer

Travel Ruhr Kiosk

Deep in the West – Herbert Gronemeyer…knows & loves almost everyone…he described it very well in his song… Half-timbered houses, mountains, sea and beach that anyone can find beautiful but have you ever stood on a slag heap and watched the steaming blast furnaces in the sunset with a beer & currywurst? Ever been stuck in a traffic jam on the Ruhrschnellweg of the A40 from Dortmund to Essen?

I am some time ago in Gelsenkirchen – exactly there comes the blue-white club Schalke 04 – here, with which I was also long active in sports here, born – in the middle of the pot.Important to me -also on my travels-, the people and the way of life in the Ruhr area is special we greet each other heartily but do not mean it badly, we are direct and you always get into conversation with us -whether you like it or not.

In summary – we have plenty of green leisure oases, a special language, industrial culture and industrial nature, various soccer clubs, beer culture & the best currywurst in the world.

TRAVELIST is a travel & lifestyle blog for all who like to travel.

Travel Ruhr area: Ruhr area is something new

Travel Ruhr Area Dortmund

Berlin, Hamburg, Paris – Dortmund: this is the housing story of the friend I visited the other day in Dortmund. So after Prenzlberg, Landungsbrucken and the Eiffel Tower, here came a city that – frankly – I would have associated in advance only with soccer and ugliness.

Dortmund had 48 hours to convince me otherwise on my first visit. We succeeded most in the Kaiserviertel: Cafe Lotte enchanted us with authenticity, friendliness and a quickly devoured crumble cake from Uroma's baking book. Dortmund: More of this please!

Find out how ugly I actually found Dortmund in the end, and why I experienced a bit of culture shock as a Berliner in this piece of Pott, on 1 THING TO DO.

these are two young Berliners on the road, always looking for the 1 THING TO DO in the places they visit – from Athens to Zandvoort.

These Ruhr highlights made you want to see more? Take a look at mine. Whether Ruhrpott German or special sights and book tips. Here you will surely find what you are looking for. One of my personal Ruhr area highlights is the. An impressive piece of industrial culture that invites you to linger and relax.