South Tyrol vacation: Insider tips from connoisseurs

The people have a sunny disposition and love to take care of their vacation guests. The exceptionally beautiful landscape provides the backdrop for varied vacations, ranging from quiet and tranquil to spectacular. And gorgeous hotels in South Tyrol round out the experience. South Tyrol is in many ways a region of contrasts and offers something new with every stay.

The northernmost province of Italy has a southern flair

Palm trees and oranges in the mountains? In South Tyrol, these things are not mutually exclusive. The warm air from the south drives the thermometer up in the summer months. The valley is a fruit-growing area, which year after year covers the slopes with a magical veil at flowering time. Bolzano is the capital of the province, where traditional life meets people with modern views. The once found otzi can be seen in the archaeological museum and the picturesque old town with its small alleys, trendy boutiques and clubs attracts vacationers interested in art and culture as well as young party people.

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In South Tyrol there is the right place for almost every age group and every demand. In Merano, for example, the clocks tick more slowly than in Bolzano. The Botanical Garden is home to plants from all over the world and Trauttmansdorff Castle overlooks the area. South Tyroleans are true language talents. They speak German, Italian and Ladin, which is also a recognized language. This is a group of Romance dialects spoken only in northern Italy. This is another indication of how rich in contrast this cosmopolitan region is.

Accommodations: Simple farms and luxury resorts in peaceful coexistence

South Tyrolean hoteliers and hosts, restaurateurs and event organizers are creative. They design design hotels and open rural vacation accommodations, they brew beer and create star menus, they organize rock concerts and play the zither. Who wants to spend the night in a luxury box spring bed finds this possibly directly in the luxury hotel in direct proximity to the Schober with affectionately arranged hay bed camps for young families.

South Tyrol convinces with a hotel industry rich in contrasts. The Boutique Hotel Eschenlohe of the Schennahotels in South Tyrol is situated in the middle of an orchard. Guests enjoy the view of the mountain peaks while resting under palm trees. A fascinating way to view the Alps. From here you can start an exciting active vacation or experience wonderfully relaxing epicurean weeks with a typical Italian gourmet guarantee from the first bite of the day. Or both. If you are looking for peace and quiet, South Tyrol in general and the Gotsch family's boutique hotel in particular are the place to be.

For holidaymakers who like it simpler and are looking for a bed in the hay in the middle of nature, this can be found, for example, at the Schotzerhof in Molten near Hafling, close to Meran. As I said, South Tyrol is a region of contrasts, where everyone can be happy in his own way.

Sudtiroil vacation: That unites all Sudtiroler

As different as the people and opportunities are in South Tyrol: E are some things that unites all those who love this beautiful land.

Celebrating together on vacation in South Tyrol

In South Tyrol there are many festivities, but in autumn a special event is coming up. Many places celebrate the chestnut days (Keschtnriggl) under colorful autumn leaves. From October to early November, for example, chestnuts are roasted and sold at farmers' markets, and there are special guided hikes and cultural events centered around the culinary delicacy. The rural landscape is characterized by centuries-old chestnut trees, some of which are up to 1000 years old. With an imposing size of up to 35 m, the woods are also particularly striking at flowering time and are also a treat for the eyes.

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Eat and drink sociably

Indulgence is at the top of the list for South Tyroleans and always has been. A typical custom of the South Tyroleans is the wine tasting, also called Torggelen. Between October and the end of November, young wine is tasted together in a convivial atmosphere. In addition, of course, there is a suitable selection of dishes such as barley soup or Schlutzkrapfen (doughnuts). For dessert, how could it be otherwise, chestnuts in various variations are served.

Sporting together

Doing sports together in nature is everyday life for South Tyroleans. And also vacationers come here because of the various leisure possibilities. South Tyrol has a wide network of cycle paths, with special routes for conventional bikes and for e-bikes or mountain bikes. The Bikemobil Card is aimed at cyclists. It allows bicycles to be taken on public transport such as buses and trains. Those who do not bring their own bike on vacation can choose a suitable two-wheeler at one of the numerous rental stations. Many train stations have rental bicycles available, making the switch from car to bike a practical one.

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South Tyrol vacation? Not without a round of hiking

Hiking and climbing in South Tyrol is of course an ideal way to explore the area. networks of hiking trails, well signposted and leading past scenic Marche, invite you to take a relaxing stroll or a challenging long-distance walk. Mountaineering and via ferrata are prepared for friends of mountain sports in all degrees of difficulty. And if you want to experience something special, book a tour with Hans Kammerlander, a passionate mountaineer and extreme climber who has climbed 12 of the 14 eight-thousanders (seven of them with Reinhold Messner).

He has also skied down Mount Everest and still sets out on new expeditions such as a challenging first ascent in the Himalayas. And here again you can see the contrasts that South Tyrol has to offer. Hans Kammerlander guides ordinary hikers through his homeland for a few days a year and shows you his personal highlights. On every summit Hans does a headstand, true to his ritual, and shows how much joie de vivre hiking gives.

suedtirol vacation winter

South Tyrol in winter

Winter sports are on the agenda. Whether cross-country skiing, tobogganing or classic skiing: When the sun shines on the deep blue sky and gives imperial weather, many South Tyroleans and vacation guests are on the slopes and enjoy the descents over sunny slopes or through loose powder snow. Supra-regional ski passes like the Dolomiti Superski give access to twelve ski areas in the Dolomites with more than 1200 kilometers of slopes. Those who prefer a more contemplative experience can book a leisurely snowshoe hike or spend time in a thermal spa at pleasant temperatures with a view of the snow-covered peaks.

Give each other a present

If you are on vacation in South Tyrol, you surely want to bring something for your loved ones at home. Gifts for those at home from South Tyrol can be pieces of traditional craftsmanship. Embroidered personal items are typical of South Tyrol. Thus z. B. Wallets or key chains decorated with intricate quill embroidery. But also belts or suspenders, handbags or photo albums belong to it.