The best tips for a perfect weekend in Palma

[Unpaid advertising] Bienvenidos! Welcome to VIVA MALLORCA!, my dear friends. How about a little time off in Mallorca without having to take extra vacation for it? If you are smart, just read on now. And take off afterwards..

To a spontaneous weekend trip to Palma, as I like to do it every now and then in between. And it goes like this:

Late Friday afternoon at Hamburg Airport, Gate C08. Boarding call for flight EW7583 to Palma de Mallorca. Outside rain cloudy sky with 14 degrees top temperature and fresh north wind, no sign of sunshine!
– Change of scene –
Two and a half flying hours later. Cab stand at Son Sant Juan Airport: Lightning blue sky with sunny 28 degrees and pleasant breeze from the southeast. This is how a perfect weekend in Palma starts for me – and soon maybe for you, too.

48 hours to fall in love with Palma

For me, the best way to get into relaxation mode in no time after arrival is a trip to the waterfront. For this reason, the first place I always go is the Paseo MarItimo, the city's waterfront promenade. Lined with palm trees and flowering oleander, the boulevard is a popular strolling and jogging mile during the day for tourists and locals alike. In the evening, the Paseo is the perfect place to end the day with a sundowner and some delicious tapas in one of the romantic waterfront restaurants. Dream setting included. If that's not vacation feeling at its finest, I don't know what is!

"CANBLANC" is the name of my favorite restaurant right on the harbor, with mega views of La Seu Cathedral. Super-stylish in white and turquoise, the location is tops for those looking for the perfect spot for a drink, a romantic sunset dinner or both!
more info on the homepage of CANBLANC

From the Paseo Maritimo, real night owls move on in the evening to the adjacent nightlife district of Santa Catalina or to the old town. All others can alternatively enjoy a nightcap at the hotel bar. I for my part say Buenas noches! Tomorrow is another day..

This is what my perfect Saturday in Palma looks like

Good Morning! Sleep in? Very good! Then let's start the day relaxed and do it like the locals, who like to go to the market on Saturday morning. And since a stroll through Palma's center is on the agenda today anyway, we take the opportunity to visit the most famous market hall of the city, the Mercat de l'Olivar, at the same time!

Right in the heart of the historic old town, just a few minutes walk from Placa d'Espanya, is this pilgrimage site for die-hard market goers like me. Here, visitors can expect to find a wide variety of suppliers on a total of two floors. Whereas the range of goods is as huge as the market hall itself: In addition to food stalls of any kind, there is also an extra hall just for fish and seafood. And on the second floor, a large supermarket and a very special restaurant where you can have your just purchased treats freshly prepared on the spot by professionals. In addition, countless stalls with things of daily use: From handmade basketry to cookware to baskets for the beloved four-legged friend, everything is there.

But the best thing about the Mercat de l'Olivar is clearly its unique market atmosphere. From the noise level and the bustling market, it kind of reminds me of an oriental bazaar. Only with the small difference that here is not haggling. And please do not start with that. Trying to bargain down the prices on Mallorca's markets is an absolute no-go. Even if some tourists, as you hear, actually like to try this ;-))

Good and cheap food at stand number 129

Such a morning market stroll can be quite appetizing. How good that there is a gastro stand waiting on almost every corner on site. Whether it's oysters and champagne, fine sushi, pasta and pizza, or, more classically, traditional tapas variations, there's something for everyone here. Promised!

MY INSIDER TIP: The "Bar Petit" with booth number 129 is my place to go in the Mercat de l'Olivar for the little hunger in between. For 37 years, honest Spanish cuisine has been served at the counter of this quaint little bar. At fair prices, the owners Jesus and Enzo serve their delicious homemade tapas and bocadillos, typical Mallorcan sandwiches. A freshly tapped Cana or a glass of Vermut and the day is yours!

My top tips for your Palma weekend

Welcome back! Sorry, the continuation took a little longer than planned. Something came up for me – a spontaneously booked Spanish language course in Palma. But that's another story ;-))

After visiting the Mercat de l'Olivar, a subsequent stroll through the picturesque alleys of the old town is definitely not to be missed. Small tip: Let yourself drift for a change, and see where the path takes you. You'll be amazed how good it feels to be your own "tour guide. There is no better way to discover Palma for yourself.

For all shopping fans among you, I recommend a visit to the shopping street Avenida Jaime III. Palma's famous shopping mile is home to numerous boutiques as well as the department store El Corte Ingles. Especially on hot summer days, this offers the advantage of shopping in pleasantly air-conditioned rooms without breaking into a sweat.

MY SHOPPING TIP: The most famous lifestyle store in Palma's center is called RIALTO LIVING. Well hidden in a historic Palacio in the old town alley Carrer de Sant Feliu, 3. Since 2007, the first address for everything that embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle: from high-quality interior design, decorative and gift items of all kinds to fashion and its own light-flooded cafe in the Palmengarten. A real must-visit!

Until dinner calls, there is still enough time to enjoy yourself to your heart's content: Be it a harbor tour, a visit to the museum Es Baluard, which is always worthwhile, or a relaxing time out on the city beach Can Pere Antoni! No matter what you do: Enjoy it!

Ready for Dinner? Then I'll tell you now where you can go for a delicious meal on Saturday night in Palma..


Can Eduardo: You like fish and seafood? Then you are exactly right here. Located directly at the harbor above the fish auction hall, this traditional restaurant serves everything that sea cuisine has to offer. Reservation strongly recommended!

Badal Burger: Yes, you guessed right: Here, located directly at the Mercat de l'Olivar, you can get burgers – and the best ones in town, if you ask me. And because that's the case, be sure to reserve a table in advance!

Ca'n Toni: If you are in the mood for typical island cuisine in an informal atmosphere, you should definitely stop by at Toni's? The family cafe with down-to-earth cuisine is located just a few steps from the Es Baluard museum in a quiet contemplative corner of the city. My insider tip for good food at fair prices!

Saturday is slowly coming to an end… or it's really just starting now. Depending on how you like it. You can always find out what's going on in Palma on the events pages of Mallorca Magazine. Get it at the airport before you leave for your flight. There it is usually always available ;-))

Manno, how fast time flies when you have a good time. It is really already Sunday. But we still have a few hours before departure. Enough time to breathe the harbor air one last time and have a delicious brunch. Where? I tell you now still quite fast to the end..

INSIDER TIP: The cute "Bar de la Marina" is a real insider tip and my favorite place for a Sunday brunch with a view. You will not find this location in any travel guide. It is well hidden at the western end of the Paseo Maritimo on the grounds of the marina CLUB de MAR (Calle Muelle) and is known only among skippers. Here you can have a good and cheap breakfast in a relaxed harbor atmosphere. For me always the crowning conclusion of a perfect Palma weekend!

So, my dear VIVA MALLORCA! Friends. Now it is up to you: Off you go on the plane to Palma de Mallorca. For a perfect weekend trip. You know now how it works ;-))