Venice starts just behind Hamburg..

In spring I was traveling in Italy… my way led also to Venice. But there I didn't really feel like joining the queue of tourists who gondola through Venice, in the truest sense of the word. This experience I rather made up for this summer in my northern German homeland. Heard correctly… I have been in northern Germany by Venetian gondola on the road. Where, how and why… I'll tell you now.

Gondolas Stade

Riding the gondola… Venice starts just behind the Elbe…

Venetian feeling in the old country

We park our car in a small side street and walk over to the museum island in Stade. At a small pier, our gondolier Carlo, with his real Venetian gondola, is already waiting for us. He waves to us briefly. But we recognized him immediately, because he is of course, like a real Venetian gondolier, with striped shirt and hat, dressed.

It is a beautiful summer day, the sun is already a little lower and dips the swing in a very romantic light… suitable for such a gondola ride, I still think so with me.

We take a seat in the gondola and Carlo stands behind us, to take us a little through Stade. For this he stands on the tail of the gondola, for the steering he uses the Remo. This is the name of the rudder of a Venetian gondola.

Stade gondola ride

Stade gondola ride – mirror and color play on the swing arm

Slowtravel through Stade

Our Stade gondola ride begins. We cast off and glide slowly over the river. Dreamy the gondola reflects itself, in the play of colors with the green of the trees, in the smooth water. First we drive past houses and small gardens, pass a bridge and then we go slowly out of the city, in the direction of Schwingewiesen. It is wonderfully relaxing. We enjoy the view and the nature. Here a tree, there a few cows, ducks that accompany us a bit..

After a while Carlo turns the gondola almost silently and takes us "Slowtravel" back to the city. Because we also want to catch a few impressions, from the water, from the moat. Because from the water a city looks nevertheless immediately completely differently. Since we have planned our gondola trip as a family excursion, SPANESSi expects a real highlight at this point. For he is allowed to climb on the back of the Remo with Carlo and also try his hand at steering the Remo… SPANESSi seems to be a natural… proud as Oscar and with patient assistance from Carlo, we continue to sail through the moat.

Our wonderful gondola ride through Stade ends after about 90 minutes. The time has flown by. We get off the gondola at the Museum Island and take a souvenir photo with Carlo. After such a great experience, with a real original, this must be simply.