Sights in Colombia

To be quite honest, in a couple of weeks round trip in Colombia it is impossible to see all the sights in Colombia, enjoy the local life and discover even more unknown places. However, it is quite possible to get a relatively good overview and visit the main places that make Colombia so famous.

There is so much to discover that a whole year would not be enough. But we will try to introduce you to the best places and sights in Colombia, so you don't miss anything during your stay. For an even more authentic trip we have also included places that are off the beaten track. Let's go !

Visiting cities

When you travel to Colombia, you must of course visit the main cities, such as Bogota, Cartagena de Indias and Medellin.

Most likely, the very first thing you will discover is the capital of Colombia, Bogota, and its rich and diverse culture. In any case, the Museum of Gold, the Candelaria district and the sculptures of Botero are to be visited.

Cartagena is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its fortress and the typical buildings from the Spanish conquest. It also has the advantage of bordering the Caribbean Sea, a wonderful place to be! Also here there are many tourists admiring the city walls, the Getsemani quarter and the beaches.

Finally, Medellin is another important metropolis of Colombia. The former headquarters of Pablo Escobar is now quite safe and impresses with its modernity. Moreover, due to its geographical location, it is a privileged place for access to the coffee region and the Pacific Coast.

Don't miss any of these three cities that are true pillars of Colombian culture.

Sights of Colombia

Exploring the coffee region

If (like me) you can't live a day without a good coffee, you will be thrilled to try this typical Colombian drink right where it is made.

Between Medellin and Armenia, the landscape and climate are ideal for coffee plants to develop optimally. This is why this coffee is known by connoisseurs all over the world. As a visitor, we recommend you spend several days in the Cocora Valley between the different villages.

Salento, Salamina, Aguadas or Filandia are the most popular. To find pretty little buildings and haciendas from which to explore at leisure.

In addition to everything you learn about coffee, the locals will show you the other attractions of this region that they are proud of. Among them z.B. the natural park Los Nevados and its symbolic wax palms.

Sights in Colombia

Discover the pre-Columbian archaeological heritage

In addition to its recent history and the Spanish conquistadors, Colombia also has a much longer cultural heritage. Remarkable is the number of archaeological sites where paintings, sculptures and burial rooms are very well preserved.

San Agustin and Tierradentro are the most important sites of pre-Columbian culture. You are in the southwest of the country, not far from the border with Ecuador.

Ciudad Perdida, the lost city in the Caribbean jungle, is another well-known sacred site that dates back several centuries. One of the most important sights in Colombia.

Another unusual place to visit in Colombia is San Jose del Guaviare, inland. Very few tourists know this atypical destination, where you can discover many cave paintings thousands of years old. To get to the cave, you have to go around the mysterious blue mountain, which has not yet revealed its secrets.

Trip to Colombia

Climbing Volcanoes

Colombia has more than 15 volcanoes, all of which are located in the Cordillera de los Andes. Some have erupted in the last 50 years.

The most impressive is probably the Nevado del Ruiz, which rises to about 5.300 meters above sea level. As a result, it is covered with a layer of snow from which threatening fumes occasionally escape. You can even go up by car and on foot to take a closer look at these splendors. However, take a few days to get used to the altitude difference, because mountain sickness (soroche) can play a trick on you if you are not used to it.

Another volcano to climb in good weather is Purace, right next to Popayan.

In these volcanic areas of Colombia you will find a very specific flora called "Paramo". Hikes in the natural parks are absolutely worth a detour.

Conquer the jungle

If you have always dreamed of playing adventurer in the tropical jungle, with the accompanying climbing plants hanging from the trees, the sound of wild animals, the blazing heat, the refreshing waterfalls and the treasure at the end of the efforts . then you should go on the hike to the Lost City.

Five days hiking with a local guide in the forest of Santa Marta's Sierra Nevada National Park. The road is long and difficult, but it holds a jewel: the Ciudad Perdida, a former sacred site of the Tayrona people. The Indiana Jones in you will be filled with this unforgettable hike!

Sights in Colombia

To venture into the Amazon rainforest

Keeping with the theme of Colombia's lush vegetation, we're about to move on, this time heading south for a visit to the Amazon River and its famous rainforest.

In the village of Leticia, you can take boat rides or walk to see pink dolphins, giant water lilies, or colorful parrots.

Few people have the opportunity to visit the Amazon rainforest, the famous lungs of the earth. So enjoy it while it is still relatively well preserved.

Trekking in the desert with the Wayuu people

In addition to the sea, volcanoes, perpetual snow, rainforest and sandy beaches, Colombia also has a desert. The climate diversity in this country is really incredible.

The Guajira is a very special place where few tourists dare to go. For us, a visit here is definitely one of the attractions in Colombia. And for those who have time and want to experience authentic encounters in an incredible environment, this destination is perfect.

You should definitely take a local guide of the Wayuu civilization. Opt for 4 to 5 days walking in the sand dunes, with night under the starry sky. It is an extraordinary experience where you can discover the culture of a people who have survived with their thousand-year-old traditions.

In Punta Gallinas you will feel at the end of the world, between the blue of the sky and the ocher of the sand. This does not happen so often in a lifetime, you should keep these precious moments in constant memory.

Travel authentically in the Caribbean

Of course you will visit Cartagena de India and Santa Marta. But these are not the only cities on the Caribbean coast that are worth a visit!

To get a little out of the tourist stream, we recommend small authentic villages like Necocli or Rincon del Mar. There you will be almost the only foreigner and therefore you can mingle with the population more easily. In addition, the beaches here are very beautiful and the water is wonderfully warm. In short, here you can rest in peace – and eat lots of seafood!

If you would rather have an island, Isla Mucura could become your little paradise. This island is located in the natural park of Rosaire and San Bernardo islands and offers a "postcard feeling".

Feel like you are in Africa in Colombia

Contrary to all expectations, there are villages in Colombia where you will feel as if you are on another continent.

San Basilio de Palenque near Cartagena is such a town. It has been classified by UNESCO as a City of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Here the former slaves exploited by the conquerors gained their freedom and settled down.

They brought their African traditions and mixed them with local customs to create their own culture and language over time.

This village is different from any other in Colombia, except maybe Lorica. Lorica is also located in the suburbs of Cartagena, but has Mediterranean accents. This historic Colombian village has flourished thanks to its river and the emerging trade.

At the beginning of the 20th century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, many Lebanese and Syrian migrants settled here. Since there are oriental restaurants and buildings from colonial Spanish and Arab architecture. It is very charming and exotic. Besides, very few tourists come here.

Sights in Colombia

Marvel at whales in the Pacific Ocean

Colombia has a long west coast bordered by the Pacific Ocean. This is not only beautiful and wild, but also home to many humpback whales. You can see them best from June to October, when they stop in Central America to give birth to their young.

The best place to see the whales up close is Utria National Nature Park, where you can also find killer whales and sea turtles. This natural site has been spared from mass tourism and the inhabitants live in communion with nature.

Nuqui, Isla Gorgona and El Valle are also very good places to see the whales. It is also an opportunity to surf or to look for exotic animals in the mangrove.

Climb the "House of the Gods

In the east of Colombia, a few kilometers from the border with Venezuela, you will discover another of the many sites in Colombia, the imposing Cerros de Mayecure, at the foot of the river Inirida. This place is still largely unknown to the public, and that is a good thing.

After seeing the three granite mountains from the river, you can climb them. The view shows you an extraordinary panorama of the surrounding nature. There are still many indigenous tribes nearby, and this can be an opportunity for you to spend time with them, away from big cities and modern technologies.

Preserve biodiversity

We can't say it enough: Colombia's biodiversity is one of the richest in the world, and it's very important to us that it continues to be so.

Fortunately, the authorities have recognized the importance of creating national parks and investing in the conservation of the environment.

If you had only one place to visit, you should not miss the border area with Panama. In Los Katios Park you can find animal species from South and North America. The village of Capurgana, a bit further north, can serve as a starting point. You will hear monkeys screaming, see eagles and poisonous reptiles and sloths and dive among corals, crabs and tropical fishes.

And to top it all off, tourists are not a common species here. So all ingredients for a stay in the extravagant nature of Colombia are together.


You will not be bored for a day in this so diverse and dynamic country. It's going to be rather difficult to make decisions and cut out some sightseeing in Columbia due to time constraints. But again, this gives you an excellent excuse to come back in a couple of years!