Magic of Oz, natural tanning spray !

Tan of Oz instead of solarium! Today I tell you why this is the better alternative and how I came to try a spray tan in the first place.

Until now I never dared to use a self-tanner, always the fear was there, it could look blotchy, maybe too artificial and with unsightly transitions. I have already seen some negative examples and was not at all ready to try it myself when it was offered to me at the Press Day in Hamburg. It was explained to me how Magic of Oz works and that convinced me, or rather gave me the courage to try it out … A bit skeptical I stretched out my hands and just let it be done. It looked great! No transition, no stains, no artificial discoloration, just natural.

How does this tanning spray work?

Magic of Oz is available as a spray – Tan of Oz , and mousse – Cloud of Oz. I have tried the spray (also later at home), while mousse should not differ much from it, has been recommended to me mainly for the arms and legs, so a larger area.

Magic of Oz in test

Tan of Oz contains herbal and nourishing ingredients and a water content of 82%, it does not discolor the skin but works in the skin, with skin's own pigments. The tan is accordingly also very natural and there is no visible transition. When I spray my hands, there is as an example, not the strongly visible difference between arms and hands.

The skin feels smooth and supple, and it smells nice.

How to use Tan of Oz

The skin does not need any special treatment beforehand, so no peeling ora . Simply evenly from ca. 20-30 cm distance spray and dry. If you want to make it a little more professional, go after spraying a few times with a cosmetic brush over it to distribute it a little finer or use a cosmetic glove when it comes to legs or arms. The spray is very moisturizing, the skin becomes very nice soft after application and smells nice. The result is visible immediately, can also intensify within a few minutes. So, first wait a little while to see the final result.

Test result Tan of Oz tanning spray

What is special about Tan of Oz!

With this tanning spray I just like the result in the first place. It looks so nice and natural, not artificial at all. There is no transition, but it is as if you have enjoyed the sun. And by spraying on carefully, first a little and then a little more if needed, I can determine how I want it to look like. If I apply too much, I can wipe it off before it soaks in. I have a little leeway and the whole thing under control. This gives me the security of not doing anything wrong. I also like that the skin feels so nice and soft and cared for and that here is worked with plant substances. It is vegan and not tested on animals. Much healthier than a visit to the solarium.

By the way, it does not discolor the nails or hair!

Magic of Oz test report

When I spray one hand and look at only that one hand, I don't really see color. Only when I hold the other hand next to it, I see the difference. This also shows how natural it looks. It is great!

More info, the possibility to order it, videos and dealer search can be found at tan-of-oz.en. There you can look around if you are interested!