The most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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The most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea – a subjective selection

Are you planning a vacation at the Baltic Sea and thinking about where exactly you want to go?? There are so many beautiful places on the Baltic Sea – but what are the most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea, specifically in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern?? The answer to this question is not easy for me, even if everybody will name a few places right away. But – and I would like to point this out explicitly here – such a selection is always very subjective! So please bear with me: in the following I present you the most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea, which I got to know during different journeys and short trips.

Binz – the sophisticated beauty on the island of Rugen

I start with my declared favorite place on the island of Rugen. Binz is the largest seaside resort of the island and enchants with sophisticated spa architecture. White villas line the coast and the streets of the Baltic seaside resort. They are held in the typical style of the Baltic resorts and enchant in bright white, sometimes set off blue. Many houses have balconies or verandas decorated with Art Nouveau elements, and some also have turrets.

The most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea - Binz

A pedestrian zone leads directly to the wide and fine sandy beach in front of Binz. By the way, there is a very special highlight every year at Easter: the Easter fire mile of Binz. A large number of Easter fires are lit directly on the beach and you can stroll more than 2 kilometers along the beach from Easter fire to Easter fire. More about this event I report in my contribution Easter at the Baltic Sea: The Easter fire mile at the beach of Binz.

A wonderful view of the town of Binz and the wide beach is offered from the ca. 370 meter long pier. From the end of the pier, excursion boats regularly leave for the chalk cliffs.

The most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea - chalk cliffs Rugen

Binz has more than 15.000 guest beds – therefore it can be quite crowded in the main season in the town, in the hotels and restaurants. For this reason, I prefer to stay there in the early or late season – but everyone may decide for themselves.

Sellin – the pearl of the Baltic Sea

If I have to list the most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea, Sellin is definitely one of them from my point of view.

Here it is much quieter than in the lively and fashionable Binz – but for me this is what makes the special charm of the place. Just like in Binz there is a very beautiful seaside resort architecture in white and blue as well as a wonderful fine sandy and wide beach.

Sellin also offers something very special: probably the most beautiful pier on the German Baltic coast. This pier is one of my favorite photo spots on Rugen and we have visited it several times. A restaurant / cafe invites you to linger and we have often enjoyed the sunset there with live music. In fact, these were mostly excursions from Binz – only a few months ago, during a short vacation, we once chose the town of Sellin as a base. A premiere – and a successful one at that. I liked Sellin so much that we will surely return for another visit one day.

The most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea - Sellin

Maybe you like a little inspiration for a short vacation in Sellin and are looking for tips for varied activities and excursions on Rugen? Then surely my article A short trip to the largest island of Germany is right for you. In addition, you will find in another post still great culinary tips for Rugen.

Zingst – the traditional seaside resort with charm

Traditional houses with thatched roofs characterize the image of many places on the peninsula Fischland-Darb-Zingst. Representative for the peninsula between the Baltic Sea and the Bodden I would like to mention the seaside resort Zingst in my small compilation about the most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea.

Of course, you have to look at the entire peninsula in context, for example, the National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft, the West Beach or Pramort in the very east of the peninsula contribute significantly to the attractiveness of Zingst as a destination for a short trip.

Baltic Sea in autumn natural wonder cranes wind fugitives

A very long and wide fine sandy beach stretches along the whole place, separated from it only by a dike and the dunes. There is also a pier in Zingst.

Baltic Sea in autumn natural wonder cranes wind flyers

On the other side of the town, within walking distance of the beach, there is a picturesque small harbor in the Bodden. Here you can meet for a fish sandwich, a drink or a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of the Bodden. With a little luck you can watch the thousands of cranes in spring or autumn, when they come to their roosts in the protected Bodden in the early evening. But of course there are also specific tours for crane watching. More about Zingst, the excursion destinations on the peninsula Fischland-Darb-Zingst and crane watching in autumn I report in my article Baltic Sea in autumn – about natural wonders, cranes and wind fledglings.

Baltic Sea in autumn natural wonder cranes wind flyers

It is also worth mentioning that Zingst has become a very popular location for (hobby) photographers. There are many photo workshops, photo walks and thematic exhibitions here. In addition, you can rent modern equipment at the House of Photography – cameras, fast lenses and more. Unfortunately, I found out too late during my visit there, so I haven't tried it yet myself. A reason to return!

Kuhlungsborn – the largest Baltic Sea resort in Mecklenburg Vorpommern

The largest Baltic seaside resort in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern comes along without high-rise buildings. With many villas and hotels from the Belle Epoque, the place radiates a lot of charm.

Along the wide beach runs a very beautiful promenade from Kuhlungsborn West to the marina. During a walk we enjoy here a wonderful view of the Baltic Sea and stop in between in one or the other cafe and restaurant.

Kuhlungsborn as one of the most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea has also various beautiful trip goals in the closer and further environment – there would be for example the ghost forest Nienhagen, the pretty Baltic Sea bath Rerik and the Hunengraber in its proximity and not least there would be still the Molli. This historic steam train runs between Kuhlungsborn and Bad Doberan and is a sight in itself. My tips for great excursions from Kuhlungsborn I have compiled in the article Kuhlungsborn sights and excursion tips.

Ghost forest NienhagenMolli in Bad Doberan

You can also find some tips for a trip to Warnemunde in this article. But this place I have to present separately – it belongs absolutely to it, if we talk about the most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea!

Warnemunde – Rostock's district at the mouth of the Warnow River

One of the most famous and also most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea is certainly Warnemunde. The seaside resort is a district of Rostock and is located directly on the Baltic Sea – as the name suggests: exactly at the point where the Warnow River flows into the sea.

For more than 200 years, the former fishing village has been attracting bathers and the typical Baltic Sea beach chair has become an integral part of the wide, fine sandy beach.

Warnemunde dunes

But my absolute favorite place in Warnemunde is not the beach, but the promenade Am Alten Strom. Sitting here in the sun with a cup of coffee or a delicious cocktail, maybe enjoying a fish roll and watching the ships leaving Warnemunde harbor – just wonderful.

Warnemunde On the Old River

On my travel bucket list is also an absolute highlight in Warnemunde: the Warnemunder Turmleuchten (formerly "Lighthouse in Flames"). This is a spectacular light show, with which every year on the evening of 1. January the start of the year is celebrated. So far it has not worked out with a visit unfortunately yet.

Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin – the famous imperial resorts on the island of Usedom

The most beautiful places at the Baltic Sea in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern I list here – there may not be missing the famous Kaiserbader of course! This is the name given to the resorts of Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf and Bansin, which are strung along the coast of Usedom like a string of pearls. They almost blend into each other. How about a walk on the beach from Bansin, past Heringsdorf to Ahlbeck – over 6 kilometers of wide, fine sandy beach, past three beautiful piers. Alternatively, the Kaiserbader-Express connects the three resorts, a small bathing railway.

The term "Kaiserbader" already suggests it – the places have a long and rich history, in which nobility and even kings and emperors came here for summer vacation. The magnificent villas and parks still bear witness to this today.

The most beautiful pier on Usedom is in my opinion in Ahlbeck – but that is just my personal taste.

In all three places there is a very good tourist infrastructure and accommodations for every taste and every purse.

My last stay in Heringsdorf was some time ago and certainly many things have changed there in the meantime.

The most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea – what do you think about it?

So, that was my personal selection of the Baltic Sea resorts and towns, which for me are the most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea. What do you think? Do you have perhaps one more place that I should definitely know and complete? Feel free to give me feedback on this article using the comments section below!