My most beautiful impressions from Borneo – An unforgettable journey

Another half year has passed. How time flies! And again the dear one invites to his half-yearly photo parade. Here travel and photo bloggers show their favorite pictures of the last half year.

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I interpret the themes a bit more freely this year and concentrate fully on my round trip across Borneo. for 3 weeks I explored the most amazing places in Sarawak and Sabah. These pictures just have to be shown. This time I convince not by variety, but rather with pure enthusiasm for this great spot on earth.

So here I go, I take you to the jungle of Borneo and share my impressions with you.

My favorite relaxed photo

orang utan borneo

Is there actually something nicer than watching our very related congeners? Orang Utans are highly endangered and native to Borneo. Borneo is one of the few places in the world where you can still observe the great apes. How long this will be the case is another story.

I was allowed to see this female with its offspring in the Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre in the federal state Sabah. Here the orang utans are fed, but live in a completely natural jungle. The animals are free to come and go.

Such a delicious afternoon snack can't be more relaxed, can it??

More about the orangutans in Borneo you can find in my article:

My favorite far away photo

kota kinabalu night market borneo

When I have wanderlust I miss one thing the most: The good food in other countries. Not that I disdain the German food, but I love the small and fine street food markets and the typical street food stalls, which you can find in abundance in Asia.

Here I like to fall into a frenzy of sampling. Borneo is the perfect destination for me as a foodie, because the cuisine of the island mixes almost all Southeast Asian influences as well as Chinese cuisine besides the original Dayak cuisine.

My favorite illuminated photo

mantanani island borneo

Sparkling water, and a white reflecting sandy beach on an island inhabited only by locals. Without hotels and annoying frills like running water or even electricity. Sounds ironic, but it is not at all.

Mantanani Island, located in the South China Sea, was my home for 4 days. Here I spent the night with a marine biologist and just enjoyed getting away from all the big city hustle and bustle.

From my hut at the sea I always had one thing in front of my eyes: The insane light blue sea.

My favorite "old" photo

Batang ai borneo iban jungle

Whether the longboat is really so old as it looks, I can estimate badly. However, the Iban culture is one of the oldest on the island of Borneo. The Iban live in the jungle and depend on their traditional longboats.

Here in the region around Batang Ai they still live in their longhouses, which represent a community and a whole village. The Iban culture is open to visitors. So I spent 3 days in the jungle and got to know the way of life of the first inhabitants of Borneo.

This experience made a big impression on me.

My most beautiful photo

Nose monkey with baby borneo

One of my reasons for choosing Borneo as a travel destination was the island's impressive and diverse wildlife. Nose monkeys are unique and can only be found on Borneo. The animals live in groups, which are however strongly threatened by the overexploitation and the palm oil plantations.

I saw this mother with her baby in the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary in Sabah near Sarawak. I have already taken the proboscis monkeys into my heart, but this photo goes straight to the heart again.

More about the animals on Borneo and also the proboscis monkeys, you will find here:

My most unusual photo

Cooking course jungle Borneo

Cooking can be so simple. All you need is fire and a suitable container. In the jungle I cooked very primitive food. Simply there where wood and a suitable underground was to be found. In a beautiful setting by the river and a waterfall on the other side.

An absolutely unforgettable experience, which once again shows how simple the world can actually be.

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