Booking a language travel

Before you finally book a language trip, for example to France, you should answer the following questions:

  • Which goal do I pursue with the language course (vocationally, privately, . )?
  • What and how do I want to learn in the course (e.g. Focus on communication or business language, course size)?
  • To which place / in which area I want to travel?
  • How many expenses can / must I plan for in total??
  • Which social program and which additional services do I expect??

How to book your language travel?

According to their wishes and expectations, the booking type and, if necessary, the decision for a specific language travel provider. To get your language vacation off the ground, there are four main options:

1. Booking with a language travel agent (agency)

A language travel agent works like an agency. The individual services “Language school / language course, “transportation” (travel to and from the course, local transportation) and “accommodation” The services of the respective providers are conveyed to the customer in a uniform overall package.

2. Booking directly with a language school

For example, within the framework of an individual language travel booking, you can also organize your foreign language course and the entire stay abroad on your own. In this case you buy the course and other services (flight, accommodation, . ) separately. Many language schools already offer individual travelers the organization of accommodation, a leisure and cultural program as well as additional bookable services in the sports/cultural area and excursions – if desired, also in the local language.

3. Booking with a language travel agent

A language travel provider refers to the individual travel components – e.g. Language school / language courses, accommodation – from different service providers and compiles them into packages with a total price. These packages are then sold either to end users or to resellers such as specialized agencies, language travel agents and travel agencies. By the way: There are only a few companies on the international market that are both organizers and agents of language trips.

4. Organization of a language vacation on your own

If you want to spend some time and energy on it, you can also organize your language travel completely on your own. In this case they buy the necessary and desired services – basically flight or accommodation. Arrival and departure, course at the language school as well as accommodation – independently with different service providers. In this way, they ideally receive a tailor-made travel package.

Tips: What to look for when booking?

During their research, they will certainly quickly discover that there are countless providers of language trips and courses on the German market. Most of them “trade” but only on the Internet. Don't be fooled, because the websites of many dubious providers are often very professional, but also full of hot air. To keep track of your language travel booking:

  • For example, look for quality labels (e.g. B. Membership in the professional association of German language tour operators e. V.).
  • First of all, check out the programs offered by well-known and respected tour operators.
  • Test the service and know-how of the language travel operators / language schools, which are on the shortlist for you.
  • Pay attention to recommendations of former language travelers (e.g. from classmates or colleagues).
  • In any case, avoid tour operators or agencies that do not mention the names of their (cooperating) language schools. This may mean that you can get your language course directly from the school at a much lower price.

Language travel offers& free info by catalog

Find the language travel that suits you best. Many language travel companies have specialized in language travel for students& Adults specialized. Depending on which foreign language you want to learn or study. If you want to deepen your knowledge of language travel, you will find a list of language travel companies below.

Order here free catalogs of the individual language travel organizers home and compare them language travel offers.