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Child bicycle seat test

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Welcome to our Bicycle child seat guide. Here you will find all the information you need to find the perfect bike seat for your little passengers. In cooperation with our well-known partner E-Bike and their bicycle child seat test, we have put together the best information for you. You are guaranteed to find that on both our partner site and here with us correct bike seat for children. We wish you Have fun while reading!

1.Polisport gray, 61006200.

Bicycle child seat test presents the seat with adjustable footrests! If your little one does not weigh more than 22 kilos, he can be safely and comfortably driven by mom in the child seat or from the playground. As the bicycle child seat test proves, many details ensure that the offspring enjoy the bicycle ride:

Adaptable to the children’s sizes and with security. In addition, there is the adjustable seat angle with a foldable back section, which makes climbing up much easier. A large seat cushion in the ergonomically shaped seat shell ensures comfort. An adjustable 5-point seat belt, provided with a "quick-release bracket", ensures the greatest possible safety. The bicycle child seat test proves that the seat is suitable for all bicycle frames with one 28 to 40 millimeter pipe diameter.

The child bike seat safe and convenient for city trips!

Compared to a bicycle trailer, a bike with a child seat is more manoeuvrable when driving and easier to park. In the perfect child seat, the little passengers are very close to their parents. So the little ones feel more cared for. As soon as they can sit alone, they can go with their parents on the bike, and parents will be happy that the child seats are comparatively cheaper than, for example, trailers. Inexpensive models for attaching to the seat tube are available for less than 100 euros. The selection of child seats is remarkable, which does not make the right decision easier. It also includes foot straps, a seat cushion, the ergonomic seat shell. There is also an adjustable 5-point seat belt. A Polisport Cycle child bike seat with frame holder and a dark gray seat cover with padding.

For a bicycle with a seat tube from 28 to 40 mm with seat tube attachment (quick release frame bracket).

Suitable for children up to 7 years weighing 9 to 22 kilos.

The back section can be folded down for easier climbing.

Equipped with adjustable footrests.

The seat angle is adjustable up to 20 degrees.

The total weight with packaging is 6 kilos.


The child seat makes a very good and stable impression. Attaching to the bike is very easy. The child seat is completely assembled in less than 5 minutes, making this child’s seat a lot safer. Easy to install and lightweight. The easily adjustable backrest is comfortable and ideal for long tours, and the 5-point belt also offers ideal protection for the child. It is sufficiently padded, with better quality than usual with other seats.

2.Bike child seat test: Hamax Sleepy

Equipped with extensive safety and comfort features, the child seat from the Norwegian manufacturer Hamax scores.

Some buyers have criticized the somewhat sluggish seat belt. Opening it takes a bit of effort and can also be time consuming and annoying. However, most buyers do well. The advantage of stiffness here is increased security. The belt has a three-point system and is well thought out. It has a sophisticated belt guide that does not push or cramp.

The child bike seat has a better sleeping position with the rotary knob?

The adjustable backrest is outstanding and a comfort plus. This ensures a relaxed sleeping posture. The entire seat can be adjusted for the sleeping position with a screw button placed in the middle. This does not change the ergonomic sitting position.

The bicycle child seat test shows all the advantages.

With four-way flexible footrests, this seat is also a comfortable place for larger children, not only suitable for short journeys such as kindergarten or shopping, but also for longer tours. Another advantage is the good shape of the child seat shell in the head area. Thanks to a perfectly shaped curve, helmets are no obstacle and ensure a relaxed head position. The seat has an adjustable backrest up to 12.5 degrees.

Easy to attach to bikes with and without luggage racks.

Easy assembly using quick coupling on the frame tube (HAMAX Safety System).

A child seat with an ergonomic design and adjustable footrests.

The design leaves a lot of space for the helmet.

For children from 9 months up to a weight of 22 kilos.

Tested according to the new test standard DIN EN14344.

In black and red color.

With a weight with packaging of 3.8 and a net weight of 1.5 kilos.


A child seat for higher demands with a number of innovations and great comfort. Therefore also suitable for longer Rides. The model is available in five attractive color combinations. The child seat is very easy to use. Easy assembly with good adjustment options, so that children can also enjoy the excursions. The rides are fatigue-free and very safe because the little legs are well protected in the event of a fall.

3.Hamax HA507 gray in Bicycle child seat test

The bicycle child seat test brings the Hamax child seat from Norway.

The world’s leading Norwegian company Hamax in the field of high-quality bicycle seats. Hamax, children’s sledges and toboggans are also produced. Child-friendly bicycle seats are in many shapes and designs in the product range.

The bicycle child seat test documents all models with great certainty!

The child bike seats from Hamax cover the inexpensive and also the premium range.A model with the basic functions, or the most expensive luxury model with a reclining backrest and shock absorbers, all Hamax child bike seats shine with an extensive range of safety equipment.The bike child seat is tested by external test institutes. All Hamax products are checked for any possible safety deficiencies before they are put on the market for sale.

Suitable for bicycles with and without luggage racks.

The child seat for rear mounting on the bike frame.

The mounting brackets are included.

Tested according to the German DIN standard.

The footrests are adjustable several times.

Equipped with a 3-point seat belt, easily adjustable.

The seat has plenty of space for the bike helmet.

Easy assembly using the mounting bracket with quick coupling.

The bike seat has an ergonomic design.

For toddlers from 9 months up to a permissible weight of 22 kg.

The total weight with packaging is 3.5 kilos.


Almost 90 percent of customers rate the child seat as “good” to “very good”. Safety and stability of the bicycle seat are important to customers. It is crucial that the children are happy to be transported in the Hamax child seat. The bicycle child seat test admonishes you to pay particular attention to safety.You should always prefer a height-adjustable belt. You have to be as safe as possible on every trip, if the height of the belt can be adjusted, the belt practically does not push. So you do the sonication without much protest. Regardless of whether you have a 3, 5 or 7-point belt system, the belt should be carried securely over your shoulder. A functional spoke protector must be available. The fast rotating spokes have an enormous risk potential and are therefore a primary risk of injury. High-quality child seats have an individually adjustable footrest adjustment and additional adjustable footrests.

4.Polisport children’s seat Bilby, 61005700.

The bicycle child seat test presents a front seat with amazing features!

The child seat assembly is simple and self-explanatory. The further handling can also be convincing. The child seat can be removed from the bike with a single “click”. Add to that soft washable padding, safety bars and adjustable foot cups. The Bilby Junior brings a lot for little money. A child seat that will satisfy the children as well as the parents. The seat gets criticism that the generous design limits the steering radius and thus the legroom. This also makes getting on and off the bike more difficult. This children’s bike seat is more suitable for large bicycles, which does not mean that the quality or the actual function is poor or has weaknesses. With its generous dimensions, the 2 kg seat is quite light and of first-class quality.

This Polisport child seat is mounted at the front of the bicycle handlebar. You have two options for the attachment. When attached, the child seat moves with the steering movement or the seat is immovably and rigidly attached to the frame.

Polisport child bike seat Bilby Junior in black-gray color.

Ergonomic seat shell and large seat cushion.

For the bicycle helmet with a specially shaped head part.

Adjustable seat angle up to 20 degrees and adjustable footrests.

For safety with adjustable 5-point seat belt and foot straps.

Suitable for a pipe diameter of 28 – 40 mm with "quick release bracket".

Can be used for children up to 7 years with a body weight of up to 22 kilos.

With a total weight with packaging of 4.3 kilos.


With this child seat, the child enjoys a completely unobstructed view to the front and knows mom or dad behind, which ensures a feeling of security. In addition, the safety bar protects against accidental falling out. The parents always keep an eye on your child. Better than child seats, which are attached to the rear rack, the child seat is very easy to install. The driving behavior takes some getting used to, especially in corners, but is otherwise very good. The children love to sit in the front and therefore love to ride. In addition, this child seat has an excellent price-performance ratio. There are designs of bicycles for which the seat is not suitable.

5.Bobike child seat Mini One, brown, FA003535062.

The bicycle child seat test documents great safety at a low price

A good sitting position and comfort is important for the child. The parents correctly pay attention to security and also to the purchase price. The Bobike ONE Mini offers just that: securely bedded in the child seat, your child experiences the surroundings with curiosity and starts to experience the world in a beautiful way.

The bicycle child seat test proves that Bobike stands for uncompromising security!

In this attractive child bike seat, toddlers from 9 months to 3 years up to a maximum of 15 kg enjoy comfort and optimal protection. Effective protective edges on the footrests, a secure three-point belt and adjustable foot straps guarantee a feeling of security for children and for parents.

A seat for every bike!

The Bobike child bike seat fits on any standard bicycle. The bicycle seat is attached to the front of the bicycle handlebar and therefore follows all your steering movements. The child seat can be quickly removed thanks to a sophisticated attachment and can be reassembled just as quickly on the same or a different bike. The three-point belt together with the foot straps ensures a safe ride. The safe three-point harness cannot be opened easily with children’s hands. This requires two hands and some skill as well as strength. The Bobike is available in different chic colors. A windscreen and bike bags are also available. For protection against wind, sun and rain, there is the Bobike wind protection, which can be attached or removed in no time at all Fun for them Parents and all children until they sit on their own bike. Bobike complies with the European standard EN 14344. Transport with it You your Child aged 9 months to 3 years in charge on the bike.

A bicycle safety seat for children for front mounting.

Made of colourfast material in a double-walled construction make the seat more durable.

Suitable for children from 9 months to 3 years from 9 to 15 kilos.

With an easily length-adjustable three-point seat belt.

Also with adjustable footrests.

With a total weight with packaging of 3.6 kilos.


The modern children’s bike seats have a safety standard that meets all requirements. The most expensive child bike seat is not necessarily the best or the safest.


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