Fm transmitter test for your car radio – fm mini transmitter!

What music lovers didn’t even dare to dream of until a few years ago has fortunately become normality, because without having to buy expensive complete systems or adapters, an FM transmitter allows you to transmit your own favorite songs via the car radio. By means of an FM transmitter, the following can be radio signal songs from USB sticks, portable MP3 players, smartphones as well as memory cards send to the car radio. two things are therefore required, a so-called FM transmitter as well as free radio frequencies.

I have tested the following FM transmitters so far:

But there are countless other. Just click through a bit on this website.

Best FM transmitter in test

ZeaLife Bluetooth FM Transmitter

  • Bluetooth handsfree
  • Dual USB fast charger
  • supports USB sticks up to 64GB

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Why do you need an FM transmitter??

While audio transmitters were clunky devices in the beginning, FM transmitters of the latest generation are real all-rounder in mini format become. In the smallest possible space, equipped with numerous refinements, which make it possible to enjoy your favorite songs from your smartphone, ipod or MP3 player on your car radio without any expensive investment. For this no complex conversions must be taken in purchase, which would also still go enormously into the money. What was possible a few years ago with the help of a cassette adapter, can now be realized much more effectively with an FM transmitter.

How does such a FM transmitter work in practice??

The functionality of an FM transmitter is quite simple to explain, because by means of a universally adjustable FM frequency audio signals can be transmitted directly from the mini transmitter to the car radio. For this, users have appropriate frequency ranges available, which are also known in practice as free radio frequencies and can be set on the FM transmitter without any problems. However, not every vehicle is suitable for the use of an FM transmitter, because especially cars that are equipped with a heated windshield and an integrated radio antenna can cause problems and interference during transmission.

Many FM transmitters are equipped with bluetooth function for wireless connection to smartphone equipped. So you also have the possibility to connect the handsfree of the cell phone with the car radio. Almost all FM transmitters also offer connectivity for USB sticks, SD cards or 3.5mm jack plugs. Using the RDS function, some FM transmitters can even send additional information about the song being played to the car radio. The required power is usually supplied via the cigarette lighter and in rare cases, it can also be provided with the necessary energy source by means of a rechargeable battery.

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