General anesthesia at the dentist, qualified treatment in munster

General anesthesia at the dentist – qualified treatment at novacura in Münster

The practitioners at novacura have many years of experience in the field of dental treatment under general anesthesia. In addition, treatments under general anesthesia require excellent cooperation between qualified dentists and a well-established team on the anesthesia side. For dental treatment under general anesthesia, we not only carry out surgical measures, but also complete restorations with a focus on tooth preservation. These take place in specially equipped rooms. Personal support from competent specialists is just as natural to us as state-of-the-art equipment.

What is general anesthesia?

General anesthesia is the controlled elimination of consciousness and pain sensation. During dental treatment, we make sure that you don’t notice the treatment and can be treated without fear and pain.

When is general anesthesia necessary at the dentist??

General anesthesia can be useful in various situations, e.g. then, if the patient to be treated is an anxiety patient or the treatment to be carried out is very complex. We also offer general anesthesia for special questions in very young patients (children from one year).

General anesthesia at novacura in Münster

General anesthesia at the dentist can be divided into three different sections. The sleep phase, the treatment phase and the wake-up phase.

The sleep phase

Before the start of dental treatment, the anesthetist will give you an anesthetic, which will initiate general anesthesia. The anesthetist is responsible for monitoring your circulatory function and breathing throughout the treatment and is always present alongside the dentist.

The treatment phase

During the dental procedure, you will be supplied with oxygen via a ventilation mask or a ventilation tube. In addition, by taking special medication, your deep sleep is continued over the entire treatment period.

The wake-up phase

At the end of the treatment, the supply of narcotics is stopped, the twilight sleep is ended and the wake-up phase is initiated. Of course, you will also be looked after by us after your general anesthesia has ended, until you are released from our practice. This is how we ensure that your well-being is taken care of.

risks & Side effects of general anesthesia

Before an operation under general anesthesia, you will be informed in detail by our anesthesiologist about possible risks and side effects. Of course, your state of health and your medical history will be clarified before starting treatment. In a few cases (e.g. most severe general illnesses, pregnancy, etc.), general anesthesia may not be feasible for dental treatment. The specific risks are of course individually assessed in advance and discussed with you.

How long does a general anesthetic at novacura last??

The duration of general anesthesia is kept as short as possible. In principle, the duration of the intervention can be a few minutes or several hours. Accordingly, the time required for recovery varies from patient to patient.

Who can have general anesthesia performed??

Anesthesia can usually be carried out without problems in a healthy person. At novacura we also specialize in the surgery of children from one year of age and can also provide you with extensive care for your little ones. Basically, the general state of health of the patient is decisive when a general anesthetic is desired.

How much does general anesthesia cost??

The cost of general anesthesia varies and depends on various factors such as the type and extent of the treatment of the teeth, examinations, anesthetic procedures and the medical means used.

When does the health insurance cover the costs of general anesthesia??

The costs of general anesthesia often have to be borne by legally insured patients. The same applies to the costs of dental sedation and treatment with nitrous oxide or a sleep-inducing drug. Children under the age of twelve and people with disabilities are an exception. Here the costs are also covered by the statutory health insurance. Under certain circumstances, private health insurance and dental insurance cover the costs of treatment under general anesthesia. The assumption of costs must be clarified in good time before treatment.

Do you have any questions about general anesthesia or would you like to arrange a consultation? Just contact us and give us a call. We look forward to welcoming you to our dental practice.

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