“Let's not be tempted”

Italy's Catholic Church wants to change the Lord's Prayer petition "Lead us not into temptation". In the future, "Let us not fall into temptation" will be prayed. But the relevant authorities in the Vatican must still agree to it.

A corresponding decision was made by the bishops with the adoption of a new missal translation, as the Bishops' Conference announced at the end of its plenary meeting on Thursday. It remains to be seen when this will go into effect. The translation must still be submitted to the competent authorities in the Vatican.

Also to be changed is a phrase in the "Gloria" of the Mass. Instead of "Peace on earth to men of good will," in the future it should read closer to the original Greek "… the people loved by God". In many Italian parishes, a corresponding catch was already in use.

The bishops' conference vote on the new missal was preceded by more than 16 years of translation work. Bishops and experts tried to make theological, pastoral and stylistic improvements, as it was said in the press release.

Italian bishops announce specialized office for child protection

Furthermore, the Catholic Church in Italy is setting up a central specialized office for child protection. The body, which is part of the bishops' conference, is to support individual diocesan leaders in abuse prevention and appropriate training, the bishops' conference further announced. The service will advise dioceses on church and state prosecutions of sexual abuse, he said. The office will be staffed by specialized lay people as well as priests and religious.

Furthermore, the bishops decided that each diocese should receive at least one officer for abuse prevention. The selection and training is the responsibility of the regional bishops' conferences in Italy.

A rewrite of the 2012 abuse guidelines remains in the works, according to the release. The draft text would be submitted to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Children and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and, after approval by the Permanent Council of the Bishops' Conference, would be presented at the next plenary assembly.

Greater emphasis on transparency

In terms of content, the new guidelines want to place greater emphasis on transparency and more open communication on the part of the church.

Further, in its release, the bishops' conference stressed the need for careful selection and supervision of lay employees who have contact with minors. There must also be clear selection criteria for candidates for spiritual vocations; affective maturity and dealing with one's own sexuality must play just as important a role in education as conscious use of the Internet.

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