Playmobil advent calendar test & comparison »top 11 in january 2020

Playmobil advent calendar comparison 2020

The 11 best Playmobil advent calendars at a glance.

The anticipation for the big festival increases with every opened door – and even more if there are great Playmobil figures behind it. The brand is waiting with new calendar creations every year to inspire girls and boys, young and old.

If smaller children also live in the household and could reach the calendar in an unattended moment, it is best to choose a product in our test or comparison table without small parts that could be swallowed out.

The quality management for our test and comparison process is TÜV-certified according to ISO 9001

Playmobil advent calendar comparison
Illustration Compare winner
Price-performance winner
model Advent calendar horse farm (4159) Advent calendar horse farm (4167) Advent calendar forest Christmas (5497) PLAYMOBIL "Christmas on the Farm" (9009) PLAYMOBIL "Police operation in the jewelry store" (9007) Advent calendar dragon (5493) Advent calendar pirates (4164) Advent calendar unicorn (5492) Advent calendar Santa Claus (5494) Advent calendar fire service (5495) Advent Calendar Police Alert (4168)
on Amazon
46 reviews 158 ratings 94 ratings 99 ratings 107 reviews 110 reviews 66 reviews 119 reviews 87 reviews 96 reviews 130 reviews
Recommended age
according to the manufacturer
4 – 10 years 4 – 10 years from 18 months from 18 months 4 – 10 years 4 – 10 years 4 – 10 years 4 – 10 years 4 – 10 years 4 – 10 years 4 – 10 years
target group Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex Boys Unisex Unisex girl Unisex Boys Boys
number of pieces 48 150 27 28 70 112 66 99 101 73 37
Number of figures This includes both people and animals. 10 17 16 14 2 5 4 13 5 5 4
No small parts that can be easily swallowed. Small children under 3 years of age put almost everything in their mouths and can quickly swallow small parts.

The products from the Playmobil 1,2,3 series are so big that they cannot be easily swallowed and are also suitable for younger children.

No batteries needed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
product weight 862 g 798 g 780 g 800 g 907 g 771 g 762 g 975 g 816 g 699 g 739 g
product dimensions 40 x 30 x 8.1 cm 40 x 7.8 x 30 cm 40 x 8 x 30.2 cm 40 x 7.5 x 30 cm 40 x 7.5 x 30 cm 40 x 7.5 x 30 cm 40 x 7.5 x 30 cm 44.4 x 8.6 x 30.2 cm 40 x 7.5 x 30 cm 40 x 7.5 x 30 cm 40 x 7.8 x 30 cm
Special parts
  • children
  • horses
  • cats
  • children
  • horses
  • Mini Puzzle
  • Santa Claus
  • fillable fir tree
  • Reindeer sled
  • Santa Claus
  • carriage
  • Farm Animals
  • bank robber
  • police officer
  • Police Motorcycle
  • Dragon
  • Knight
  • Dragon Card Game
  • pirates
  • sweetheart
  • cave
  • Fairy Queen
  • finger ring
  • Jewelry box
  • Santa Claus
  • Angel
  • Memory Game
  • firefighters
  • Fire Truck
  • card game
  • jeep
  • police officer
  • skeleton
series PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Advent calendar PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar PLAYMOBIL advent calendar
  • Riding diorama
  • everything for the horse stable (incl. horse manure & Hay)
  • Complement to the riding stable
  • very many parts
  • Riding diorama
  • suitable for the little ones
  • related items in the same door
  • well suited for small children
  • especially lovingly designed
  • Safe can be used as a money box
  • Jewelry store diorama
  • shiny swords and gold
  • Volcanic Mountains diorama
  • shining ghost pirates
  • Spider looks real
  • Island Diorama
  • Finger ring can be stowed in the box
  • Enchanted forest diorama
  • loving, Christmassy details
  • Lanterns can be held by figures
  • Christmas diorama
  • affordable price
  • Motorradwerkstatt diorama
  • Alarm system has sound
  • Museum diorama
Questions and answers about the product Questions and answers about Advent calendar horse farm (4159) Questions and answers about Advent calendar horse farm (4167) Questions and answers about Advent calendar forest Christmas (5497) Questions and answers about PLAYMOBIL "Christmas on the farm" (9009) Questions and answers about PLAYMOBIL "Police operation in the jewelry store" (9007) Questions and answers about advent calendar dragon (5493) Questions and answers on pirates advent calendar (4164) Questions and answers about advent calendar unicorn (5492) Questions and answers about Advent calendar Santa Claus (5494) Questions and answers about advent calendar fire service (5495) Questions and answers about advent calendar police alert (4168)
to offer To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer " To offer "
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  • Best Playmobil advent calendars offer an alternative to the classic chocolate calendar. On 24 days, the children receive different characters and other items to expand their Playmobil collection or as the first Playmobil set.
  • If you buy a Playmobil advent calendar, you can choose between many variants. The age group is usually advertised as 4 to 10 years and most Playmobil calendars are suitable for both girls and boys.
  • The Playmobil Advent Calendar promotes children’s creative, independent and social play behavior. There is no minimum shelf life for the individual parts and they can also be combined with other Playmobil sets.

In addition to the Lego Advent calendars, Playmobil advent calendars are probably the most popular toy advent calendars in the run-up to Christmas for children. But also some nutrition-conscious adults are happy when the child receives new characters and other items instead of sweet chocolate that expand the existing Playmobil line. Ultimately, you have something from a character for a long time, even beyond the 24 days until Christmas Eve. In the following Playmobil Advent Calendar Comparison, we will process the most interesting facts about the Playmobil Advent Calendar for you and also take a look at individual series and themed calendars. The search for the right model for 2019/2020 is therefore a breeze.

1. Everything about the Playmobil advent calendar

1.1. Basic properties

The Playmobil advent calendars belong to the category of toy advent calendars. Instead of sweet sweets, little characters are hidden behind the 24 calendar doors until Christmas. The well-known toy system no longer needs to be described, because since its invention in 1974 it has been enjoying increasing popularity. Many children already have a large collection of Playmobil characters when you receive the corresponding Advent calendar and can playfully incorporate the new characters into the old games. However, the Playmobil advent calendars are also designed so that by the 24th window a complete scenery or landscape has been assembled, which is complete even without further figures. In the Playmobil advent calendar comparison, the Playmobil calendars can also be recommended as a starter set.

1.2. Recommended age

Playmobil advent calendar forest Christmas.

Usually the Playmobil advent calendars are suitable for children from 4 years and should offer fun until the age of 10. The model is an exception Playmobil forest Christmas, that is suitable from 18 months; the play figures are made larger than usual so that they cannot be swallowed by particularly curious children.

The broad age range naturally also allows playing together for two or more players across all ages. Whether with the neighbor child, kindergarten friends or siblings, Playmobil is not just a game for lonely people. Especially those advent calendar articles that contain many playing pieces expand the possibilities and also allow several creative children’s heads at the same time. The children’s social behavior is also trained.

1.3. target group

The Playmobil Advent Calendar Fire Brigade in all its parts.

As with any other Playmobil set, each Advent calendar represents its own scenery with coordinated characters. Depending on the current interests of the children, the appropriate Christmas calendar can be bought. Individual characters often stand for their own professional groups such as police officers, pirates or even fairy tale characters. Of course, Santa Claus should not be missing from the Christmas variants.

Most Playmobil advent calendars are unisex and advertised for both girls and boys. There are still a few sets that specifically address a gender, such as the Playmobil advent calendar fire service or the Playmobil advent calendar pirates for boys as well as the Playmobil advent calendar unicorn in fairyland for girls. Experience has shown that these models are bought by one group in particular, but we would also like to point out in our Playmobil Advent Calendar Comparison 2019/2020 that each calendar can and may be selected individually. After all, it is better for the child to decide which topic he likes.

2. Topics and types of the Playmobil advent calendar

The models included in our Playmobil advent calendar comparison address very different interests of children. In the following Playmobil advent calendar comparison, the special features of the various items and individual game characters and additional accessories are shown in a table.

advent Calendar image description characters
Playmobil advent calendar horse farm Since 2012, boys and girls have enjoyed this theme calendar equally. The background of the game represents a small farm with paddock and barn, as well as a chicken enclosure. 3 horses, riding accessories, 3 game figures, other animals
Fire Brigade Playmobil Advent Calendar The included diorama shows burning tires in a motorcycle workshop. The figures and the Playmobil fire station instruct children to control the fire in their own way; they get an insight into a professional field. 1 fire truck, fire equipment, 2 firefighters
Playmobil advent calendar police The story of this calendar is the break-in into a museum. Here the players not only encounter a thief but also various museum pieces that can be collected. 1 thief, 1 policeman, various museum artifacts
Playmobil advent calendar pirate treasure cave This Christmas calendar has been around since 2011. It presents a pirate scene that is looking for a treasure. Many island details are included. 3 pirates, 1 treasure map, equipment
Playmobil advent calendar Christmas Eve The scenery and objects are based on the festive Christmas in the circle of the closest family. It is played in a living room and the calendar thus prepares for your own Christmas evening. 1 Christmas tree, 4 family members, gifts
Playmobil advent calendar Drachenland This advent calendar set combines the fantasy world of dragons with the age of castle and knight. In the scenario, the castle is attacked by a dragon and the children can think about how the situation will continue. 2 knights, 1 dragon, swords
Playmobil advent calendar unicorn in fairyland This fairy tale play is about a unicorn that is at home in a forest clearing in the fairyland. Many fairytale characters surround the unicorn and can be staged together. This calendar was developed especially for girls. 1 unicorn, 3 fairies, flowers
Playmobil advent calendar Santa Claus This advent calendar deals with white Christmas. The main player here is probably Santa Claus, but ultimately different characters from the Christmas season can be played in the game. 1 Santa, 1 angel, 2 elves, 1 reindeer

Playmobil offers a large selection of different scenarios and topics, which children can delight and keep busy in the run-up to Christmas and from which you can choose your personal Playmobil Advent calendar comparison winner. The advantages are obvious in terms of creativity, independence and social behavior when playing in a group. However, we also have a few shortcomings. For this reason, the advantages and disadvantages of several Playmobil advent calendar tests are summarized.

  • promotes creative play
  • independent play without instructions
  • Insights into striking professional fields
  • Can be combined with other Playmobil sets
  • large age range from 4 to 10 years
  • several can play at the same time
  • unisex
  • don’t expire
  • unsuitable for children under 3
  • the packaging reveals what’s inside
  • Pictures on the packaging sometimes show more individual parts than available

3. Purchase advice: An overview of the most important purchase criteria

Tips and Tricks

If you fail to build larger Playmobil models or parts are lost, you can easily buy building instructions and spare parts on the Playmobil website. Just have the right search term or the corresponding product number ready.

Every year before Christmas, the Playmobil brand brings out new Playmobil advent calendars, which certainly include some personal Playmobil advent calendar comparison winners. However, the older versions hold up just as well and are often purchased. After all, unlike sweet advent calendars, plastic parts cannot expire. As long as the figures and objects are not yet part of the home inventory, the calendar from the previous year can also be purchased.

If you would like to buy a Playmobil advent calendar soon, you will get a list of the most important purchase criteria here.

  • What age is the Playmobil Christmas calendar designed for??
  • is there a specific target group or is the calendar equally suitable for all children?
  • which topics your child is most interested in?
  • should the advent calendar be a model from 2019/2020 or may it be an older model?
  • there is additional information or materials for the respective advent calendar on the Playmobil homepage?
  • the Playmobil Christmas calendar should include an extra (e.g. a card game)?
  • What is the maximum price the Playmobil advent calendar can have??

Note: If you regularly buy a Playmobil advent calendar and you no longer remember which models are hidden behind the mountain of figures in your child’s nursery, you will usually find the year of publication on the front of the packaging or in the small print. Otherwise, they are also noted on the official Playmobil website for the relevant product. You may also be able to inform the in-store sellers about new releases in 2019/2020.

4. Questions about the Playmobil advent calendar

4.1. Why an advent calendar from Playmobil?

Playmobil play figures are only suitable from the age of 4, as they could be swallowed.

Of course there are also many Lego Christmas calendars and ultimately this is an individual decision. However, there are two reasons for choosing an Advent calendar from Playmobil: If you are looking for a sugar-free alternative to the usual chocolate advent calendars and if your child is a big fan of the robust Playmobil figures. These advent calendars are also suitable for getting started in the world of Playmobil.

4.2. At what age?

The age range advertised by the manufacturer for best Playmobil advent calendars is between 4 and 10 years. It is up to you to decide individually whether your child can still enjoy his Playmobil collection at the age of 11 or 12. However, the children should not be younger than specified. The Advent calendars contain many small parts that can be swallowed quickly. The only exception here is Playmobil advent calendar forest Christmas, which is suitable for children from the age of 18 months, since only large figures and individual parts are included.

4.3. There are Playmobil advent calendars for girls and boys?

Basically, all calendars in the Playmobil Advent Calendar Comparison are suitable for both boys and girls. Orientate yourself to the presented topics and see what the child is interested in. A boy likes that Fire Brigade Playmobil Advent Calendar or prefer the Playmobil advent calendar to the police and a girl on the Playmobil advent calendar horse farm topple with farm surroundings. The fun is always individual and regardless of gender.

4.4. Contains Playmobil pollutants?


More comparisons in the category children’s toys:

For many reasons, parents are concerned about the quality of children’s toys. In particular, since it has recently been possible to detect occasionally harmful substances, people like to secure themselves before buying a new game. A children’s toy comparison of the Stiftung Warentest from 2011 shows, however, that the Playmobil games are harmless. So were on the product Playmobil robber baron castle According to the Stiftung Warentest, no "critical findings" were detected. More results from the test can be found here. However, the Stiftung Warentest has not yet carried out its own Playmobil advent calendar test.

4.5. What’s in the Playmobil advent calendar?

Are you not a person of anticipation or just want to test beforehand what you are buying as a gift? On the Internet you will find a large number of videos that introduce the individual advent calendars and unpack them in front of your eyes. We would like to use the example of the Playmobil advent calendar Christmas Eve demonstrate:

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