What to Eat in Disneyland – Ultimate Foodie Guide

What to Eat in Disneyland – Ultimate Foodie Guide

I love a good Disney vacation. Something about the “Disney Magic,” detailed theming, fun attractions, and overall experience makes me feel nostalgic, relaxed, and excited all at once. Another highlight to a Disney vacation is the iconic Disney food. This guide to what to eat in Disneyland will explain the best snacks, treats, and meals in Disneyland that you need to try on your next trip.

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Tips for Dining in Disneyland

There are seriously so many good foods to eat in Disneyland, it can be overwhelming to decide what to eat, to stay within a reasonable budget, and to balance snacking with enjoying your day in the park. These are my top three tips for dining in Disneyland:

  1. Mobile Order – Save yourself hours of waiting in lines by using the mobile ordering feature on the Disneyland app. Simply select a vendor (nearly all offer mobile order), select a return time, choose what you want, then pick it up during your return window. To be sure you get the return time you want, be sure to order early.
  2. Share Portions – Since there are so many great foods to try, and they are a bit overpriced, I highly recommend sharing every item so you can try more foods without breaking the bank or your waistband.
  3. Use Mouse Watcher to Snag Reservations – Most of my top things to eat in Disneyland can be found at quick-service restaurants. However, some items are at table service restaurants. If you want to get a reservation and the venue is booked, you can use the service of Mouse Watcher to set up a personalized notification for only $5. This service helped me secure 2/2 reservations on my most recent trip.

What to Eat for Breakfast

Bacon Egg and Cheese Croissant – Jolly Holiday

This breakfast sandwich is a great option to get in quick protein on the go. The croissant is flaky, buttery, and delicious. The bacon is well cooked, and the sauce is delicious. The egg is a bit rubbery, but overall this is a good, affordable option for breakfast.

Ronto Morning Wrap – Ronto Roasters

The Ronto wrap is one of the most popular things to eat in Disneyland’s Galaxy Edge. The breakfast version is egg, cheese, sausage, and an aioli in a pita wrap. It’s a super balanced wrap and probably my favorite breakfast food in the park.

The Best Savory Snacks in Disneyland

Five Blossom Bread – Oga’s Cantina

Pretzels with cheese sauce go hand-in-hand with Disneyland. While a Mickey pretzel is great, the best tasting pretzel in Disneyland is at Oga’s Cantina. It’s served warm with beer cheese a light honey mustard foam. Keep in mind that you will need a reservation to dine at Oga’s.

Pomme Frites – Café Orleans

Café Orelans is another restaurant that will require a reservation. However, it’s worth it for the French fries alone. The fries are crisp, perfectly seasoned, and served with an aioli sauce.

Pork Lumpia – Tropical Hideaway

The Pork Lumpia are savory, filling, and a great snack option. The crunchy, flaky pastry is filled with a perfectly seasoned pork and vegetable mixture and served with a sweet dipping sauce.

The Best Sweet Snacks in Disneyland

Mickey Beignet – Mint Julep Bar

If you have never tried a beignet, you are missing out. These fluffy doughnut-like pastries are doused in powdered sugar and shaped like mickey mouse. You can also purchase a dipping sauce to accompany the beignet, which I highly recommend. The flavors rotate, but I recently paired mine with a caramel sauce.

Frozen Banana – Ice Cream Carts

I was a bit skeptical of this treat because a chocolate dipped banana sounded boring compared to all the other treats in Disney. However, it is way better than you can imagine. This cold treat is a great way to cool off and tastes a bit like banana bread with the crunchy nuts and sweet topping.

Dole Whip – Tropical Hideaway

A dole whip is one of the most iconic Disney treats. The cold, fresh taste of the pineapple is both refreshing and delicious. There are often different dole whip flavors, but pineapple is my favorite.

What to Eat for Lunch & Dinner in Disneyland

Bacon & Asparagus and Steak Skewers – Bengal Barbecue

The skewers from Bengal Barbecue were the best pleasant surprise during my recent visit. They’re great for a snack or lunch if you get the plate with salad and rice. My favorite skewers were the beef, with tender steak and a sweet glaze. The asparagus and bacon skewers were also delicious. If you want to eat healthier without sacrificing flavor at Disney, this is a great option.

Birria Grilled Cheese – Jolly Holiday

This is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. The tender shredded beef is perfectly paired with the buttery sourdough and rich consume broth. This sandwich is super hearty, so its great for a meal or for sharing.

Monte Cristo – Café Orleans

The Monte Cristo sandwich is very popular and unique. The ham, turkey, and swiss sandwich is deep fried to an almost doughnut consistency then paired with a sweet jam. This sandwich is very rich and a bit heavy, so I recommend sharing it with others.

Hand Dipped Corn Dog – Red Wagon

The little red wagon hand dipped corn dogs are a Disney classic. The batter is delicious, they are perfectly fried, and come with a bag of chips for an affordable meal option.

Ronto Wrap – Ronto Roasters

Above, I mentioned the ronto morning wrap for a great breakfast option. The classic wrap is great for lunch or dinner. A ronto wrap is pork sausage and pulled pork with a slaw and creamy sauce in a pita wrap. It’s a great source of protein, easy to eat on the go, and an item you can only find at Disney.

What to Drink in Disneyland

Horchata Cold Brew – Rancho de Zocalo

This is the best coffee in Disneyland. The cold brew is topped with a creamy horchata-flavored cream. Opt for this over your basic Starbucks run.

Blue Milk – Milk Stand

I avoided trying Blue Milk for a while because it felt overpriced. I finally gave it a try, and it was delicious. Blue milk is creamy, fruity, and blended with ice which makes it super refreshing on a hot day.

Mint Julep – Mint Julep Bar

Another refreshing drink option is a mint julep; a cold drink that reminds me of a virgin mojito.

The Outer Rim – Oga’s Cantina

I am a bit of a margarita connoisseur, and honestly, this was one of the best I’ve had. The tart pomegranate margarita perfectly pairs with the creamy fruit puree on top and black salt rim.

Hurricane – Blue Bayou

Below, I’ll explain why you should skip the food at Blue Bayou. However, this unique dining venue is worth the visit for the atmosphere alone. Instead of food, order a hurricane, the perfect blend of fruit juices and rum that will transport you to New Orleans.

What Foods to Skip

This guide to what to eat in Disneyland would be misleading if I acted like everything was delicious and didn’t mention the few misses I have experienced.

The first item I tried that wasn’t worth the money or stomach space was the chocolate chip cookie. There was nothing special about the cookie, and it tasted like one from a grocery store.

The next thing I recommend passing on is the food at Blue Bayou. The food at Blue Bayou is overpriced and mediocre quality for what you pay. I ordered the Monte Cristo, which is tasty, but better purchased at Café Orleans where it is less expensive and paired with their amazing fries. Still visit for drinks or dessert, but the food is not worth the money.

The #1 Best Food to Try in Disneyland

Now that your stomach is probably rumbling, here is the #1 food I recommend on this list.

Drum roll… the best food in Disneyland is the Birria Grilled Cheese from Jolly Holiday. I seriously still dream about this sandwich. The sandwich is filling, unique, and the flavors are perfectly balanced.

Did I miss your favorite food at Disneyland? Let me know in the comments below.

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