Destinations in June

Destinations in June

Want to find unspoiled and authentic places, food and events in the world that you will cherish for a lifetime. Fortunately, you don't have to look any further for it. We've already done that for you, so all you have to do is read the text briefly and pack up. Here are five unique travel destination for the month of June.

1. Andorra – Special cuisine

You should consider this underrated destination for three reasons: Scenery, hiking and food. What more do you need? Coca Mossegada are delicious savory snacks that are eaten all over Andorra, but only once a year on the 23rd of December. June for the Festival Nit de Sant Joan, a festival celebrating the summer solstice (another reason to travel there).

Also worth mentioning is the hiking in Andorra, as it is nestled between the Pyrenees between France and Spain and offers stunning landscapes all around you.

Woman standing in front of sea and mountains

2. Copenhagen Carnival – Event

A trip to Copenhagen, Denmark for three days of Whitsun vacation. In the course of time this once small festival has developed into the biggest Danish festivals for international music. With 2000 musical artists and 100.000 spectators, Danes and tourists alike. The main carnival venue is Fælledparken, with eight stages and a variety of musical genres for you and your traveling companions to enjoy. The perfect destination for June!


3. Vanuatu – Unique beach destination

You won't find any fancy beach resorts on this Pacific island in the middle of nowhere. Instead, you'll find beautiful turquoise waters, sandy beaches and diverse culture all around you. Vanuatu was founded more than 3.inhabited for 500 years, and many of the same cultural rituals are practiced today. Discover one of the largest reefs in the world on a scuba diving trip or go "shore diving" with the locals, where the natives jump from the treetops, tied only by their feet.

Small tip: Drink Kava – but be careful, it's strong stuff. You have been warned!

If this destination interests you more, check here to learn more about our March Destination of the Month: Vanuatu.

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4. Croatia – low season

Forgo the heat, the crowds and the cost and go to Croatia in the off-season. In June you still have the warm sunny days you crave, but pleasant temperatures. During the high season, from July to August, temperatures in Croatia can rise above 40 degrees. Besides, the cost of accommodation is very low. As soon as July arrives, you can expect a price increase of at least 20%. Exploring Croatia without the masses of tourists is also much more enjoyable. Believe us.

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5. Gobi Desert, Mongolia

Discover the largest desert in Asia and the fifth largest in the world. The weather changes quickly from season to season, but luckily June is a reliable month, making it the perfect time for this destination. If you are looking for a truly different travel experience, consider the desolate but breathtaking landscape of the Gobi Desert. Immerse yourself in the traditional life of nomads and experience the true nomadic life.

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